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I ‘ll never forget 19th June 2010 this day, because I saw with my very own eyes, heard with my own ears and confirmed that this person Kim Hyun Joong whom I ‘ve been loving is an angel who has fallen to the mortal world.

Abiertas Radiance School is a Philippines private charity school with a history of 70 years,initially it gives aid to injured unwed mothers and their children, now it expands to proving education for children from needy normal family.

In these recent years as a result of a lack of attention given to the school and the social assistance received are not a lot, the school infrastructure is in a terrible state, it has become increasingly difficult to continue operating charity cause.

The principal told us that on 15th May 2010, Hyun Joong has donated 1 million Philippine peso (US $22 600) to the school and actively participated in the charity show on the 19th, hoping that through his own little effort, he can call out to more people to care for these vulnerable group of people.

Hyun Joong did not announce to the public about his private donation, he just silently give back to the society. The school uses his aid to repair broken classroom, build canteen, giving birth and feeding room etc, acquire recreational facilities, intelligence toys, the dream of using computer to teach, and recruiting more staffs……

Watching the smiles of the mothers and children in the school, the busy shadows of the principal and the staff, warm tears blurred my eyes, suddenly I feel that:

We’re very lucky to incidentally learn about this love story,

We’re very lucky to inevitably fall in love with this kind angel.


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Part 1 <Love is Fated…>

On the morning of 19th June, I was still at Hong Kong airport, while my other few Hyun Joong fans friends had already arrived in the Philippines. They did not have a clue of his schedule for the day, considering that Hyun Joong’s trip is for the charity show hence they decided to personally visit the targeted aid recipient written on the poster—Abiertas Radiance School, was also wandering whether there’s anything they can help. Maybe initially this is only an action borne out of curiosity but who would have thought that this kind of curiosity would brought us an unforgettable experience…
I finally arrived in the Philippines in the afternoon, called my friend, she threw me a bomb: Quick! Come to the school! The people here seems to be preparing to welcome Hyun Joong! He may be reaching in half an hour time! If you cannot make it on time, you would be locked outside the entrance!’

This piece of information made my body feel as if it just got electric shocked…went into a taxi like a mad woman …frankly, my English is really bad, even though I have the experience of travelling overseas several times, but for Hyun Joong, this is the first time in my life I left the country alone…before I went, I had heard about the taxi company in the Philippines is really unreliable, detouring, ripping out etc is common (came to realise this is true after a few days there)…If there’s no traffic jam, it will take half an hour to reach the school from the airport, with a pessimistic heart of the possibility of missing Hyun Joong, I did not give up and pretended to be tearful, tried all the words that I can express, yelled at the taxi driver, ‘I’m going to meet a very important person! Cannot be late! Fast! Faster =  = ..I give you tip!! The taxi driver who initially wanted to chit chat was made nervous by me, started racing across the busy and a bit chaotic road…As a result, I’m very ‘fortunate’to watch a movie <Speedy Taxi> , movie fee paid together with the taxi fee =  =

Twenty minutes later, when I saw the ‘legendary’door was opened, the blue big door, I thought I saw the gate of heaven!!! Dragged my luggage and dashed into the school and asked people I met, ‘Is Hyun Joong here yet? Came already? Where?!’
The amiable principal found the ‘lost  soldier’and spoke to me a kind smile that Hyun Joong has yet to arrive, are you his fan? From China? I shall bring you to a cooler place to rest first. Hence I hold the hands of the saint and walked into the pathway of heaven…

The door of a tiny meeting room was pushed open, an extremely comfortable air-conditioned cool air raided the room, accompanied by a scent of rouge gouache. Looking beyond, wow~~–A group of fairies were combing their hair, putting on makeup, dressing up…oh my god…I’m in heaven!!!Frankly speaking, there are quite a lot of pretty Hyun Joong fans, be it from China or the Philippines, learned from exposure.


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[The blue school gate]


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[The heavenly meeting room]


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[The creator and the past love messengers, they’re angels too]


【【Main point is this part!!!!!】】

While waiting for Hyun Joong to arrive, my friends told me that the principal told them some unknown things: Hyun Joong had already came to the Philippines earlier this year and came to know about this charity school needing need. He personally visited the school to see the mothers and the children and saw the shabbiness and the difficulties faced by the school. After he returned to Korea, on 15th May he donated 1 million Philippine peso (US $22 600) to the school bank account. The charity event was his other personal act to the school fundraising effort.  At the same time, he reminisced about the school and intend to visit on the afternoon to see if their situation has turned for the better.

This really shocked me!!! From a far distance, I have always felt that Hyun Joong should be a kind person (?) but when you personally experienced it, in this shabby charity school, the feeling is very astounding and touching. Looking at how the old and torn teaching and nursery rooms are being repaired and renovated, how the roof of the canteen used to half exposed to weather conditions and insects are now being covered over, how  the recreational facilities are being repainted, lifting the spirits of the children, etc. The facts are endless. The principal personally said to me by that all this were done with the money donated by Hyun Joong. Suddenly I feel that…towards Kim Hyun Joong…I’m not at all ashamed to use this verb-worship…

Hyun Joong’s kind act touched and inspired us hence we also donated to the school. Suddenly, screams could heard from outside, immediately the meeting room was deserted =  = …

I ran out bringing along my camera. I saw a few white vans entering the school but not the grand white BMW that he specially used for the Philippines trip as seen on the videos online hence I thought that he had yet to arrive. 10 or more sturdy bodyguards emerged. The backup dancers, stylist etc came as well. Yet still no sign of Hyun Joong. The bodyguards started to marshal the crowd, arranging everyone to line up to the both sides of the main teaching block. The handsome bodyguard from Korea discussed with the principal on the tour route. I silently followed to eavesdrop and started to find the best view post. The bodyguards told those with cameras that photographs are not allowed. Even strictly told them to keep their cameras or else be sent out. Hence I made my decision to give up taking photographs. Seeing the real person is the most important!!!

I asked the fans that Hyun Joong had yet to arrive right but the Philippines fans said that Hyun Joong had already arrived, he was in the 2nd car!!! Wow…he’s so sensible. He did not ride in the grand BMW but changed to a low profile van to visit the school. (After that I came to know that when he went to eat in the afternoon, he took the BMW…)


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【Loud screams could be heard. I knew then he had arrived!!!!!】


Dressed in a stylish black-greyish outfit with white jasmine flowers around his collar, wavy hair, that refined face and!!! that sparkling lively eyes!!! I had not seen him for 6 months, suddenly I realised that yearning is not when we have yet to meet, it’s when we met. He is too beautiful. He stood out among the crowd. He was really shining with a pure godly aura. Smiling lightly, waving shyly, he walked through a pathway crowded with the children. It was as if an angel has arrived. He can wear black and yet give off a pure angelic aura.

When Hyun Joong saw the principal, he immediately greeted him, deliberately fastened his pace to bow and shake hands. Can tell that they had met before. The principal brought him to tour on the 2nd floor. Seeing him walked up the staircase, that thin back, small arms and thighs made my heart ache. Had the urge to kidnap him and feed him well = = …

As we guessed that he would tour from the 2nd floor to the 1st, in order to see him again, we hid from the bodyguards who were guarding the 1st floor. We got back into the meeting room through the back door and hid ourselves. The person who went to check on the situation came back and told us that Hyun Joong was taking photographs with the children and even signed for them at the 2nd floor. We immediately fantasize whether we should ask the Philippines fans to pretend to be the school teachers to take photos and his autograph??? Yeah….I think this was the best idea = = … We Chinese fans can just go along =  = ..

We were preparing to leave the meeting room to see our luck. Luck came on its own. Suddenly quite a number of people entered, our angel used his usual walking style and dashed in. We did not retreat, only know how to stare lovingly at him. A tiny meeting room with just 10 square metre. We could hear the sound of each other’s heartbeat. It was so close, so clear. He was just standing in front of me !!! Breathing the same carbon dioxide…no choide…there’s not enough oxygen = =…

Those plans and schemes had escaped. A daring fan (That day was too nervous-wrecking hence I could not remember which heroine opened her mouth) said to him that we are his fans who love him very very much especially the few of us who came all the way from China to support him and the charity event. Hope that we could take photographs or an autograph. Hyun Joong could understand a little English. When he heard that we came from China, he stared at us with his big watery eyes wearing that damn innocent shocked expression. We were not diffident hence together we stared at us with our innocent and hungry eyes = =. When the beautiful translator translated finished, he nodded his head and agreed.

But!!! He brought along his manager-DSP’s sweater manager (During 2009 Asia Tour he loved to dressed up = =). He came in and coolly refused and asked the bodyguards to chase us out. The atmosphere then was so awkward. Looking at us being shifted, Hyun Joong hastily said hold on (in Korean). The manager immediately stopped him and continued to order the bodyguards to act on us. However we are not that kind of obsessive fans hence we obediently walked towards the door. We did not want to put Hyun Joong in a difficult position. Arriving at the door, looking his quandary and a little worried expression, really wanted to give him a telepathic message: It’s okay…autographs, photographs are nothing important. To be able to see you in such a close distance is already very satisfactory.

We were asked to leave the teaching block. But not long after, the crowd started to surged out once again. Hyun Joong was able to leave. Then I realized that I left my camera in the meeting room, no time to retrieve it. A fan beside me said she did not dare to take photograph. Suddenly I feel so brave, took her camera and said it’s now or never! Hence under the glare of the bodyguards, took a short portion of Hyun Joong’s departure. Ho ho immense sense of achievement. Hehe because that day no one dare to film.

After Hyun Joong left, we wandered around the school. We discovered that like what the principal said, there’re still a lot of areas that needs the society‘s attention and aids. Hyun Joong also knew that his own efforts are limited hence he chose to participate in the charity event in order to allow the school to receive more attention?
However there’s still something to rejoice about, the school is full of optimism and friendliness. Everyone in the school are generous, they will smile kindly and warmly at you and are willing to interact with you especially the children all know about this kind-hearted man from Korea. They call him ‘Kim’. If you talk to them about ‘Kim’, they will smile happily and gleefully tell you that they love Kim.


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[The pregancy room. Conditions not so good

however once they gave birth and restore their energy, they will move out of this room]


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[The babies’ beds…Very shabby]


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[The classroom that Hyun Joong went to take photos in.

A boy was jumping around with his autograph, showing everyone.]


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[Two very cute boys. Kept asking whether we’re Koreans.

They know Kim, told us that they like Kim]


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[These intelligence toys are bought with Hyun Joong’s donated money.

Because of him, the children found new happiness.]