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101021 Mischievous Kiss Episode 15 ratings

On the 21st according to media research center TNms, SBS drama [President] that was aired on 20th recorded 24.7% of ratings as it further solidated its firm position as the king of Wed-Thursday dramas.

-next paragraph ommitted, about President’s episode on 20th October-

On the other hand, during the same timing slot also showed Rain’s KBS 2TV [Fugitive Plan B] that recorded 11.9% of ratings. Whilst MBC [Playful Kiss] recorded 6.0% of ratings.

TNms Programme Ratings – for 20th October
SBS Wed-Thurs drama special [President] – 24.7%
MBC daily drama [Golden Fish] – 17.2%
MBC variety [Radio Star] – 15.8%
SBS daily morning drama [Don’t know women] – 13.1%
KBS1 daily drama [Smile, Donghae] – 12.6%
SBS daily drama [Three Sisters] – 12.4%
KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama [Fugitive Plan B] – 11.9%
MBC morning drama [Scarlet Letter] – 9.5%
KBS2 morning drama [Even Mom’s Pretty] – 9.0%
KBS1 drama [Namchon] – 7.7%
MBC daily sitcom [Getting Cuter and Cuter] – 7.6%
MBC variety [Zero] – 6.8%
KBS2 info [Live Information Relay] – 6.4%
MBC Wed-Thurs mini series [Playful Kiss] – 6.0%




MBC Wed Thurs drama [Playful Kiss] has faced a slight increase in its ratings.

On the 21st, according to ratings research AGB Nilson Media Research, [Playful Kiss] that was aired on 20th October recorded nationwide ratings of 6.1%. This is 0.5% higher than its 5.6% of ratings recorded for its previous episode broadcasted last week.

In this day’s [Playful Kiss] showed the coverage of Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-ni’s wedding, which was what caught the attention of audiences. This drama that will air its finale on 21st is gaining much attention from everyone as to how this drama will end off like.

On the other hand, during the same timing slot, SBS drama [President] recorded 27.4%, whilst KBS2 [Fugitive Plan B] recorded 10.8% of ratings.

Source: Asiae
Translation: Ode

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Credit: Kim Hyun Joong Perfect
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Spoiler ep 16



Written preview ep 16



Kiss: TNmS 6.0%, AGB 6.1%

Fugitive TNmS 11.9%, AGB 10.8%

Daemul TNmS 24.7%, AGB 27.8%





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among these version, HANrel is the most popular and likely to sync with softsub.






HanSun 720


HANrel 450

HANrel 720

HanSun 1080







Kiss scene


1st night cut


Let’s go to Yeoeedo


Teaser ep 16




1st night



bed scene






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Translation by Sabby25 @ soompi

*Thank you very much for translating ^^*


Long Preview Ep 15 Eng translation:

To those who wanna know what is said in the long preview~ ^_^

Credit Chinese translation: 彭彭@百度韩版恶作剧之吻吧
English translation by me^.^


SJ’s Mom: Everybody,I’ve something to say,make sure to cancel all planned activities this coming Wednesday!

SJ’s Dad: Wednesday,I’ve an appointment with Director Yoon for Golf!

HN’s Dad: I have promise to go on an excursion with my shop’s staffs!

EJ: Me too,I’ve been invited to my friend’s birthday party!

SJ: Me too!!

SJ’s Mom: Okay,Please cancel all of them!

ALL: Why?

SJ: What special day is it?

SJ’s Mom: Your wedding!

ALL: Wedding?

SJ: Please control yourself,don’t always manipulate me according to your wish.

SJ’s Mom: Who manipulate you? You, yourself said you wanted to get married!

SJ: Didn’t I said after graduation!?~

SJ’s Mom: That have to wait till when ,by that time you’ll need to go for army,don’t keep delaying,take the opportunity when you’re still young and get married!

SJ’s Dad: That’s true!

EJ: My birthday party…

SJ’s Mom: STOP!~ End of story,no more arguments!You know how tired I was trying to find the wedding hall!?~ Everybody make that day available, and then from tomorrow onwards everyone have to actively cooperate with me!

(Along the road)

SJ: Wedding photos? Alright! Groom please look this way,bride please smile happier! You ask me to do something so ridiculous, I definitely refuse!

HN:You’re too much, don’t want to buy rings,also don’t want to take photos, then why do you even come out for!?~

SJ: Am I the one that came up with this? The reason I came out is all because I can’t stand it at home!

HN:Anyways now that you’re already out, can’t you just cooperate? Kept saying that you’re upset, don’t want, can’t you just calm down?

SJ: What’s wrong with you, we’re at the street, it’s humiliating!

HN: Humiliating? Hey, I also feel humiliated! That is how the staffs at the jewelry store might look at me, why do I have to look at your expression and accommodate you!?

SJ: In that case don’t accommodate!

HN:Don’t accommodate, if even I can’t bear it too…

SJ: Now I know the reason behind why so many couples break up because of marriage!

HN: What?

(In the Car)

SJ: You listen carefully, marriage does not involve only one person, I’ll never cooperate with you.

HN: When did you ever accommodate me?

SJ: Really, doing this because of my mom?

HN: Are we doing this because of mom? If that’s the case, then why did you even say you wanted to get married in the first place!?

SJ: Yes, I’m also contemplating why I said that in the beginning, I’m regretting it now! Even now it is not too late to reconsider.

(In the Car again)

HN: Where are we going?!

SJ: You will know when we get there!

(At the Cemetery)

HN’s Dad: Seung Jo said he wanted to pay grandma and mom a visit, I neglected due to the fact I was too busy.

SJ: First time meeting you, mom, grandma. Son-in-law has come to visit you, met up to your expectation? Oh Ha Ni is really a trouble maker, but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Ha Ni from now on.

Ha Ni: Tsk, abominable!

SJ: Abominable?

HN: I like, Thank you. Mom, grandma, I’m getting married!

(On the pathway)

SJ: Kyung Su Sunbae would help out in the wedding ceremony, regarding the witnesses, just exclude that! And…

HN: What about our Honeymoon? Where should we go for our honeymoon?

SJ: Must we go? Do we even have time?

HN: There you go again!

SJ: Alright, alright, alright, where? Do you have places you want to go?

HN: Italy, or Rome?

SJ: Rome, Don’t even think about it!

HN: I was kidding, if we don’t go overseas, what about going to the beach or to some island?

SJ: Island? Alright, let’s go Yeoui-do! (Just beside Han River)

HN: Yeoui-do!?

SJ: What’s wrong? Yeoui-do is also an island! Then what about XXX island ah! XXX island!

HN: Why go such small islands!?

SJ: Ah, irritating, let’s just use this to decide, give it a shake, if all 3 pictures are the same, then you will make the decision, we will go where you want to go!

HN: Alright I know, but will the probability be very slim?

SJ: No, it will not!

HN: Jeju-do, Jeju-do, Jeju-do!

SJ: Yeoui-do!

HN: It’s Jeju-do!! AH!~~~That’s great, great, Best!~~~


JR: What’s the feeling? It’s tomorrow.

HN: I don’t know, I still cannot believe it!

MA: Have you done your preparation?

HN: Almost finish. What’s this?!

JR & MA: Take a look!!!

JR: Quickly open up!

HN: Alright, eh!

JR: Eh, what, eh? ~~ We both understand that the most important thing on the honeymoon wedding night is lingerie and pajamas!

MA: Even prepared perfume.

JR: Look here, when you take a shower, la~la~, Seung Jo Oppa~, then wear this sexy lingerie lke this , after that put on the perfume like this, phiss~, phiss~!

MA: After then put on some light make up!

JR: Important thing to take note when you shower!

HN: What?

JR: Never create humming sounds

HN: Why?

MA: Men don’t like that!

(Seung Jo’s room)
EJ: Hyung, you asleep?

SJ: Not yet!

EJ: In the end, still got together with Ha Ni!

SJ: Yeah, why, dislike it?

EJ: Also have no choice! Oh Ha Ni is not smart, she is also slow, she look like a fool no matter how I look at it. Obviously can’t swim still dare to rescue me, still continue to like you no matter how Hyung bullied her. Compared to Ha Ni, I prefer to marry a smart & pretty girl!

SJ: Yeah!

EJ: But, I’m in favor of the idea of Hyung & Ha Ni getting married! I really admire Hyung, however, I still feel that Hyung’s character have some problem, that is why I feel that it is very suitable for Hyung to be marrying Ha Ni, both of you will be happy, Congratulations!


omg another kiss…and bed scene…I’m gonna faint ^_______^


English translation By Sabby25 @ Soompi

Eun Jo: Hyung, to be honest I think you should marry Ha Ni, you’ll be very happy/ it’ll be great, congratulations!

Seung Jo: *(smiling)*

Foreign Girl: I like these noodles, delicious. Very appetizing (not too sure~)

Joon Gu: *nodded*

Ha Ni: I will try my best, although there are some this or that that I’m lacking, will always strive to be a qualified lover.

Seung Jo: Oh Ha Ni, is very cute, there are times where she is beautiful too. Why do I only like you? I will care for you forever

Ha Ni: Seung Jo ah….wait…

English Translation by wonderrrgirl @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

A sudden wedding date caused Seung Jo & Hani to be flustered. Spending the day choosing the ring and preparing the wedding clothes excitedly, the hussle continued for the two person. Hani and Seung Jo’s silent attitude together doesn’t seem like a good omen, depending on how deep Seungjo’s care & consideration is.

Holding a boisterous wedding ended eventually, the newly-wed couple departs for Jeju Island! Hani anticipates a romantic honeymoon but meets the advent of a fresh rival(?), resulting in a peculiar situation….

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