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100917 Official message from KeyEast

Hello, this is CEO Yang Geun-hwan from Keyeast here.

In the blink of an eye, the hot Summer spins its heat around and welcomes the refreshing Fall.

This is my first time leaving an entry here ever since Kim Hyunjoong-gun’s opening of homepage.

Right after Hyunjoong-gun was reported to have signed on with a new agency, he was immediately decided for participation in a drama, and it seems like he is really running with no proper state of mind. Of course, thanks to the support from everybody who visits here has turned into strength for me and for the agency. I thank you genuinely.

For now, Hyunjoong-gun is fully focusing on shooting for drama with almost no single day of rest. But thanks to the unchanging love and concern from everyone, we gathered strength and is able to dwelve into shooting. Though it is a little sad with the ratings, Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to create a meaningful work as an always improving actor and that, we ask for all of you guys’ support right until the final episode.

Ever since Hyunjoong-gun’s official homepage was open, I have often spent time to come to listen to the voices of fans as I see for myself. I am really grateful that all of you came together to weave this common space to communicate mutually more than to expect. Each and every sincere sentence left by every one of you guys will not be forgotten. Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to become a more developing artiste as his agency here will also keep working harder together.

Chuseok is just round the corner.

Please do spin an enjoyable and abudant Chuseok with your family and friends.

from: Yang Geun-hwan

Source: Kim Hyun Joong Official homepage

Translation: Ode

btw, you can check Hyun Joong’s schedule in his official homepage here. It is stated that his The Face Shop CF will be on air on Sep 21th and he will be featured in MBC Section TV at 9:55 pm of  Sep 24th (interview on the CF shooting)

From Kim Hyun Joong official homepage

2010.08.31 KHJ is coming with ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Hello, this is KEYEAST.

These days the autumn is coming in Korea. We hope every member has memorable autumn days this September.

As you already know, the press conference of ‘Mischievous Kiss’ was held on Aug. 26.

On the spot we could feel burning interest and expectation of the press at home and abroad for KHJ and the drama.

Thanks to your support, the conference was finished well, and every staff was encouraged. We truly appreciate your care and support. KHJ and all the staff will remember your love all the time and make every effort in order to return your favor.

The highly anticipated drama, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ will be broadcasted at 9:55 pm. every Wednesday and Thursday starting on Sep. 1st. We kindly ask your everlasting love and interest for the drama and KHJ and hope you all enjoy the series fully.

Additionally, KHJ’s official homepage is almost completed. Please be known that every staff has been trying hard to make a comfortable open space to communicate with all the fans and wait for it with expectation. We are looking forward to meeting you through the new homepage soon.

Hope you have a great day.




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