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KBS 2TV’s new Mon-Tue Drama “Dream High”, a drama where Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young work hand in hand, draws attention due to their upcoming super special guest stars.

On the 7th, someone associated with “Dream High” said, “Recently, Prima Donna Jo Sumi and ‘Boys over Flower’ Kim Hyun Joon decided to appear as guest stars. Suprising guest stars are continuously on call.”

Jo Sumi participated in the drama OST of KBS 2TV’s The Last Empress (明聖王后), but it is the first time she will appear in a drama. She is going to appear in the first episode and will meet Ko Hyemi (Suzy) who dreams to become “the second Jo Sumi”. It is an important scene where Hyemi meets her mentor.

Someone associated with the drama said, “We had a hard time casting Jo Sumi. We expect that she will be able to shoot sometime next week. You can expect to watch the dramatic and beatiful scenes.” “The boys over flowers” Kim Hyun Joong (24) will appear attracting audiences in the beginning of the drama. The same source said, “There isn’t any detailed information of the role he plays in the show yet. He will appear as a guest star to make the drama more interesting.”

“Dream High” will air starting January 3rd of next year. The Idol star training school, Kirin Art School, will be used as its background. Taecyeon of 2PM, Woo Young, Suzy of Miss A, and Ji Yeon of Tiara will appear in the drama.

Reporter Park Hyo Sil

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Photo of Bae Yong Joon & Kim Hyun Joong shooting for Dream High @ Incheon International airport


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101130 “Hohoemi” Project pamphlet

Credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606


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he looks so fresh and bright ^^

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Hwany, my hot and addictive coffee, I used to really really love him and his voice, now still…

On the 29th November at Lotte cinema Seoul, the VIP Premiere of movie Cheap Romance starring Lee Sun Gyun and Choi Kang Hye (an actress of Key East the same company as Bae Yong Joon and Hyun Joong) has taken place. Bae Yong Joon, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Haneul, Ji Hyun Woo, Moon Jung Hye, So Yi Hyun, Park Bo Young, Yoo Ah In, Jung Rye Won and other stars attended the event

(many more big stars at this movie premiere compared to others, I just choose a few popular names to list. A movie featuring Choi Kang Hye *a good actress* and Lee Sun Gyun *woo I love him* would be worth watching ^^)


Photos by the media:

*Hyun Joong looks cute, doesn’t he? but he hasn’t gained weight, even a little bit. Hyun Joong ah, eat more and rest more before your tight schedule of world tour, drama promotion tour, album and all…*


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Despite rumors spreading about SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong collaborating with JYPE’s head producer, Park Jin Young, for his solo album next year, the singer has come forth to deny all rumors and confirm that no collaboration has been set to concrete just yet.

“Initial reports about Kim Hyun Joong in the middle of album works with Park Jin Young are wrong. I think what Bae Yong Joon said about wanting to introduce Kim Hyun Joong to Park Jin Young was misinterpreted,” confirmed the singer’s agency, KeyEast.

The rumors about JYP and Kim Hyun Joong working on his album together raised even more interest because of the fact that JYP Entertainment and KeyEast are collaborating on producing the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, ‘Dream High’. However, KeyEast later clarified, “He hasn’t even met with Park Jin Young yet, and we have not made any special plans regarding that matter.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album, to be concentrated in the dance genre, has already received a track to use back in July 2010. It was reported that the production of his new album will be done jointly by producers from Europe and America.

During a recent interview with TV Daily, Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “I want to become a Hallyu Star that has the capability to dance, sing and act. Since I already act and sing, my type of Hallyu will become a new kind of Hallyu.”

Source: TV Daily

From: allkpop

Kim Hyung Joong returned to MBC’s “Mischievous Kiss”, one year after “Boys over Flowers”, but he received a poor review with disappointing one digit viewing rates. Expections were high because it was the first work since he moved to Bae Yong Joon’s management company, Keyeast.

“When the viewing rate was low after the first episode aired, Yong Joon hyung sent me a text message saying, “it hit rock bottom, so I think it’ll go up. Don’t think about the viewing rates too much.” I think it was a good experience because the rate continues to fluctuate. I learned how to cope with difficulties and I experienced that “When God closes one door, He opens another.”. I hoped that it would be recognized in foreign contries some day, if not in Korea. I don’t want to regret it.”

Bae Yong Joon is a great senior for him, like a role model, and they have very good chemistry between them.

“There were plenty of rumors after my contract with DST Entertainment ended. Actually, I wanted to go to Yong Joon hyong’s management compnay, but I couldn’t speak to him frankly. One day, I talked to him about my problem with the management company. He said that He wanted to meet me to introduce me to the owner of his management company. And the CEO came with the contract. (laugh) So, I was glad.”


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Credits : http://sports.khan.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



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¡°Very happy even though busy.¡

Put aside the name of SS501 Kim HyunJoong for awhile. Instead, be reborn again as rookie actor Kim HyunJoong. It is not easy. Leaving DSP Media where he was with for past 5 years to join KeyEast, he had gone through a hard time, getting out of the music stage filled with cheers, he had to adapt to the unfamiliar drama production environment. Therefore Kim HyunJoong cannot relax any moment for the past 5 months. After MBC ¡®Mischievous Kiss¡¯ ended on 21-Oct, he immediately had to film the youtube version, he won the best dresser award in Japan Sky Perfect Awards on 10-Nov. Completing the delayed CF filming, he sang the theme song for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony on 12-Nov.

Kim HyunJoong said ¡°It is good to be busy. Doing things I can do well, things I enjoy doing, I am satisfied to be living like this.¡± He continued ¡°Even on my rest days, I go to the practice room/studio and dance. I want to live enthusiastically like an ant.¡± However he sulked, ¡°Sometimes I wish that I have the ability of teleportation.¡± ¡°Then I will be able to go overseas in a blink of an eye, or go anywhere easily.¡± He said with a laugh.


I wish I could be half as good as Bae Young Joon Hyung

There is a huge influence by Bae YongJun hyung on moving agency. People were calling me ¡®Post Bae YongJun¡¯. I also think positively of it. Must become like that, then I can be someone who can go beyond hyung. I wish I could go half as far as Bae YongJun hyung. Now I am about 1/8? But I guess I resemble Bae YongJun hyung. Not long ago when I went to China, I was being asked if I am Bae YongJun and was requested for autograph. I said I am not but he insisted that I am and told me not to lie. I took off my sunglasses but can¡¯t show him so it was frustrating. It is weird if I say ¡®I am not Bae YongJun, I am Kim HyunJoong¡¯ isn¡¯t it? In the end, I didn¡¯t sign for him so seems like I made Bae YongJun hyung lose 1 fan and I felt uncomfortable about that. I haven¡¯t told Bae YongJun hyung about this yet. (laughs)


SS501 Album Will Not Be Released Next Year?

Kim HyunJoong solo album will be released around May next year. In the beginning of next year, he will go to USA and practice choreography/dance, and also to prepare for his album. He has received a few songs but the concept is still a secret. SS501 album will also be released. Members are preparing for their own solo album and we should have a discussion when we have a chance. It was a little difficult when we changed company this year. Even though each of us moved to different agencies and the agreements have already been concluded, it was a problem deciding who should make the announcement first. Because we have to resume responsibility for being scattered around (different agencies). Finally it was me who shouldered (the responsibility). Even though I was mentally prepared for it, it was still difficult. Fans would have been quite hurt, isn¡¯t it? However, I think that if I work hard, there will be still fans supporting Kim HyunJoong.


Not Prince, But Wants To Be Rebellious Kid

In ¡®Boys Over Flowers¡¯, I acted as senior high school student and I chose ¡®Mischievous Kiss¡¯ thinking that it would be my last acting as senior high school student. It has nothing to do with viewership ratings. Frankly speaking, I am very satisfied. Above all, it is because people told me that my acting has improved. I gradually developed some know-how in expressions and even gestures. How good can I memorize my lines? Really, if I were to study like this, I would have gone to Seoul University. (laughs) During the period while filming the drama, I can only get about 2-4 hours of sleep in 4 days. I lost too much weight so I ate 4 bowls of rice in a day. Even so, I will still continue to act in the future. It is fun. Even though till now I have only acted in roles who are glamorous, I want to break off this image next time. A down to earth and friendly character will be good. Someone who is like the real Kim HyunJoong…Rebellious guy?

Credit: http://suehanbyj.blogspot.com/


1. TV Daily 2010-11-22 09:06

“I’m not a Hallyu star yet. It is a great deal to say it that way. I’m just preparing for it. It’s true that Yong Joon hyeong helps me a lot. People think that we talk about special matters, but we just talk about our average daily lives. It seems that we talked until about 1:00 am yesterday.

Meeting between Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong. There will be many excited fans when they hear about the meeting between them. But they have not made any public appearances yet. “It’s really strange. Because we do not go to special places but we go to the café where everybody goes. I thought the pictures would have been posted on the internet, but it never happened. It’s weird. Isn’t it?”



2. Sports World 2010-11-22 11:58

Kim Hyun Joong, who is the closest friend of Bae Yong Joon, said that Bae Yong Joon doesn’t have any plans for marriage yet. He said, “We frankly talk about lots of private matters. Whenever hyong has a chance, he pressures me to introduce him to a girl. But I feel helpless because even I don’t have a girl friend. He only bought the house, but I could feel his great popularity again from the marriage rumors.” He also said that “If Yong Joon hyeong marries; he will release the news to media in advance due to his position. I don’t think you will hear the news regarding his marriage soon, since he doesn’t have a girl friend.”



3. Ilgan Sports 2010-11-22 10:08

-Can you remember any of the gifts you have received from Bae Yong Joon?

“I got Puer Tea from him. He said that it was a good one.”



4. JTN 2010-11-22 9:01:15 am

Kim Hyun Joong called Bae Yong Joon a good adviser and reliable senior. Right after the first episode of “Mischievous Kiss” aired, he received a text message from Bae Yong Joon saying, “Don’t stick to the viewing rates too much.”

“Hyeong advises me a lot. Regarding acting, he said, “Work comfortably to be a seasoned actor because burden produces only burden. He also said, “It is important to show the development process.” And it encouraged me a lot. His advice about the donation from the profits to the society also influenced me a lot. He advised me, “Don’t be shy or embarrassed when you help someone.”


Credit: http://suehanbyj.blogspot.com/



1. Sports Khan: 2010, 11/22, 09:00:00


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■I just want to be a half of Bae Yong Joon.

Bae Yong Joon greatly influenced me to change my agent. People call me “Post Bae Yong Joon”. I like to hear that. I have to be similar to him, so I can be better than him. I wish I could be just half of him. I think I’m about 25% of him. Anyway, I think I look like him too.

A while ago when I visited China, a fan asked him if I was Bae Yong Joon. She requested my autograph but I refused. She insisted by saying that I was Bae Yong Joon and told me not to lie. I couldn’t take off my sunglasses and I felt pressured. Would it be strange to say, “I’m not Bae Yong Joon, I’m Kim Hyun Joon.”? I didn’t end up giving her my authograph; it bothers me to know that I may have discouraged one of Bae Yong Joon’s fans. I didn’t tell Bae Yong Joon about this story. (smile)

Sports Khan


2. Sports Hankook 2010-11-22 06:16


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Bae Yong Joon is the main character who led Kim Hyun Joon to his new agent. Bae Yong Joon, himself accomplished the contract between Kim Hyun Joong and Keyeast. Kim Hyun Joong is called “Little Bae Yong Joon” these days. Come to think of it, they are quite similar when they smile too.

“I heard that I’m getting more similar to him. It’s kind of a burden on me, but it’s not bad. Bae Yong Joon and Jang Dong Geon are the first generation of Hallyu stars and it’s about time for the second generation to come. Following their work is truly admirable. Bae Yong Joon encouraged me by saying “Don’t stick to the viewing rate too much when “Mischieveous Kiss” was airing. I didn’t have a chance to meet him because of my busy schedule after the drama ended. But we keep in touch.”

With a smile, Kim Hyun Joong also said , “I don’t have a role model. I don’t want to be one who is similar to someone else. I just want to follow my own dream. I like the words, “Little Bae Yong Joon” because I know he is a great man. Little means “Little” (suehan: I used the word, “Little” twice because it was written in English phonic first and explained its meaning second.) It means that it’ll become big soon.”




3. Sports World 2010-11-22 00:27

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Kim Hyun Joong, who changed his agent to Keyeast recently, is getting lots of help from his senior, Bae Yong Joon. In private meetings, they call each other older brother and younger brother. They already have openly confidential talks.

Kim Hyun Joong said, “I usually talk about daily life stories when I meet hyeong (Bae Yong Joon). Sometimes we talk about serious matter. A while ago, hyeong said that if he is the first generation of Hallyu star, So Ji Sup is the second generation, and I’m the third generation. He said that he had gone through hard times because he had to pioneer everything by himself. He also said that he was envious of me because it looked like I was getting lots of help from people around me.”




4. Metro Seoul 2010-11-21

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Kim Hyun Joong disclosed his close hyeong, Bae Yong Joon’s private life.

Kim Hyun Joong talked about Bae Yong Joon’s recent home purchase by saying “He might have purchased the house for the future, but I can definitely guarantee that he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now.” He meets with him a few times a week. and visits Bae Yong Joon’s house several times as well.

“I imagined the palace before I visited his house for the first time; I imagined bundles of bills and a money box piled up. I thought there was a swimming pool as well. But the difference between his house and other houses was the spinning wheel for pottery which was located in the middle of the living room. A countless amount of books, nearly as many as a book store was there.”

He also said, “I wondered how he could manage himself so perfectly. I am accustomed to writing down memos and keeping promises because of him.”


Money Today, 2010-11-01 07:16

[Money Today, Reporter Kim Geon Woo]



Hallyu fever in Japan, which made generational changes, makes the entertainment firms in Kosdaq (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) hot. The base of Hallyu’s consumers has expanded to teenagers and people in their twenties as a result of environmental changes of the media. The teenagers and those in their twenties are considered as the new power in the growing Hallyu fever.


“The original Hallyu” Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder of Keyeast. The expectations towards Keyeast from active workers, Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong, are reflected in the market. Recently, the stock price of Keyeast increased to 34% in 11 business days continuously rising from about 2,700 won to about 3,700 won,

In November, Bae Yong Joon plans to hold the press conference for the documentary of “The Journey to Discover the Beauty of Korea,” his travel essay, and will participate in the DATV charity project with Kim Hyun Joong in December.

Kim Hyun Joong’s drama, “Mischievous Kiss” of MBC, was pre-sold to 12 countries including Japan. He is considered the Hallyu star of the next generation. Currently, “Mischievous Kiss” is in production of the 7, 10 minute episodes for the Youtube Channel.

Keyeast’s subsidiary company, Digital Adventure owns cable TV, DATV, and the companies that are intrinsic in Hallyu Fever. DATV must meet a quota of 15,000 members, their break-even point, but luckily they are running smoothly with 20,000 current members.

Industry officials said, “Hallyu’s demography, consists of females in their forties – fifties and has expanded to teenagers and people in their twenties. It’s said that Hallyu was regarded as a temporary bubble, but is now recognized for its high-class content. This shift is a direct result of the idol stars and its competitive plans.”

*the chart compares the two entertainment firms,
SM (top) and Keyeast (bottom).

Michi: it’s the stock price ^^



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