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so his dish is edible *tested and confirmed on human^^*, but judging from ppl’s reaction, I guess it tastes weird *probably it is, because there were so many different ingredients and no special artistic cooking method to harmonize them*. it’s a bit hilarious how the staff trying his dish said it’s ok, good and nodding but their expressions were like they were trying to hold the laughters haha. probably they love the boy too much to criticize ^^

i love how he has the ability to make everyone on set burst out laughing *and us also* every time he says something. like the center of the universe, isn’t he?

it so cute in the beginning of the video when he covered his face saying “really hate this…” and stylish noona followed “me too hate it” ^^. and he has quite unique voice when saying romantic/cheese lines I think *sound playful? i don’t know but it’s just so typical of him* *1st love story so cheesy cheesy ^^*


Credit: elley

Source: eppeun22 @ naver
Korean-English translation: wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com. *thanks much mi dear*
Q1. (your) confident feature?

A1: Fans said my eyes are pretty. I don’t know if it’s a joke or the truth, but (they say) there are stars shining inside my eyes.


Q2. Love?

A2: For me, two person who are fond of each other is love. Just the two person who likes each other is love. Is that not right? Whatever immortal way of saying is not what I like. In words it is simple. Two person who are fond of each other is love.


Q3. Ideal female?

A3: A girl who is well-mannered, sensible/wise, doesn’t meddle, treats me well.
Whether she has double eyelids, regardless of this or that, the moment I saw (her) I’ll feel, “(she is) pretty & cute” to that extent, I think I’ll like (her).


Q4. “you love her” vs “she loves you”?

A4: I want to go on a date with the person I like.
I want to treat the girl I like very well.
For that girl, giving her happy feelings is my style.


Q5. Do you have confidence to give love to the person you love?

A5. I have a personality that treats people well. I like to take care of her.


Q6. Do you believe in “Love by fate?”

A6: Yes I love in Love by fate.
The style that suits me is a tendency to fall in love with the woman at first sight.
no matter what, regardless of the girl’s personality or Mal-ssi-deung(background?), I’ll say “ah” the moment I saw her and feel for her.
Therefore, such moments I feel it’s a “destined meeting”, I think.


Note: I think you may notice that the way I phrase the English is a little weird.. sorry about that, but I want to try to keep the Korean meaning and phrasing as much as I can, because I think it matters somehow. (The feel.. etc) So apologies if there’s bad English/weird phrasings. T.T

& Sorry about the Mal-ssi-deung말씨등 part, I am not too sure what this means also T.T. Never seen or heard of it. I tried to break it down though~ Perhaps some of you can help here:
말씨= Way of speaking
등 = it can be “back” or “ranking” or “light”.
So you can see how I sort of ‘infer’ it should mean something like background or sth. Yup? ^^

Credit: kimhyunjoongthailand.com & leenongkan2

Have you seen the fabulous scans by MurdererQ I posted before (if not, click here)

Now we have the DVD cut from her. Thank you very much for sharing ^^


Credit: MurdererQ

Credit: as tagged + leenongkan1

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Click here for 25 super HQ photos *highly recommended*



Click here for the groom in tux


Source: “The First Love Story” Shooting Blog
Japanese Translation: miyo@ lovekimhyunjoong.com


2010.10.27 Wednesday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story”― Fan Meeting Report

Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD&Photo Book ”The First Love Story” Fan Meeting was grandly held for 2 sessions, afternoon and evening on 11th October at Tokyo JCB Hall.
To Hyun Joong, this was his first solo event after moving to another management company and on this day at the venue, a lot of fans not only from Japan, Korea but also from other foreign countries who gathered before the fan meeting filled with excitement. 

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Hyun Joong was very busy with the filming of drama “Playful Kiss”. He had took the morning flight to Japan on the very day, went straight to the venue without taking a break and went onto the stage to do a microphone check and rehearsed together with the dancers.
Been at JCB hall before during SS501 event, he was feeling very relax confirming the stage position and sound check. At the waiting room, took the meals provided by Sennohana who is also one of the sponsors and started preparation for the event.


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There’s 2 sessions for the event, 2pm and 6pm. Both sessions was a sellout and before the event, the hall was filled with excitement.
For this event, this is the first time footages from 1st PREMIUM DVD&Photo Book”The First Love Story” released and to the fans, it is hard to take the eyes off from the contents.

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After the opening made the undisclosed footages from Bali and Lake Hamana, Hyun Joong appeared in the midst of huge applause and sang the ballad, “thank u”.
For the talk, after watching together with the fans the digest version of the making at “Bali Version” “Lake Hamana Version” and talk about the episodes related to the shooting.

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On stage, the actual items such as jacket, Tshirt, guitar and the valuable ring provided by Andre Kim used during the shooting were introduced.
Moving from answering fan mail questions corner, to fans directly went on stage asking Hyun Joong questions corner, to present corner and following by celebrating the DVD production sales cake corner.

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Hyun Joong having doubts at the 4 standing candles.
After muttering, “Why are there 4 candles?…”, as if something hits on him and he said this.
“First is actor, second is singer and then me and everyone” saying the meaning for the 4 candles instantaneously and blowout the candles.

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After showing the digest version of the long interview at the pool side is the long awaited dance song “Please be nice to me” which a lot of fans were pleased by Hyun Joong.

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Regarding how Hyun Joong treated his fans, he gave the fan service on this day. As promised at first the high touch corner starts and Hyun Joong himself decided to change it to a handshake session instead.

Calling out to each and every fan shaking their hands firmly and the fans answered with their cheer for him.
“Although activities of SS501 have not yet been decided, would surely want to reunite again.”
In the event on this day, this was what fans wanted to hear most and to hear from the voice they hoped for was the biggest reward which can’t be replaced by anything else.

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Hyun Joong whose drama “Playful Kiss” first broadcast in Japan has been scheduled and the event in December at Tokyo Dome has been lined up.

The album will be released next year and also planning for a concert. It will be hard to keep one’s eyes off Hyun Joong’s future activities.

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the cooking video, very cute indeed

he’s such a master at breaking the eggs *he really can cook, I tell you.  even if the food he cooks doesn’t look that delicious and luxurious, or even if it looks like he just pours ingredients recklessly, it is tasty when eaten*

it must be hard to keep talking to his imaginary partner who wouldn’t respond, but he did it so well and naturally that I felt as if he was talking to me, haha. I can’t help but thinking “ah, if he has a girlfriend, he will talk to her like that, joke like that, care for her like that” *any girl who has Hyun Joong would be really lucky*


Credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

the last post has like 80+ photos and this one has 88 ^^. So many but you won’t complain right? the photos are just too beautiful for words. Thanks elley-nim for sharing!

Credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

Credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

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