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After winning the hearts of many women in 2009’s TV Drama, Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun-jung of SS501 fame, turns nasty as an arrogant man in his latest drama Mischievious Kiss. His latest character, Baek Seung-jo is a handsome genius, indifferent, pompous and has to have the last word. Nonetheless, the popularity of the drama is clearly shown, as the recent poll on 2C (Japanese portal site) regarding the most anticipated Korean drama in the second half of 2010 showed a 68.9% (68,467) for Mischievious Kiss. It placed the drama on its number one spot. So now let’s hear what Kim had to say on K.NOW exclusive interview.


What were you doing before the shooting of Mischievious Kiss begin?

I have been busy with SS501’s mini album. We were scheduled to go to other countries, meeting our international fans that we hardly see and we did some photo shoot. If I had some free time, I met up with my friends, working out and catching up with them. After I got casted for the drama, I previewed the original work and studied the character. I went on practicing until the shooting starts.


Do you think you have the same characteristics as Baek Seung-jo? How would you portray him?

I’m a softhearted man, while Seung-jo is indifferent, arrogant and does not share his feelings. The big personality difference was stressing me out at first. So, for this project I try to be more harsh and overbearing; brash and unapproachable. I thought I went overboard sometimes in being aggressive, but people said that I’m still this warmhearted guy (laughs). I must also admit that acting as a genius with IQ level of 200 is tough. There are math formulas, logarithms, equations and other terms that I never knew before and I have to memorize them. I feel as though I’m back in high school!


Talking about schooling days, did many girls crushing on you? If they did, were you behaving like the snobby Baek Seung-jo?

I was not that popular. I was rejected many times when I professed my feelings to some girls l liked. I think I wore my heart on my sleeve too much. I was not at all haughty or mean (laughs).


You are both a singer and an actor, but if you have to choose, which one is closer to your heart? And which career do you want your fans to remember you by?

As a singer, we have to develop, practice our songs and dances, packaging it for a great ‘three-minute’ performance on stage. It’s an enjoyable process. In shooting a drama, you prepare and shoot for a period of time, and then you would have to wait for the broadcast result. During the waiting period, I would feel the thrill of anticipation. So for my case, since I have been a singer longer, it’s like I’m used to it, although being on stage still makes me nervous. But I do think that both acting and singing have their own appealing aspects, so it’s hard for me to choose.

I am giving my best in everything that I do and I’m looking forward for good results as well. So either way, I would like to be successful and remembered for all my works.


Recently, you were in other countries such as Japan. You are quite the celebrity there…

Actually the realization had not struck me yet, so when fans were greeting me at the airport, I was like, “Wow, I have lots of fans here.” That’s all I could think of. I do believe that people recognize me more because of our albums and Boys Over Flowers, and I’m grateful for that.


You shared the same management company as Bae Yong-jun. Does he teach you or give you advice on how to act?

We meet often, but we talk more about mundane things than acting or working. He doesn’t teach me how to act, but he encourages me. I learn acting from my acting teacher (laughs). Bae is strict in self-management and I have lots to learn from him; not just as an actor but also in life.


Do you have Singapore in your itinerary?

Not as yet. After the drama’s success then I will definitely try to visit and say, “Hi,” in person.


Well then, for now can you say, “Hi,” to K.NOW readers?

Hello K.NOW readers! Kim Hyun-jung here! Than you for your continuous support and attention. I hope you like Mischievous Kiss. I will work hard and give you my best always. Thank you!

Don’t miss out on Kim Hyun-jung’s latest drama, Mischievous Kiss when it airs in Singapore. Let’s make the drama a success, and who knows Kim may come and visit Singapore, too!


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(Only part of the interview where Hyun Joong talks about Bae Yong Joon is translated. Really hope some kind soul can translate the rest)

English translation by http://suehanbyj.blogspot.com/


There was a rumor that Kim Hyun Joong made a remarkable improvement in popularity because of his leading role in the band SS501 and his previous drama “Boys over Flowers” both moved into the entertainment industry in Japan. That rumor turned out to be true. Recently, he made an exclusive contract with ‘Keyeast’ which is operated by Bae Yong Joon, and it’s said that he is getting more gifts in Keyeast than Yonsama. It’s the first time since the company was founded that Bae Yong Joon was not the leading receiver of gifts. However, Bae Yong Joon is happy that he was able to sign Kim Hyun Joong.

“Yong Joon hyeong (suehan: big brother) and I often chat about relationships with women while having drinks.”

Kim Hyun Joong was selected as the next generation Hallyu star since he became popular in the Asian market, including Japan. And then, the original Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon picked him around the time when his contract with his previous agency was about to expire sometime last June. He became Yonsama’s man. He considers Yonsama as his role model. I was wondering how he thinks about the president, Bae Yong Joon. He called Bae Yong Joon as “Yong Joon hyeong” without hesitation when he was asked about their relationship.

“Frankly I was nervous when I met him the first time. His power and status was so strong when he got out of his car. I thought I was looking at the demigods like the King or Zeus. He isn’t a type of person who goes around puffed up or shows off, but I might have felt intimidated by his name “Yonsama”. After we exchanged a few words, I realized that “Ah.. He is a human being like me”. Now I think of him as a brother in the neighborhood.”

Bae Yong Joon makes a mythical impression like he doesn’t get along with people or he refrains himself from the outside world. But it’s said that he is just not noticed. He is a busy bee and is comfortable with his friends.

There is a fourteen years age difference between the two of them. They communicate and get along very well even though their age difference represents that of an uncle – nephew relationship. Recently, Bae Yong Joon and he, only the two of them, have been together about two or three times a week. They chat comfortably about the usual life stories, not dramas or albums, while they drink a coffee and green tea.

Bae Yong Joon is a major shareholder of his agency; Kim Hyun Joong is a new face who Bae Yong Joon signed enthusiastically. In other words, they have a “president” and “a competent new employee” relationship. But Kim Hyun Joong said, “Looking at him from the side, Bae Yong Joon is easygoing, different than I had expected. He feels uncomfortable about the nickname which was given to him by the media. He becomes serious (?) by saying, “Don’t’ mess around with my name. Say my real name” when his friends make a telephone call and say “Hi, Yonsama”.

“I just call him Yong Joon hyeong. I can’t call him ‘the president’ or ‘Yonsama’. I can’t call him Ahjeossi (suehan; It means middle-aged man) either (laugh). I have a very comfortable relationship with him. We talk about our problems and we chat for hours easily. Sometimes, we get excited about pretty girls when we’re drinking. We talk about old girlfriends as well. We’re just like other men.”

He took over the cosmetic brand, ‘The Face Shop’, advertisement where Bae Yong Joon worked as a model. The photos and concepts of the advertisement give off a similar image that of Bae Yong Joon’s. This coming December, he will go to Japan with Bae Yong Joon for a stage appearance. It seems that his agency is operating ‘the little Yonsama project’ a bit intentionally. But Bae Yong Joon doesn’t coach him. “He doesn’t direct me to do this and that, every detail. I just watch him on the side and learn what I need from him when it is necessary.

Hyeong is very thorough in his self-management. He’s never shown a weak appearance to others. I try to take after his qualtiies. Aside from taking after him I think the expression of ‘Little Yonsama’ is too overestimated. I’ve never encountered the fans even after the events in Japan because I have only stayed in the hotel. So, I’m not sure whether I’m popular or not. Are you asking me why the fans like me? Hmm.. Because, I’m cute (laugh)”



After reading the interview, just as I was immersed in understanding the deep meaning of it, thinking hard about this and that in a serious calm atmosphere, the last sentence of his turned me off “Are you asking me why the fans like me? Hmm.. Because, I’m cute”. oh my, Hyun Joong, that is so cute, haha.

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Another set of scans by MurdererQ can be found here

Jp-Krn translation: http://blog.naver.com/metapho7/10094501278
Translation by Ode

He who was borne as the much well-loved leader of dance and vocal group SS501 in 2005 – Kim Hyunjoong.

Over here in Japan too, he has had surfaced with a major debut in 2007 and sung to aplenty songs and captivated the hearts of many. And now, he is challenging as an actor where he similarly receives much love from his fans.

Last year, he challenged acting for the first time in drama “Boys over Flowers” as the very affectionate Jihoo sunbae where this role had everyone calling him the National Sunbae, proving the high popularity he’s had garnered.

“To me, BoF was a work that allowed me to start developing interest in a new field as an actor. When I was acting it out, this thought always came onto mind, ‘What if I’m Jihoo, how will I react (to this, to that)?’. The more you truly go into studying the character, the more it will actually be reflected in your acting. In addition, with that kind of way, with that kind of attitude where I will want to go further to study a character, it actually really allowed me to discover an unknown side of mine in the sense ‘Oh, I have such a side too?’ that kind. So this has really helped me alot in acting too”.

He is now challenging a new drama ‘Playful Kiss’, in it he stars as an aloof teen with IQ 200, Baek Seung Jo. Despite so, he actually revealed that he originally did not have any thought to take on this role.

“Hahaha originally, I had already decided not to take on any high-school roles again after BoF. (laughs) This may be my biggest disadvantage, but to be honest, I’m one who will be very easily influenced by what others say… Like let’s say buying clothes. When I go to buy some clothes, they may not particularly attract me at first, but if I hear the salesperson or friends around me who say that it suits me, I will then eventually end up buying those clothes. Just like this time’s drama too, people in my agency kept saying, ‘Very good suggestion ne’, ‘If you were to take it on it’ll surely succeed’, etc….And so because of that I ended up accepting this drama already (laughs)”.

This popular role that is highly vyed for by many actors had eventually gone to Kim Hyunjoong, and with that, this truly looks like a Kim-HyunJoong-episode ne.

After deciding to take on this role, he will never look back but will instead try his best to perfect his role — that is him.

If so, how does he then put in efforts into portraying this role?

“First of all, Baek Seungjo is a genius with IQ 200 and higher, so I had to constantly remind myself that ‘I am a genius’ (laughs). Also, because this is yet another manga-adapted character, in order not to tarnish the original image, I try my best to stick as close as possible to the original character. I’m also trying my best to show the kind of charm that only Kim Hyunjoong can possess, even if it may be just one charm. Whatever it may be, I just keep telling myself ‘I am a genius’, which is why I could thus naturally turn into Seung-jo. Yeah, I think of it that way (laughs)”.

[Moving into new agency, a vastly different environment]

Whether it be Jihoo from Boys over Flowers or Seungjo from Playful Kiss, both are roles who initially does not care for anything at all yet eventually falling for a plain girl.

So what is his love exemplar like in reality?

“I’m the practical and strong-willed type. Will fall in love at first sight kind. If I like her, I won’t hide but will tell her instead. The girls I like is those cool type. One who could easily and relaxingly communicate with me, and who could also happily allow me to go drinking with my friends. That is my ideal type”.

Hyunjoong, one who is always so honest in every thing he answers.

Looking at the way he tranquiled manner he answers those questions, I then asked if there has been any difficulty or changes in the execution of work since he has now moved into Keyeast consisting Bae Yong-joon, after leaving his former agency.

“Obviously because I’ve changed to a new agency, my working environment has also changed too. Because of that, I will also feel it’s not so possible to further execute work with those who has previously worked together with me. But then again, if I don’t work harder than now, I will not have any better development in days to come, so I also make many preparations in each area. Only so could I possibly achieve what ever I want to do, that’s how I think”.

Bae Yong-joon who is in his new agency will come out to meet up with Hyun-joong at times, too. Amidst their conversations, Hyun-joong has learnt quite many things as well.

“Bae Yong-joon sunbae is very humane and realistic, and is also a superb person. Though we share talks together, we don’t really talk about any absolutely special topics, but instead some daily life stories. Just that alone I could already learn many ways on how to treat people and attitude on life. I also will want to spread our Korea culture to more and more people in the world, to let them know. Furthermore, sunbae’s self-management is also really thorough; he’s really amazing”.

Though he is such a Kim Hyun-joong, he does not milk down in his body training as well. During holidays, no matter how tired he is, he will definitely go to exercise, this is because he wants to maintain his body shape and fitness.

“No matter what I have on hand, I will go for exercising (laughs), and will also play soccer. Yesterday I had some free time, so I went to kick football with my dancers. Exercising may be really tiring, but in future when I reach 40 years old, my body can still maintain as it is, because exercising helps alot. That’s how I think of it”.

When we hear words like “wanting to show the maturity as a singer”, the concert held last year by SS501 in Japan Budoukan comes onto mind. In the Solo Corner area, that body which Kim Hyunjoong reveals…….. At that split moment when he tears apart his clothing, those shrieks coming from fans fill the entire concert hall…….

“I want to recommend exercising to my fans too. I had seen the documentary my fans made yesterday. In it wrote ‘ahjumma fan’ (middle-aged fans), in Japanese we call it ‘obasan fan’, after seeing, I didn’t really like it. Japanese ahjumma fans often write things like ‘I am apologetic you have such an ahjumma fan’, but I don’t agree with the way they see themselves. If only they could exercise regularly like normal girls do, and thinks of themselves as young ones, it’ll be really good (laughs)”.

“My gratitude towards fans has always been sitting itself deep down there in my heart. The love I get from my fans, I want to reciprocate them all. But not just by words, I want to also express it in my actions and in a concrete manner. I want to reciprocate them like that. Such a thought has always been in my mind”.

Who knows if he will also be presenting any special present to fans in his upcoming DVD photobook to be released end of October. After which, he will also be attending to a charity event “Message to Asia” with Bae Yong-joon at Tokyo Dome on December 14. After current drama ‘Playful Kiss’ ends, fans who have been anticipating his singer activities will also get their wish granted.

“Had sung for Playful Kiss’ OST, and is also doing preparations for my new album. I want to have enough time to go thoroughly prepare for an awesome album. To be honest I am also practising choreography for my new dance songs that will be inclusive in my new album. Though I am focusing mainly on drama for now, I still want to show everyone the side of a singer who has better matured, even if it may be just a little bit. So please, do anticipate much. Same for dancing, I will show even more hype in dancing”.

That one sentence he recalls whenever he is lonely — “So long as you go ahead to do it, you can”

He wants to give this piece of sentence to every friend out there who is in anguish.

Despite hitting the nail, he never does give up finding his road ahead — and that is Kim Hyun Joong.

Be it as an actor, or a singer, he seems to be slowly slowly, little by little,

expanding his pavement ahead of him…

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