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(Photos of the calendar can be found in the previous post)

(Seoul=Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Byung Gyu
Translation by: http://suehanbyj.blogspot.com/

Top stars including Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, and Kim Hyun Joong got together to produce the calendar for the environment.

On the 27th, their agency, Keyeast stated that they produced “2011 Eco Calendar” with the actors of Keyeast, Choi Gang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Ji Ah, So Yi Hyun, Hwan Hee, Hong Soo Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun.

This calendar contains stories related to the environmental anniversary, marking the official environmental anniversary, and actors’ comments relating to the environment anniversary which were specified by the actors.

Keyeast paid all of the production expenses. This calendar used Environmentally-friendly papers and vegetable bean oil ink for its production and was produced through an environmentally-friendly production process. Entire profits will be donated to Global Environment Program of the Korean committee of the United Nations Environment Program.

Keyeast’s actors donated the profits from the shooting of the environmental photo book for the magazine last May to environmental groups.

The calendar will be released by the on-off line store of Korea Ten by Ten (www.10×10.co.kr) and Japan Bofi site (www.bofi.jp) at the same time. It will also be introduced through a Smart-phone application in the middle of October.

Yang Geun Hwan, the representative of Keyeast said, “All of the actors became the Eco – supporters this year like last year.”, and “The calendar contains the honest stories from the actors regarding the environment with smiles.”


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I’ve been pondering on whether to post this or not because it may look like I am promoting the other dramas. Anyway, I decided to do it and make it brief so that you will have an overview of Mischievous Kiss’ situation.

Note: I’m not a k-drama expert and the details provided can be googled. I’m just saving you guys time and efforts : )

Mischievous Kiss will be broadcast on MBC on Wednesday and Thursday starting September 1st after Road No1. So I will present the dramas aired at the same time slot, namely SBS My girlfriend is a Gumiho, KBS King of baking Kim Tak Goo and Fugitive. Yeah, those joining the Wed-Thu drama ratings battle.

1. My girlfriend is a Gumiho (My girlfriend is a nine-tail fox)

Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy melodrama

Episode: 16

Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Shin Min Ah, Park Soo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Tiara’s Hyomin

Broadcast period: Aug 11 – Sep 30

Airing: Wed-Thu 21:55 on SBS

The drama stars Lee Seung Gi, who enjoys massive popularity after his main role in the successful drama Shining Inheritance (ended with viewer ratings of 47.1%). Lee Seung Gi is well-known as an MC of popular variety show 1 Night 2 Days and talk show Strong heart. Crowned as the new CF King and winning through various public polls, Lee Seung Gi is undoubtedly Korea’s favorite household name.

My girlfriend is Gumiho also marks the comeback of sexy talented actress Shin Min Ah after 3 years hiatus since Devil in 2007. Popular girl group Tiara’s Hyomin adds another attraction to the drama.

More notably, the drama is the work by famous duo scriptwriters Hong sisters (Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran), also known as the hit drama maker. Their past dramas of romantic comedy genre have had high ratings and popularity (My girl, Fantasy couple, Hong Gil Dong, You are beautiful…). Hence, this drama is surely the one to receive great public anticipation.

2. King of baking Kim Tak Goo

Genre: Romance

Episode: 30 (or 34)

Cast: Yoon Si Yoon, Eugene, Lee Young Ah

Broadcast period: Jun 19 – Sep 16 (or Sep 30)

Airing: Wed-Thu 21:55 on KBS2

The most striking thing about this drama is its high ratings, which reigns supreme over Wed-Thu dramas since broadcast. Episode 9 records the highest ratings of 38.1% (nationwide), 39.2 (Seoul) and 38.6 (Seoul and suburbs). It has maintained stable ratings of around 34-35% up to now.

Absence of a starry cast and lack of promotions, King of baking Kim Tak Goo is said to be popular thanks to a compelling storyline as well as solid acting skills of all main and supporting actors.

During the broadcast period of Mischievous Kiss, King of Ratings Kim Tak Goo will come to an end and another huge rival kicks in.

3. Fugitive (Runaway)

Genre: Action, mystery, thriller, romance

Episode: 16 or 20 (undecided)

Cast: Rain, Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin, Daniel Henny, Yoon Jin Seo, Yoon Son Ha, Uehara Takako and Takenaka Naoto (Japan), Eric Tsung (Hongkong)

Broadcast period: after Kim Tak Goo

Airing: Wed-Thu 21:55 on KBS2

Yo man, this drama is truly what called star-studded. Even though you may be unfamiliar with some of the names, believe me, this long list is all stars, either with rising or stable/established popularity *I felt like everyday I woke up just to find out on the news that another star joined Fugitive*

The production crew of the successful drama early 2010 Chuno also lands on Fugitive, namely PD Gwak Jung Hwan, scriptwriter Chun Sung Il and some experienced supporting actors Sung Dong-il, Gong Hyung-jin, and Jo Hee-bong. Oops, MBLAG and Han Jung Soo will play cameo roles in the drama.

With the bling-bling cast, Fugitive will surely attract massive investment and sponsorship.

In addition to cities in Korea, the filming of Fugitive will take place in various major Asian cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Shanghai, Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong as well as Thailand, Philippines, etc.

And last but not least, our main character here:

Mischievous Kiss

Genre: Romance, comedy

Episode: 20

Cast: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min

Broadcast period: Sep 1 – Nov 4

Airing: Wed-Thu 21:55 on MBC

Mischievous Kiss is the Korean adaption of manga Itazura na Kiss, thus has a great storyline which has been tried, tested and proved success in Japanese, Taiwanese version.

A romantic comedy idol drama with cute pink bubble theme has a high chance of becoming widely popular, especially when it is directed by Hwang In Roe (Goong) and produced by Group8.

What else does Mischievous Kiss have? It has national flower boy Kim Hyun Joong, who in the drama will portray an oh-so-cool character that melts the heart of every girl. Who can resist the charismatic temptation?

Credits: Google + MissChievous @ https://immisschievous.wordpress.com

Ok, done! See how tough it is? So please support as much as you can! This is Hyun Joong’s comeback drama where he plays such a key role. Thus, the success of the drama is critically important to his career.

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