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I ‘ll never forget 19th June 2010 this day, because I saw with my very own eyes, heard with my own ears and confirmed that this person Kim Hyun Joong whom I ‘ve been loving is an angel who has fallen to the mortal world.

Abiertas Radiance School is a Philippines private charity school with a history of 70 years,initially it gives aid to injured unwed mothers and their children, now it expands to proving education for children from needy normal family.

In these recent years as a result of a lack of attention given to the school and the social assistance received are not a lot, the school infrastructure is in a terrible state, it has become increasingly difficult to continue operating charity cause.

The principal told us that on 15th May 2010, Hyun Joong has donated 1 million Philippine peso (US $22 600) to the school and actively participated in the charity show on the 19th, hoping that through his own little effort, he can call out to more people to care for these vulnerable group of people.

Hyun Joong did not announce to the public about his private donation, he just silently give back to the society. The school uses his aid to repair broken classroom, build canteen, giving birth and feeding room etc, acquire recreational facilities, intelligence toys, the dream of using computer to teach, and recruiting more staffs……

Watching the smiles of the mothers and children in the school, the busy shadows of the principal and the staff, warm tears blurred my eyes, suddenly I feel that:

We’re very lucky to incidentally learn about this love story,

We’re very lucky to inevitably fall in love with this kind angel.


[Fan Account]

Part 1 <Love is Fated…>

On the morning of 19th June, I was still at Hong Kong airport, while my other few Hyun Joong fans friends had already arrived in the Philippines. They did not have a clue of his schedule for the day, considering that Hyun Joong’s trip is for the charity show hence they decided to personally visit the targeted aid recipient written on the poster—Abiertas Radiance School, was also wandering whether there’s anything they can help. Maybe initially this is only an action borne out of curiosity but who would have thought that this kind of curiosity would brought us an unforgettable experience…
I finally arrived in the Philippines in the afternoon, called my friend, she threw me a bomb: Quick! Come to the school! The people here seems to be preparing to welcome Hyun Joong! He may be reaching in half an hour time! If you cannot make it on time, you would be locked outside the entrance!’

This piece of information made my body feel as if it just got electric shocked…went into a taxi like a mad woman …frankly, my English is really bad, even though I have the experience of travelling overseas several times, but for Hyun Joong, this is the first time in my life I left the country alone…before I went, I had heard about the taxi company in the Philippines is really unreliable, detouring, ripping out etc is common (came to realise this is true after a few days there)…If there’s no traffic jam, it will take half an hour to reach the school from the airport, with a pessimistic heart of the possibility of missing Hyun Joong, I did not give up and pretended to be tearful, tried all the words that I can express, yelled at the taxi driver, ‘I’m going to meet a very important person! Cannot be late! Fast! Faster =  = ..I give you tip!! The taxi driver who initially wanted to chit chat was made nervous by me, started racing across the busy and a bit chaotic road…As a result, I’m very ‘fortunate’to watch a movie <Speedy Taxi> , movie fee paid together with the taxi fee =  =

Twenty minutes later, when I saw the ‘legendary’door was opened, the blue big door, I thought I saw the gate of heaven!!! Dragged my luggage and dashed into the school and asked people I met, ‘Is Hyun Joong here yet? Came already? Where?!’
The amiable principal found the ‘lost  soldier’and spoke to me a kind smile that Hyun Joong has yet to arrive, are you his fan? From China? I shall bring you to a cooler place to rest first. Hence I hold the hands of the saint and walked into the pathway of heaven…

The door of a tiny meeting room was pushed open, an extremely comfortable air-conditioned cool air raided the room, accompanied by a scent of rouge gouache. Looking beyond, wow~~–A group of fairies were combing their hair, putting on makeup, dressing up…oh my god…I’m in heaven!!!Frankly speaking, there are quite a lot of pretty Hyun Joong fans, be it from China or the Philippines, learned from exposure.


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[The blue school gate]


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[The heavenly meeting room]


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[The creator and the past love messengers, they’re angels too]


【【Main point is this part!!!!!】】

While waiting for Hyun Joong to arrive, my friends told me that the principal told them some unknown things: Hyun Joong had already came to the Philippines earlier this year and came to know about this charity school needing need. He personally visited the school to see the mothers and the children and saw the shabbiness and the difficulties faced by the school. After he returned to Korea, on 15th May he donated 1 million Philippine peso (US $22 600) to the school bank account. The charity event was his other personal act to the school fundraising effort.  At the same time, he reminisced about the school and intend to visit on the afternoon to see if their situation has turned for the better.

This really shocked me!!! From a far distance, I have always felt that Hyun Joong should be a kind person (?) but when you personally experienced it, in this shabby charity school, the feeling is very astounding and touching. Looking at how the old and torn teaching and nursery rooms are being repaired and renovated, how the roof of the canteen used to half exposed to weather conditions and insects are now being covered over, how  the recreational facilities are being repainted, lifting the spirits of the children, etc. The facts are endless. The principal personally said to me by that all this were done with the money donated by Hyun Joong. Suddenly I feel that…towards Kim Hyun Joong…I’m not at all ashamed to use this verb-worship…

Hyun Joong’s kind act touched and inspired us hence we also donated to the school. Suddenly, screams could heard from outside, immediately the meeting room was deserted =  = …

I ran out bringing along my camera. I saw a few white vans entering the school but not the grand white BMW that he specially used for the Philippines trip as seen on the videos online hence I thought that he had yet to arrive. 10 or more sturdy bodyguards emerged. The backup dancers, stylist etc came as well. Yet still no sign of Hyun Joong. The bodyguards started to marshal the crowd, arranging everyone to line up to the both sides of the main teaching block. The handsome bodyguard from Korea discussed with the principal on the tour route. I silently followed to eavesdrop and started to find the best view post. The bodyguards told those with cameras that photographs are not allowed. Even strictly told them to keep their cameras or else be sent out. Hence I made my decision to give up taking photographs. Seeing the real person is the most important!!!

I asked the fans that Hyun Joong had yet to arrive right but the Philippines fans said that Hyun Joong had already arrived, he was in the 2nd car!!! Wow…he’s so sensible. He did not ride in the grand BMW but changed to a low profile van to visit the school. (After that I came to know that when he went to eat in the afternoon, he took the BMW…)


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【Loud screams could be heard. I knew then he had arrived!!!!!】


Dressed in a stylish black-greyish outfit with white jasmine flowers around his collar, wavy hair, that refined face and!!! that sparkling lively eyes!!! I had not seen him for 6 months, suddenly I realised that yearning is not when we have yet to meet, it’s when we met. He is too beautiful. He stood out among the crowd. He was really shining with a pure godly aura. Smiling lightly, waving shyly, he walked through a pathway crowded with the children. It was as if an angel has arrived. He can wear black and yet give off a pure angelic aura.

When Hyun Joong saw the principal, he immediately greeted him, deliberately fastened his pace to bow and shake hands. Can tell that they had met before. The principal brought him to tour on the 2nd floor. Seeing him walked up the staircase, that thin back, small arms and thighs made my heart ache. Had the urge to kidnap him and feed him well = = …

As we guessed that he would tour from the 2nd floor to the 1st, in order to see him again, we hid from the bodyguards who were guarding the 1st floor. We got back into the meeting room through the back door and hid ourselves. The person who went to check on the situation came back and told us that Hyun Joong was taking photographs with the children and even signed for them at the 2nd floor. We immediately fantasize whether we should ask the Philippines fans to pretend to be the school teachers to take photos and his autograph??? Yeah….I think this was the best idea = = … We Chinese fans can just go along =  = ..

We were preparing to leave the meeting room to see our luck. Luck came on its own. Suddenly quite a number of people entered, our angel used his usual walking style and dashed in. We did not retreat, only know how to stare lovingly at him. A tiny meeting room with just 10 square metre. We could hear the sound of each other’s heartbeat. It was so close, so clear. He was just standing in front of me !!! Breathing the same carbon dioxide…no choide…there’s not enough oxygen = =…

Those plans and schemes had escaped. A daring fan (That day was too nervous-wrecking hence I could not remember which heroine opened her mouth) said to him that we are his fans who love him very very much especially the few of us who came all the way from China to support him and the charity event. Hope that we could take photographs or an autograph. Hyun Joong could understand a little English. When he heard that we came from China, he stared at us with his big watery eyes wearing that damn innocent shocked expression. We were not diffident hence together we stared at us with our innocent and hungry eyes = =. When the beautiful translator translated finished, he nodded his head and agreed.

But!!! He brought along his manager-DSP’s sweater manager (During 2009 Asia Tour he loved to dressed up = =). He came in and coolly refused and asked the bodyguards to chase us out. The atmosphere then was so awkward. Looking at us being shifted, Hyun Joong hastily said hold on (in Korean). The manager immediately stopped him and continued to order the bodyguards to act on us. However we are not that kind of obsessive fans hence we obediently walked towards the door. We did not want to put Hyun Joong in a difficult position. Arriving at the door, looking his quandary and a little worried expression, really wanted to give him a telepathic message: It’s okay…autographs, photographs are nothing important. To be able to see you in such a close distance is already very satisfactory.

We were asked to leave the teaching block. But not long after, the crowd started to surged out once again. Hyun Joong was able to leave. Then I realized that I left my camera in the meeting room, no time to retrieve it. A fan beside me said she did not dare to take photograph. Suddenly I feel so brave, took her camera and said it’s now or never! Hence under the glare of the bodyguards, took a short portion of Hyun Joong’s departure. Ho ho immense sense of achievement. Hehe because that day no one dare to film.

After Hyun Joong left, we wandered around the school. We discovered that like what the principal said, there’re still a lot of areas that needs the society‘s attention and aids. Hyun Joong also knew that his own efforts are limited hence he chose to participate in the charity event in order to allow the school to receive more attention?
However there’s still something to rejoice about, the school is full of optimism and friendliness. Everyone in the school are generous, they will smile kindly and warmly at you and are willing to interact with you especially the children all know about this kind-hearted man from Korea. They call him ‘Kim’. If you talk to them about ‘Kim’, they will smile happily and gleefully tell you that they love Kim.


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[The pregancy room. Conditions not so good

however once they gave birth and restore their energy, they will move out of this room]


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[The babies’ beds…Very shabby]


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[The classroom that Hyun Joong went to take photos in.

A boy was jumping around with his autograph, showing everyone.]


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[Two very cute boys. Kept asking whether we’re Koreans.

They know Kim, told us that they like Kim]


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[These intelligence toys are bought with Hyun Joong’s donated money.

Because of him, the children found new happiness.]

Cin’s fan account

Credit: Cin @


1st Dec 2010 – Airport
hehe, how would I not go to the airport to welcome our beloved? mwhahahha~
i actually had a dilemma on whether to wear Patrick or not..


Free Image Hosting at

the reason i would want to risk not seeing him because, from my past experience in “airport welcome”, artist would usually take notice of the “odd one out”.. hee!!
however, it is his first time here and my first time seeing him in flesh, why would i want to do such crazy stunt?
but, well, hehehe, i still think it’s a good laugh, hence, i go ahead of “wearing patrick”..
after a much long wait, he finally came out from the immigration side and walked in the barricaded path… even though i was standing on a chair (somewhere near May), i kinda have a problem locating him… finally when i managed to spot him, i quickly zipped up my hoodie and waved…
it was after when he had gone off, i was told that he didnt have time to look ard, and the whole “process” is very fast..
well, since i only manage to have a glimpse of him, i couldnt comment much whether he is nice looking in person or not..
but i do know that, he is somewhat smaller frame that i thought… and his skin is really fair…

2nd Dec 2010 – Tampines Mall
since we have noticed the FaceShop has previously posted about Hyun Joong visiting store on this day at 330pm, so some starlings n bb princess decided to go down to take look.. well, it was more like a gathering for us.. mwhahahha~
again, crowd began to form by 11am.. so you could imagine the crowd(s) formed by 330pm.. anyway, it was long and hyun joong arrived only at ard 430pm…?
think i’m really bad at taking vid cos i joined in the crowd.. view was mainly blocked by raised hands + cameras + cam recorders + security heads… :p
anyway, i again manage to catch a glimpse of his back, and, head only.. MWHAHAH! didnt even see his fringe! :lol:
frankly speaking, i wasnt really worried about not seeing him because i know that i can see him face to face on the next day~

3 Dec 2010 – fansign @ IMM
really excited and didnt manage to sleep well…
but still willingly to wake up early in the morning to travel to IMM… hee~
all i know is that, to place myself in a “strategic position” and wait…
have asked a karen starling how to say in korean “come to singapore often”… hee~ managed to remember for the first 5mins…
when the host, ken, came to “warm up the atmosphere”, we know that the event would be about to start soon.. 😀

screams were everywhere of course (i have actually melted upon seeing him), but when he started talking, everyone just quietened down.. hehehe~ interestingly, his voice is very gentle… he introduced himself and of course some FAQs…

BEWARE: fancams have high noise level and may cause headache due to the over shaking of the vids (what else could you expect from the excited person holding the camera? hee~)

him explaining his signature.. notice his tone has changed a little bit? slightly more, hmm, playful? hee~

choosing 3 gifts to open on the spot and he chooses LKHJ first~~!!!
note that there are no indications that the gift is from LKHJ just by a mere look…

Charity Auction
i really appreciate the FaceShop for doing such event… to help and contribute back to the society.. and it’s even nice to see hyun joong is pleasantly surprise that his signatured standee alone can fetch such a high price.. heheh! well, leader, you are sort of priceless, you know? :p
and it’s really sweet of him to contribute $6686 in additional to the amounts that have already been raised ($6500 + $6686)
actually, when our starling bidded for $6060, he already wanted to stop at that… we even sung happy birthday song for him~ hehe.. in the end, a fan bid a higher one of $6686.. his birthdate & year!!!!

his pouting~!!!

after this, is the photo taking with pre-selected lucky people.. of which, there are starlings and princesses.. :)

then the time has finally come~!!! the fan sign!!! hehehe…
waited for a while before i join the queue to go up stage.. i already know what i’m going to say… just that, I HAVE FORGOTTEN IT~! hehehe… the “come to Singapore often” have totally, left off… hehe..

when it’s my turn to get the autograph, i called out “hyun joong ar~” when i’m getting near..

he looked up at me!!! MWHAHAHHAAH! :lol: simply beautiful face!!!! (and i dont know where my heart is at this point of time.. it may have stopped.. it may have melted until the point of evaporation..) but i still managed to continue saying “Bogoshipoyo” (meaning: i miss u) by this time, he already looked down and continued with the signing

i waited patiently and when he had finished, he looked up and said “thank you”…
yes, he said that to everyone in english… of course, with that dazzling smile~! awww~~~~ it is indeed a crime to be that good-looking..

anyway, after this, not much of a happen except to go back to our holding area and continue stare at him…

After the fan sign, it was phototaking session with the faceshop crew (both SG and Korean)…
there was this point which i find him totally, absolutely cute~! (ok, he’s cute always)…

there is this mother (a person from the Faceshop) carried a little girl on to the stage so that they could take a pic together… Hyun Joong is quite man in the sense that he initiated to carry the little girl over (ah!! the way he carried kids is so cute~~)

but as soon as the little girl “sits” on his forearms, she cried… hyun joong was kinda flustered and embarrassed, but this was the same time the pic was being taken.. he has to smile..
aigoo… if i’m not tired, i could have recorded it down… hopefully someone did manage to capture that.. i think that moment is quite, unforgettable.. :)

pic added: credit to Geraldine Koh @ facebook

Free Image Hosting at

well, these are all the moments i remember… my thoughts.. *happy sigh*

le gra,

ps: i have borrowed the handycam from another starling: lamerhui.. thanks gal!!!

FA: KHJ’s Fansign event at IMM- best day ever in my entire life

Credit: wonderrrgirl @

**Fan account can be shared/repost as long as credit is given **


KHJ’s fansign event at IMM was the one that I was looking forward to the most.
This is because I was lucky enough to be selected by TFS Singapore to be one of the 10 people who will be taking a group photograph with KHJ. Really grateful to TFS Singapore!

Anyway, reached the event location very early.
There were fans queuing up already.
I think some fans tried to create a queue number list but ultimately I don’t think TFS used it, they simply allowed whoever that are queuing to enter. ^.^

Also found out that my friend had a media pass to enter as a photographer. Some of you may know her. Her name is Kandace. She was also the one who took many amazing photos during Singapore’s Kpop Night Concert! Strangely, bb unnie also knew her ^.^ Indeed the world is extremely small…

Bb unnie, miy0, lamerhui, honeyeee and I went in later because we have a different pre-allocated time for photo-takers. (Yes, 4 other girls from LKHJ were also selected ^.^)

We were brought to the location at the right side (where KHJ will be entering).

Ah-Ken (host) was playing some games with the fans before KHJ’s arrival. He threw some posters to the fans at first. Afterwards he started to get people to answer to 10 reasons why they like KHJ. Everyone said mainly the same things: Handsome, 4D, etc.

He also asked who is Hyun Joong’s partner in WGM. Everyone screamed Hwangbo. (A strange question to ask at this sort of event actually. ^_^)

Suddenly, KHJ appeared at the side while the games were going on! He was using the entrance at the side to proceed to IMM’s TFS shop. Everyone was very excited! Due to our good location at the side, was able to snap a shot of him before he disappeared again~

Shall skip the boring game parts~

KHJ finally entered again and went on stage, causing everyone to erupt into screams and cheers.

KHJ said mainly the same things that he’s happy to be here and will come back next time for his album. ^.^

Ah-Ken asked him how does he keep his skin so clean and good too~
Our HJ’s reply was sooo like him.
“Before I attend the event, I used a mask from TFS!” ^.^
His face was ever so CUTE when he said it. You know how leader had this “her-her-her” kind of laughter? ^.^ I love it when he does that, and he normally does whenever he said something strange ^.^

Then it was time to choose 3 presents and open it up.
The first present KHJ chose was from us, LoveKHJ!
Leader said he like the lion very much. ^.^ After all he wants to become one in the next life…
So high and so delighted. To be honest, that was the only moment I screamed and cheered and jumped. Most of the time I am quite the calm fan looking at him, snapping pictures and making notes to write this fan account.

The second present he chose was from SGTS~
It was a comic book written/drawn by SGTS as well.
KHJ said that he like the comic book a lot. (He still loves his comic books ^.^)

The third present he opened was one from someone we don’t know.
It was a bottle with many purple hearts in it.
KHJ said that he had received a lot of origamis but he has never received any hearts!

Then it was signature time on the huge board on the stage:
Ah-Ken asked him to explain his signature!
KHJ was so cute when he said: “Kim. Hyun. Joong. SS501. K. H. J. Year 2010, December, 03” (Please do search up fan cams and watch this. He’s so cute here!!!! )

The next activity was the auction,
where winners of the auction get to take home the KHJ Standee as well as take a photo with Kim Hyun Joong alone!

I am so happy to say that the charity auction was so well participated. They managed to bid up to $6500. KHJ was really shocked actually as the amount kept going higher and higher. I caught a photo of him with his mouth open, like “gasp!” ^.^

The next auction was supposed to stop at $6060. KHJ personally stepped him saying it should stop here. I think he is very worried that the fans may not have so much to pay. Anyway, it was a little silly and RANDOM but people started to sing happy birthday song because of that. ^.^

However the winner goes to someone who someone else suddenly bid $6686, which is Year 86-06-06 as well. ^.^
KHJ also add on another &6866 to the charity as well, personally. ^.^

Then came the best moment in my life.

Went up to take photo with KHJ in groups of 5.
Naturally, I was with my unnies: bb, miyo, lamerhui, honeyeee.
I was the first to walk up.
I nearly died when I was up there because he looked so good.
He was really nice and kept asking us to come forward.
Thanks to the unnies who let me stand beside him (T_T),
My head was slightly below his left shoulder
Could feel his body warmth right on my ear… T_T
KHJ doesn’t seem to be wearing any cologne though~
I think he is the kind of guy who naturally smell nice without putting on anything artificial… ^.^

After the shots, he shook hands with everyone of us.
He also said “thank you” in English. It was so cute! The way he said it. His slightly airy “thank you” in his soft voice, that LEADER voice… T_T

Later on was the fansiging.
When I went up, I could not talk to him at all.
Simply found myself losing my voice… once again..

After the fansign, TFS crew went up for a phototaking with KHJ.
A little girl was brought on stage and KHJ carried her in his arms but the little child was crying badly. She literally SCREAMED when Leader carried her!

But our dearest Hyun Joong was smiling so happily~ ^.^
He took a photo with the little girl~
Ah Ken commented that this crying girl had NO IDEA how many are dying to be in her position. Hehehe ^.^ This girl.. I wonder what she will think when she grows up!

That was about the end of his fansign event.
I am very sorry if I left out anything. I am sure however, there are other fan accounts and videos out there, so do check them out as well! ^.^

I had to rush to the airport to take the flight with KHJ later on~
(Will write this part tmr. As usual, on ^.^)

Part 2 of FA:

I want to thank bb, miyo, lamerhui & honeyee once again~ T_T
Actually the day before, honeyee already said that I can be the one to stand beside him because I’ve never seen leader before and I love Leader to the max. It was really because of them that I get to be so close to leader. They do not have to do this, because I am actually the youngest of the group. However…T_T

Before our plane to KL took off, received a text from bb unnie saying they managed to take a picture of me with KHJ in our group photo that I will be happy with. T_T

My unnies are incredible to me and it’s because of them this is possible. Quite honestly, would I have gotten a ticket from LKHJ if I continue to remain a silent lurker?

The person who got me to come out off my cave and to admit that I was the one translating the videos under WonderrrLiz501 was bb unnie actually.

She was the one who noticed the resemblance between Wonderrrgirl & WonderrrLiz501… and asked if it’s the same person.
I think if she did not do this, I will still be a silent lurker, and probably won’t have what I enjoyed today.. T_T
If I did not get a ticket from LKHJ, I probably won’t have the chance to go…
As for photo taking, it was indeed completely good fortune thanks to Doreen, the CEO of TFS, she was the one who send me a message telling me about this good piece of news.

When I heard the news, the first person I told was bb unnie, because I feel grateful to her for being the person who got me to start contributing to the forum earlier before. Bb unnie then replied me something I think I will always remember. She said that when we do things without expecting anything in return, life will somehow take good care of you.


So I’m really grateful today, and more than happy.
Not only did I manage to see leader at last, and had such a good memory with him,

Leader also brought me a set of awesome friends in LKHJ.
I thought fans are just fans who gather to talk about their idols.
But the girls here cared enough for me always, to read my blog and stuff like cheering me on last week during my exams. I am very fortunate and ahhh, seriously, how can I not love leader more and more when he has indirectly brought me people like them?

Hope you girls enjoyed this way too long account, and sorry for rambling on too much! ^_^

I should go to bed now ^_^ I will write about airport encounters with KHJ tomorrow ^_^ !

Fan Account on KHJ’s Tampines Mall TFS store visit!

Credit: wonderrrgirl @

** Can be shared/repost as long as credit is given **

To be honest, I wasn’t planning to go, because I really don’t like crowds very much.
I was quite sure he’s not going to stay for long either.
Quite frankly, I went down only because earlier that day, I wanted to talk to bb unnie about something,
so I went down to Tampines Mall to meet the LKHJ girls who were at Starbucks instead of queuing with the rest. ^_^

However, when I went over with some others to check out the queuing,
saw our Korean friend from the airport yesterday, so went to speak with her.
Not long later, the security suddenly brought up the barricades and we found ourselves suddenly right in front of where KHJ will arrive later in his car.

It was really quite lucky.
So I decided that I should stay.

KHJ is supposed to come at 3:30PM, but by 3:30PM there was still no sign of him. It was quite a tiring wait for the fans.
Also, it started to rain at about 2-2:30PM.
I was happy because this means KHJ is indeed “비부돌bi-bu-dol” (Idol who brings rain)!

I believe my personal experience of waiting for him that day was also made enjoyable mostly by KHJ’s personal bodyguard over here. (The burly one ^.^)
Because of our Korean friend, he could recognize her perhaps, or it’s just nice to hear a familiar language in a foreign place.
They started to talk quite a lot.

His bodyguard first asked us if there is a Panasonic store in Tampines Mall. (There isn’t)
We told him that there isn’t but there are many electronic stores around. I think he could not hear it because he asked again where is the electronic store.

Later on, he came over and asked again where is the toilet.
He spoke in English however, “Toilet, where?”
Quite an interesting guy.

Our Korean friend was randomly ranting to him that it’s tiring, asking if KHJ will come soon.
The bodyguard was really nice; he called up someone and asked, “Where are you” (in Korean).
Told us that he will be coming soon (though “soon” is really an ambiguous word!)

He also told us about KHJ’s car in Singapore.
He said a BMW was chosen for him because it was bigger for men to change inside. ^_^

Our Korean friend wrote a fan letter and wanted to pass it to KHJ’s manager who happen to walk by, but the manager told her she should give it to KHJ herself later… if possible. ^.^

Later on, TFS crew arrived,
Everyone was excited for a while, thinking it is KHJ.

The next car that arrived consist of KHJ’s crew,
Mainly Cordi unnie/noona & the makeup artists.

We were able to hear the makeup artist saying to KHJ’s bodyguard that she was not able to touch up KHJ’s make up for the store visit.
I guess the Press Conference earlier really ended late (He had private interviews to do after that).
Honestly, I thought cordi unnie looks kind of stressed.
(But later when KHJ came, he looked just as good though! Make up or not. ^.^)

KHJ’s bodyguard then came over and informed us that he will only be staying in the store for 15-20minutes.

KHJ came finally at approximately 4:30PM
He stayed in the car for a while before stepping out.
The bodyguard was guarding the door, and the other taller guard (also KEYEAST) stepped out of the car as well.

They open the door slightly and was in conversation with KHJ, probably asking if he’s ready or not?
Then finally, the STAR came walking out.
He was in white (as many will know by now), very handsome, and I had a great view, better than airport yesterday.
I was smarter this time and I took a video instead.
(Will upload later on when I return to Singapore)

KHJ spoke abit, basically about how he’s happy to come to SG and that he is coming back to promote his album ^_^

Oh! He also said we should buy more TFS products! ^_^

He only stayed for about 10-15 minutes and left very quickly.

However, it was quite a worthwhile wait for me, because it was nice to know that KHJ’s bodyguard is so nice. I’ve always heard about him being nice, and was finally able to experience it for myself.

He is quite understanding most of the time too.
Actually, the bodyguard even allowed fans to take the fancams for a while more before asking them to move back so that KHJ could go into his car safely.

Was a great day!

At night, went to eat at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.
Almost all of the TFS and KHJ’s crew were also eating there actually.
There were some fans around, but yes, no sign of KHJ. ^.^

However, we were there to bring the Korean and Japanese fans for a good meal, as well as to let them try out the Chilli Crabs in Singapore. Had a great time with the LKHJ girls!

Rushed back home afterwards because I have to pack for KL and get ready for tomorrow… MORE SOON! ^.^

P.S Will upload photos when I return to Singapore~

Credit: blackwitch @


Hello Everyone…

Before i get started, let me be frank. Black Witch forgotten to bring her camera, so you will see nothing but words only, so It’s as DRY = BORING as it can get. Beside, personally i think that i can act better than i can write. So it will be more interesting for me to act it out then to express it in writing. (At least that is what i think lah).. For those who don’t really enjoy reading long dry posts.. Sorry 미안… Here we go…

01 Dec 2010 , 5.30pm
The company i work for, provide transport for all staffs to Tanah Merah MRT.. i hardly take the company transport but guess what.. i’m first in the line today… i could wait no more to get myself to the airport.. (^_^). Bus leaves work place @ 5.45pm… That 15 mins feels like Forever…. Finally the bus set off weeeee… I got to take a 8 min train from Tanah Merah to Changi Airport. Upon arrival at Changi Airport MRT,i finally open my eyes to see that i have to go out by different exit if i want to go to different terminal.. (*Sorry for being such a mountain tortoise.. usually someone will send/fetch me to to/fro airport, this is my 2nd time taking mrt there). The 1st time.. i got lost and i got to call my friend to fetch me… Yayaya… silly but it’s the truth..

Time check @ 6.23pm – Black Witch arrive at Changi Airport Terminal 2.. My ex-Korean class classmate already told me that she have arrive at the airport, so i gave her a call. We met at Burger King, chatting about her work and stuff (She is a writer for Teens magazines), half-Korean-Singaporean. Sweet 20 years old only… Meanwhile, i sms BB공주 :

BW: Unnie.. U at airport already?
BB: >10 peeps here liao. At Ya Kun

First thing that comes to my mind.. “More than 10!! Wah.. and i still think i VERY early loh, Chey!”

Time check @ abt 6.45pm
Bounce off to Ya Kun.. Okie, it’s always easy to recognize Our Princesses and Fellow – Starlings = There is always laughter and lots of smiling faces… Settle my old bones down on a chair, got myself some toast and tea, i really need the food/drinks to keep me going and alive for the next few hours.. I have a group of Unnies Starlings sitting on my right, having their fingers and face on an IPad, they look so serious and busy in whatever they are doing, i dare not disturb.. (Which i later find out from BB공주 what they are doing).. Nope, i’m not going to tell here.. But i’m feeling excited for them already… ENVY the Unnies…lalalala..

Went off to the ladies after my snack and when i came back, i saw fellow starlings walking towards the barricades that the Airport staffs are setting up… and someone calling out to me ( I can’t remember who it was, sorry).. “Let’s go “chop” a place at the barricades and wait there”. We chose to stand nearer to the exit door where the crowd is less packed and where we can breathe more. =)

I received a call from a Korean friend (her name is Michelle) who is also at the airport waiting for HIM. I get to know Michelle when i attended “Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoon” event 2 years ago in Seoul, she was one of those who can speak English and is willingly to help me and my friend. Till today i’m still thankful to her for that very unforgettable day. =) She join us in the waiting..

Time check @ abt 7.30pm
Time is not moving, it seems like forever since we have been waiting there… tired and restless.. i was walking to and fro where the younger starlings are standing and the few chairs which are a couple of steps away, where a few Unnies hang around.. CIN is walking around offering her MacDonald fries and nuggets, i can see that she is very excited about the whole event, her energy never runs out (How nice is that, i was like that maybe 10 years ago) and Who would have believe that me and CIN is of the same age when I’m totally like an old granny, feeling the ache from standing, getting tired and grumpy due to the wait. Emz,Yen and few other unnies busy snapping pictures, they for sure have much enery than i did as well. Emz 공주 got an extra camera, so she passed to me for snapping photos… but i get tired too easily… so i snap a few

Time check @ abt 8.XXpm
At the corner of my small eyes, i saw someone carrying banners… and i see the group of Maknae’s face brightening up.. “I want to see , I want to see.” these were the only comments i heard…. and then “Ta Dang”………………….. The first one i see is a White and Neat banner… Bearing the upcoming FC’s name… ( I no photo to show (>_<“) )…. The girls are saying that they are hoping to get the Boys” signature… ;)

And the 2nd one, a nice shade of red with the Very beautiful LKHJ FC’s logo… can’t help but to smile at it.. It’s really pretty and nice… =) I can hear the “Oooooooo” and “Wahhhhh” follow by the happy laughter coming from fellow starlings when Both banners is open up for all to see… =) Sweet**

Miyo공주 just arrived not too long ago and i believe she is already hungry after a long day at work, she came back after buying some food.. the 2 of us feel like old people sitting at the back on the chairs staring at all the people who are so full of energy…obviously excited.. since we have time on hand, we decided to take a photo together using Miyo 공주’s Polaroid camera.. Intend to use that as a “short message” to HIM… =) By the Way.. many thanks to Pangle as well for brining your Polaroid camera and is was nice meeting you… =)

Time check??? Okie… i never did that already…
I run out of patience and was tired already, my mind and body is already “separated”…. i cannot remember much about how i spend the rest of the time.. i only remember:

(1) there was the distribution of the Santa hat (an early Christmas Pressie from Emz 공주.. *** THANK YOU AGAIN, Unnie”…

(2) and CIN showing us her very very cute yellow jacket that zip all the way to her head showing a very cute cartoon character… It sure bring laughter to many… :lol: :lol:

(3) hearing BB공주 said few times “I want to go home already”…. and seeing her sweating and walking around chit chatting with fellow-starlings, and asking for tissue paper…

(4) Miyo공주 busy on her iphone.. tweeting i think… or replying to fellow fans of Leader…

Just then, i hear many saying “The Plane has landed”, i stood up and turn and look at Miyo공주.. she say in a very calm manner “Plan landed, still need to walk and clear customs.”.. so i sat down and continue to stare into the air.. but there is just way too many commotions going on… everything i hear someone scream… i would stand on the chair hoping it was finally HIM… but as the minutes passed by… It was already about 10pm and no sight of him… my excitement is fading off… and for the passed 30min or so, May Unnie is standing on the chair on ‘stand-by” video using Emz’s unnie camera…. i keep asking May Unnie if her arms are tired or aching… but she doesn’t feel a thing at all… if it was me, i might i have passed out holding on to the position… Not easy at all…

Everytime we hear people screaming… me and Miyo공주 will climb up the chair at the fastest speed possible and hold onto one another for support.. I can’t see myself, neither can she.. but i’m pretty sure we look funny together, holding onto one another on a chair in our International airport… LOL… But it was really fun… but a bit too tiring.. and for many times… we stood up and sat down… stood up and sat down…

Michelle too, run out of patience and she was screaming in Korean ” Kim Hyun Joong, Faster come out, i’m dying”….. couple of time… hahahahaha

Just then, May Unnie say ” Wait until camera also low batt already”, only did we realize that Emz공주’s camera is running low on power.. the camera is also “exhausted” too.. so i took over the camera hoping to “preserve” the last bits of the power while May Unnie took out her own camera and continuing in the tough camera ‘Stand-by” position… Miyo공주 and myself give up moving up and down the chair.. so we unanimously stand on the chair for about 10 maybe 15min when we hear a lot scream… sorry i mean many screams… or was it my heart thumping??? I could no longer tell the difference if it was other people’s screaming or my heart screaming at me… the crowd is screaming for his name.. ” Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Hyun Joong…..”

And after a short while and from the volume of the screamsssss… i KNOW i KNOW … ” HE IS HERE, HE IS COMING”… i held up Emz공주’s camera and zoom zoom zoom to the path that he is going to walk past… keep the camera above my head.. so that i can TRY to capture him on video while using my eyes to see him… It’s all over Sooo fast and Sooo quickly.. i Swear i saw the smile on his face… despite the beanie and sunglasses… he look so good…. =)… Hours of waiting for this 5 seconds of happiness…. I can’t represent for all, but for me.. It’s worth it.. especially when you’re with a group of fun loving starlings ad of course the princesses…. =)

Black Witch promise that if there is another opportunity.. i’ll NEVER forget my camera…. Quoting from BB공주 ” A picture says a thousands words”… if only i have the photos to share…..

Black Witch… smiling in her dream thinking of his smile behind those sunglasses

repost from Hyunnipexers


Hi guys!

I’m just so psyched about KHJ arriving in Singapore tonight that I had to write this to you!
Upon reaching Terminal 2 at 8pm, I went to the customer service counter immediately to ask how I could get to the arrival hall to see our dear leader’s arrival. I was directed to the basement and before I even reached, from afar I saw this group of SS501 fans dressed in green shirts! Many have already arrived way before time to await upon Kim Hyun Joong’s arrival. Most were sitting right in front of the barricades waiting patiently and excitedly, chatting with their fellow Hyunnie fans. I decided to get myself a yogurt and sit at the yogurt shop to do my work before he arrived. HOWEVER! With so many fans anticipating his arrival in eagerness and much chit chatter, I could not get myself to work at all! Try as I might to concentrate with my macbook pro in front of me, with my iPhone plugged in to be recharged (all ready to take pictures and record the arrival of our wuri leader), I could not last more than 5 minutes sitting with my paperwork! i finished my yogurt really quickly and got myself up and waited next to this group of KHJ fans, standing right in front of the exit doors of the departure hall! It was then already about 9pm!
Time and again, I referred to the website in Safari on my iPhone to check for his arrival time, even though I knew it was 9.20pm by heart (who didn’t?!!). But then I realized that the flight was delayed by about 13minutes to 9.33pm! I continued to wait with all the other fans. The time was now 10.07pm and he wasn’t out yet! There was this Face Shop promoter who tried to make the atmosphere warmer by going forward to ask the fans to show our support by screaming and also shouting out our love for him! Time was ticking and it was already 10.10pm but he was not out yet!
Random screams came from everywhere from time to time and whenever that happened, we would raise our phones and cameras all ready to click but we were disappointed time and again. At that point of time, I was about to give up after a long day’s work and waiting for more than an hour (I’m not a patient person I must say haha). Finally at exactly 10.28pm, he was spotted within the glass doors of the arrival hall!!! Deafening screams was all I could hear for the next 5 minutes. “KIM HYUN JOONG! KIM HYUN JOONG!” chanted everyone and I found myself chiming in with much eager and anticipation! He took some time before coming out of the glass doors and right before he exited, it seemed like he was preening himself, adjusting his beanie on his head before he came out to meet the fans.
More screams came just as he walked out the door. Along with him were his tall bodyguard wearing a blue tie, a few another noonas and the Face Shop people. He was wearing exactly what he wore when he left Incheon Airport for Singapore – a grey and black zip up hoodie, with a maroon beanie and his sunglasses. Just as he exited the glass doors, he waved to those of us who were right there at the exit and bowed to us two or three times! Such manners and appreciation from him was worth the wait! As I looked closely at the video that I recorded, I realized he is quite tall! Just slightly shorter than his bodyguard. And in a whoosh with his entourage following closely behind, he walked quickly to the main exit. Just at that happened, all his fans at the barricades ran after him towards the main exit! I wanted to catch another glimpse of him and of course I ran too! I was able to get as close to the van that the Face Shop promoters were going to leave in which was parked right in front of the car that picked up Kim Hyun Joong! However I could only see him for another brief 5 seconds just as he got in the car, closed the door and waved goodbye again! Amidst all that, some fans almost got hurt getting too close to the car that was moving off and security guards shouted at them.
What an eventful night it was! As I was on my way home in a cab, I could not help but keep beaming while watching the video that I recorded of him. Despite the fact that the video I took was so short, it was worth the wait just to catch a glimpse of him =) I cannot fall asleep tonight!
FA: First Glimpse of the STAR!
– Wonderrrgirl @



Everyone already knows that I’m definitely going to blog about my fan account of KHJ’s arrival and visit in Singapore.
I also promised that I will definitely work hard to write this fan account well,
and I definitely plan to keep this promise!

I have to say however, that today’s account will not be anything too exciting, because all we did was to go and receive KHJ at the airport.
This is my first time ever going all out to the airport to receive a star.
Previously, no matter how much I like any star,
I will not do things like going to the airport to receive them,
mainly because I’m not the sort of fan who has to see every minute of him,
nor do I enjoy being squeezed and pushed by crowds.

However, because this is Kim Hyun Joong,
I threw away all my distaste for uncomfortable crowds and went down to join in the major crowd to give our Hyun Joong the warmest welcome to Singapore.
This is afterall, not the first time that I did something completely unlike me for Kim Hyun Joong…

The wait was indeed terrible though.
The barricades were up at about approximately 7pm and everyone went to line up behind the barricades.
Even though the flight was supposed to land at 9:30pm, we however waited for him for more than 1 and half hours.
Hyun Joong already landed, but he spent a long time in the lounge, most likely to wait for the other passengers to go off first.
Thankfully for overseas fans who were inside with him and could let us know what is going on, which made our wait for him slightly easier to bear….
It was about 10:30pm when he finally came out!

Our Hyun Joong is wearing grey hoodie with a black beanie and shades, carrying his favorite LV bag as usual.
However, why is it that despite wearing dull colours, our Hyun Joong is shining so brightly like a star? ^.^

He was very cool and suave, walking very quickly in long strides (Thanks to the long legs that he has!).
I was very lucky to be in front at the barricades, so my view was fantastic to me.
I was in such a position where when he walked out towards his car, he was moving towards my direction before turning to exit from the doors.
When he passed where I am, I could see his flawless skin very well!

Even though our Hyun Joong is very tall (181cm), he still appeared skinny to me.
Some of the other fans commented that they could not see him from the crowd of security guards around him actually!

However, we’ve heard from fans inside who said that Hyun Joong was in a very good mood throughout his plane ride.
He was as usual, doing his strange dances, and frantically playing with his iPad in the plane.

I shall leave the fan(s) who truly witness the scenes inside to tell their story, for afterall, they were the ones who were there!
But basically, my point is that Hyun Joong is in a good mood, and that makes me very happy to hear of it. :)

So indeed, this is the life of a fan…
5 hours of wait but only seeing him for 5 seconds.
However, because we are there for him to welcome him, I am just happy that he was able to received a warm welcome from everyone!

I have to add that security taking care of Hyun Joong was fantastic actually.
I don’t think there was a single moment when Hyun Joong was inconvenienced or harassed by any fans when he was on his way out of the airport.
Everyone behaved quite well and I’m glad it went smoothly!
However, based on TFS’s update on their Facebook Page, it seems like there were some close shaves with his car and the fans.
But other than that, everyone went quite well and I’m very happy with the protection Hyun Joong has to keep him safe.

source: harukhj
chinese translator: yoyo@baidu khj thread
english translator: emz

[2010.11.09] Gimpo Airport Send Off account

went to incheon airport early in the morning after hearing news about going to guangzhou..
hurried over to gimpo when heard about going to japan
the 2 places were heard from unconfirmed sources…. a 50:50 chance
and its going to japan keke
camera was small, yet to prepare properly
when suddenly someone came down from the vehicle…
the people infront froze…. kekekekekeke
12.50 ANA flight

God of universe alighted from the vehicle and entered ard 11.50… kekeke
as expected, the ticket was given to the manager initially but he took it back after the company staff left.
but as i was taking a video and going up level 2, i din see clearly the way he looked holding the ticket.
and when i said please look here, a big camera suddenly appeared from behind

a familiar reporter came along

trying to get an interview

arh what was happening … because those who knew Hyun Joong would know he accepts interview cheerfully and light heartedly.

manager tried to stop but acted as if he doesnt know kekekekekeke

ah! so cute TTTTTTT telling the reporter like republic of korea fighting? something to that extent
after that he went in kekekekeke

the reporter was also saying guangzhou asia games
hyun joong replied “me go japan????” keke
anyway thanks to the reporter for a longer time to look (at Hyun Joong) keke

not many fans around …. anyway its great….

the seeing time was a bit long
couldnt find a good position video was not good… ha ha… kekekekekek

after he went in i came out
found myself captured in the reporter interview when i relook at the video taken
did not know i was within the camera range
kept talking and ran away when i saw the camera lens
wouldnt be broadcast right? ? – –


source: CC (C寶_Hyun) / HYUNBAR
english trans: bb

Thank you very much ^^


19th: Visa Came Lately, Spending the Night at the Airport

We had originally planned to fly to Shanghai on 19th,
and then fly to Seoul on 20th morning…
But only got the visa on 19th afternoon around 2pm or so…
Other than saying that’s really scary…
no other words could describe how it felt…
Arrived at Shanghai at 11-something in the night,
there’re no more rooms at the airport hotel in Shanghai
so KaKa and I spent the night at the airport,
just like those homeless people sleeping under the bridges…
Hyun Joong-arh, don’t you think it’s really tough and hard for us to go see you just one time…?
But the things that happened over the next few days…
made me feel that everything’s really worth it…

*bb: in case you didn’t know, travelling free & easy ain’t so fuss-free for chinese fans
they would need a whole lot of documents and stuff before their visas can be approved.
generally, you need to prove that you’ve got money or property,
or got a job that pays so well you won’t stay in korea and not go back home ^^
(believe the application for a visa even involve submitting your bank statements,
property deeds, letter from the employer… etc)

20th: Filming the Ending Kiss at Ilsan

Reached Seoul at 10-plus
Went in circles at the airport at a long time before we eventually got onto the subway…
But ended up taking the wrong direction…
Had to U-turn and suffered thus…
Got to DouDou’s place only in the afternoon…
There’s a mad dog at DouDou’s place
We gave it a nice name of The Little Moonie amongst the Dogs
Though we’re already back home now, our impression of the dog remains very deep…
Okie, let’s not talk about the dog, let’s talk about Hyun Joong instead.
Received info… Hyun Joong would be filming the last scene at Ilsan that night…
So we had dinner, and travelled a long way to Ilsan…

Hyun Joong’s van drove out from the carpark of one of the buildings at MBC
After going a few rounds, it went right into the park..
The vehicle stopped, and we all ran over with the gift that KaKa had prepared for Hyun Joong…
At that time, Cody Noona was going through Hyun Joong’s costume at the boot…
From the gap through the boot, I saw someone sitting inside the car…
Aiya… Little yellow head… That’s right, that’s Hyun Joong…
I said to Kaka excitedly, “I see Hyun Joog…”
Kaka, too, got excited…
During this time, the manager started to walk over…
DouDou passed the gift to him, said that’s our gift for Hyun Joong…
The manager accepted the gift and walked towards the vehicle…
We emphasized to him that the gift’s wine, it’s Chinese wine…
The manager stared at the gift intently,
and then got into the car to pass the gift to Hyun Joong.

We watched Hyun Joong through the window…
He seemed to be memorizing his lines in the script…
Was reading intently and seriously…
Didn’t even noticed us standing outside the vehicle…
After some minutes, Cody noona too got into the car…
The drapes were the drawn…
The manager told us Hyun Joong needed to change and also do his makeup,
so please do not disturb…
So we stood and wait obediently somewhere about 200 metres away….

Some ten over minutes later, Hyun Joong got out from the car…
Really handsome… He walked towards us,
and when he was in front of us, I shouted out, “Hyun Joong” in Mandarin.
He looked at us, nodded and smiled…
Actually I usually yelled out his name in Korean,
but had used Mandarin this time
so that he knew we’re the ones who had just given him the Chinese wine.
He walked towards the park… and we just followed behind him…

Got to the set…
The crew started to set up the set and carry out other preparation work…
The entire team was so busy with stuff…
But in my eyes, I could see only Hyun Joong…
And he was the only one glowing…
We were really obedient and good… Just watching him film quietly…
He’s really 4D and funny… He would break into laughter himself whilst filming..
especially during the kissing scenes… he would break into bouts of laughing fits…
We too laughed along with him whenever he laughed…
He turned and saw us laughing at him, and he would, in turn, laugh even more loudly…

There was a break in between filming…
He ran out of the car and started practising some dance moves…
So cute I could die…
Just like that, from 10pm to 1am, we accompanied him, watching him quietly as he filmed.
Gotta compliment DouDou at this point…
Whilst Hyun Joong was filming, DouDou was writing out the letter to Hyun Joong in Korean…
When the filming was completed, Hyun Joong bowed to the PD and also the crew…
What a well-mannered kid…
And then we too passed our letter to Hyun Joong…

Saw Hyun Joong on our first day to Seoul…
By right we should be so excited we shouldn’t even be sleeping…
but we were really way too tired, and fell asleep on DouDou’s bed…


21st: FM + Hyun Joong Gave Treat

Arrived at the children’s park in the afternoon…
There’re a lot of Hyun Joong’s banners being hung everywhere… posters…
and also the support items from the various fansites…
The Korean fans were all happy to hear that we came from China…
And that pretty Korean fan unnie… the flowers that she had helped us arrange were nice too…
I was so excited that I took pics of all of them…
And I also left a message for Hyun Joong:
Hyun, you’re the best…
We’re waiting for you in China.

Got my admission ticket…
Very lucky…. my seat was in the middle section of the seventh row…
I reckon out of the 2000 seats, other than the five rows reserved for staff,
only some 30-40 people had better seats than I did…
Here, gotta thank our dear club head for giving me the ticket…

At the start of the FM, Hyun Joong appeared like a prince before my eyes…
Sooooo… touched… that the lightboard we’d used to support Hyun Joong
from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Korea was the biggest amongst all that night…
So we appeared on the big screen quite a few times…
Hyun Joong too kept looking at our lightboard…
Coz photo-taking was not allowed inside, I only sneaked a few pics…
And there were actually two pics that Hyun Joong was looking directly at our lightboard…
Hyun Joong was very lively and was joking quite a bit…
Even though he knew that the lucky draw box was too high,
but he had purposely asked the emcee to help him draw…
Aigoo, he shouldn’t be teasing and making fun of people like that…
You, weirdo…

Later, when everyone’s watching the last episode of the PK drama,
Hyun Joong was just sitting some 10 metres from me…
So whilst everyone’s watching the big screen,
I was looking at Hyun Joong the other time, like some love-crazed girl…
I reckon I must have looked quite a sight then….

After the FM ended, heard that Hyun Jong wanted to give the staff and cast a treat…
so we too followed them to the restaurant…
Went into the restaurant following Hyun Joong’s back…
Hyun Joong even turned around to look at us strangely…
Coz we had written in the letter we had given to Hyun Joong on the first day,
“Heard you’re gonna be giving a treat tomorrow,
why not treat us too…?”
Was he thinking we were really there to ask him for a treat…? hahahaha…

Hyun Joong and company had booked the entire upper level,
so we could only sit and eat at the ground level near the staircase.
The dancers arrived when we were ordering…
I waved to Jae Yong happily and he too waved back at us…
This was also a polite kid…
Later, Juri, Min-Ah… little Eun Jo and Lee Tae Seung all came downstairs at some point,
and we went up to chat… they were all friendly…
Juri and Lee Tae Sung signed (autograph) for me too…

Later, the crew and some of the cast were leaving progressively…
We had a feeling Hyun Joong too was going to leave…
so we just kept watching the staircase…
Not too long, we saw Baek Junior and little Baek Junior come downstairs…
Hyun Joong seemed to be sending Eun Jo off…
The two brothers seem really close.
Hyun Joong was hugging Eun Jo from behind as they made their way down the stairs,
one step at a time…
I picked up the photo and pen and rushed right over…
I continued to shout in Mandarin, “Hyung Joong…”
and tried to pass him the photo and pen, but was stopped by the manager…
Hyun Joong just looked at me and smiled… not daring to sigh…

At this point, Kaka and the two Japanese fans came over too….
What happened between Hyun Joong and them, I’m not sure
(please refer to Kaka’s FA)
I was ‘struggling’ with the manager all this time,
cajoling him in a aegyo voice, “OPPA OPPA OPPA OPPA….”
it’s really sad, other than my papa and mama,
I’d never done this to anyone else…
The manager really didn’t give me any ‘face’ at all… T_T
Eun Jo left, and Hyun Joong went back upstairs…

Later, Jae Yong and the other two dancers came down…
Sorry, I really don’t know the names of the other dancers,
so I went up to them to strike up a conversation…
I said, “Jae Yong oppa…”
He said, “En..?” and then smiled at me.
I asked him in Korean, “We’d met in Hong Kong… do you remember me?”
He replied in English, “Of course…”
I continued in Korean, “You’re really goodlooking…”
He continued in English, “Thank you.”
This was the somewhat mad conversation between the two of us…
I then said I wanted another picture with him…
He agreed happily. One of his hand was on my shoulder,
and his other hand grabbed the other two dancers…
So the four of us posed with the ‘V’ sign!
After that, I said to him, “YOU ARE SUPER DANCER..”
They all laughed happily, hahahaha…

Seems like a long time later, the bodyguard/s appeared,
and then Hyun Joong came downstairs and prepared to go home…
When he came down, he kept smiling at us rather foolishly,
“Hehehe…. hehehe…”
Guess they must have had a mighty good drinking session…
So this day, we too had a great and complete day…
although the autograph that didn’t happen became the only pain (regret) in this entire day…


22nd: Catwalk & Wrap-up Party

Arrived late on the day of the fashion show…
Had thought that Hyun Joong would be modelling on the catwalk
so I kept looking out for Hyun Joong on the big screen,
but he was, instead, seated at the audience…
So, I felt tragically sad for not being able to go inside the show…
There’re so many cute guys at the venue…
to quote something from Xiao-Bao, “I got so excited watching them…”
I even saw a few artists… But coz Hyun Joong didn’t walk the catwalk,
I didn’t remain sad for too long…

That night, we too went for the MBC wrap-up party.
Like the previous night, they too booked the upper level, and we were on the ground level.
Saw the manager running up and down,
and then he saw us.
Coz he didn’t allow the autograph the day before,
so I told Kaka, “I wanna kill him with my stares…”
So i just stared at him, but he didn’t weaken or cringe
and each time he came down, he would toss a few looks over at me..
However many times he came down,
that’s however many times our eyes met like that..
But this time, no no no… no aegyo from me to you… Hmmmpf!

Later when the party’s almost over,
Hyun Joong showed up briefly at the foot of the staircase…
Wearing a vest… still gorgeous as usual…
but he didn’t see us…
The rest of the cast all left by the front door,
We said our hellos to them, and they too greeted us back in a friendly manner…
Saw that almost everyone’s gone by now, but still no sign of Hyun Joong…
Maybe there’re too many fans waiting downstairs, so he took the backdoor.
Heard news that they had ’round 2′, so we followed them…
But Hyun Jong didn’t see us..
Don’t care, so long as we saw him… hahaha…


23rd: Saw Hyun Joong and His Friends

Hyun Joong was happy and in good spirits this day…
Went out to eat with some friends…
These friends too were goodlooking… and they’re nice too…
They drove Hyun Joong back home…
His friends had thought we’re Japanese fans, and spoke to us in Japanese… faintz…


24th: Hyun Joong Off to Beijing

Our task today…? Shopping…

25th: Hyun Joong’s Back to Seoul
Kaka and I went to the airport, but we were 10 minutes late,
and didn’t get to receive him at the airport… Sadzz….


26th: SoyMilk Incident

Early morning… Kaka and I were online in the hotel…
Got a call from DouDou that she’d come out without bringing her purse.
And then she wasn’t sure how to get to our hotel…
so we had arranged to wait for her at the XX supermarket
so that we could pay the cabby for her…
(*bb: me thinks it’s probably a convenience store)

Kaka and I got dressed and left…
Coz the supermarket’s really near, so we caught up with DouDou shortly..
Coz it was windy and cold that night, we got hungry…
So we bought things to eat from the supermarket…
I was holding a bowl of noodles, Kaka was eating some sausage,
and that DouDou had bought a lot of snacks and tidbits…
We were wary about disturbing the staff inside,
so we went outside to the side lane to eat our food…
saying to head home to sleep right after eating…

When we’re done, and were in the midst of clearing our rubbish,
we heard running footsteps…
Then we saw a gorgeous guy clad in very little clothes run past…
He even uttered ‘Wooahh” when he saw us…
That… wasn’t that Hyun Joong…?
OMG…. that’s really Hyun Joong…
and he even “Wooahh” at us…
What’s the matter? Was he surprised that he kept seeing us these few days?

We dashed over… Hyun Joong had gone into the supermarket
Coz we were afraid of disturbing him, so we didn’t go in…
Just stood outside the supermarket…
Hyun Joong was going round and round inside for quite sometime…
So we quickly got our photos… books… pen… ready for him to sign for us.
Later, Hyun Joong came out, holding a bottle of hot soymilk,
then he looked at us… and then took another two… a total of three hot soymilk…
and went to make his payment….

I went up to him the moment he came out…
This time, I used Korean to call out to him, “Hyun Joong-arh,
We’re your Chinese fans…”
And then DouDou passed over the book and pen,
DouDoub said, “My friends will be going back home tomorrow,
could you please sign for us?”

I was standing right in front of Hyun Joong at this point in time…
He’s really beautiful… Bare-faced without makeup…
but he still looked like he just walked out from the poster or something…

Hyun Joong took the book and pen from DouDoub, and then said something…
Seems to be English… I didn’t understand what it was,
but afterwards, DouDou said he was asking if we know Korean…
Hyun Joong signed for DouDou…

DouDou pointed to Kaka and me, “They’re Chinese Mother Fans…”
Hyun Joong heard “mother fans” and abruptly raised his head to look at me…
with very surprised eyes…
We two just looked at each other like that…
I reckon Hyun Joong must be thinking I don’t look like a mother…
Yea, that’s right, I CC really ain’t a mother,
but I’m one of the members from the mother fans’ group…
I handed the photo to Hyun Joong
I told him I’m called CC…
Hyun Joong repeated, “CC…”
I said, “En… C as in ABC….”
So he signed ‘TO CC’

Then it’s Kaka’s turn…
Hyun Joong asked Kaka what her name was…
Kaka said, “Kaka…”
Hyun Joong repeated, “Kaka…”
Then Kaka knew that Hyun Joong wasn’t sure how to write that,
so she quickly spelt out, “K-A-K-A”
So Hyun Joong did a ‘TO KAKA’ autograph…

DouDou then brought back the book and said to Hyun Joong,
Could you sign for the China Mother Fans?”
I took out the Chinese Mother Fans’ namecard and said to Hyun Joong,
“This is our fanclub…”
Hyun Joong looked at it for awhile.. should be familiar to him…?
After all, the Chinese Mother Fans had done a few rounds of fan support already…
The fan support items all had the logo that’s on the namecard…
Then Hyun Joong signed TO CHINESE MOTHER FANS in Korean.

After all the signing, Hyun Joong took out the hot soymilk from the bag
and passed one each to us..
DouDou said Thank You in Korean…
Kaka and I thanked him in English…
Then Hyun Joong said, “Go home…”
This, I understood, Hyun Joong was afraid that we might be too cold,
and was asking us to go back to the hotel.
What a thoughtful kid…

Hyun Joong headed back home,
and I used Korean to shout out, “Hyun Joong arh…!”
He turned around and I continued in Korean, “You’re the best..!
He smiled, turned around and ran towards home.
He was wearing too little…
I was thinking in my heart, You too quickly go home… Don’t catch a cold…

Back in the hotel, we were too excited to sleep…
Kaka was sitting infront of the computer, smiling like a fool..
I was colouring DouDou’s hair…
It was only at daybreak that we felt sleepy…

So our second trip to Seoul…
it was a thoroughly and completely fulfilling trip…


27th: Returning Home

On the plane,
Kaka and I were still smiling as we were sleeping…

Thus Kaka and I both decided,
Kim Hyun Joong, we’ll be your fans forever…

Hyun Joong Bought us Soymilk – Happy Encounter of HJ

FR: Caroline912 @ Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fans Group (original here)
Translated from Chinese to English: Blanca
Reposted from


Blanca: The first three paragraphs are pretty long and not that important,
so I am just going to give you the brief translation for the background.

There are two girl/lady, Caroline and CC went Seoul for the Goodbye BSJ fan meeting
and they met their friend DouDou there.
The first three paragraphs talk about their fruitless effort
on the fail attempt to meet Hyun Joong flying back from China at 10/25.
they were just about 10 minutes late, which made them very upset,
and totally not in the mood for shopping for the whole day.
At night, Caroline and CC went back to hotel and Doudou went home,
but Caroline got a call from DouDou saying that her toilet was blocked,
and she had to come over for shower.
So they waited for DouDou in a nearby super market and ate something there.
When they just left the super market, their encounter story began


October 26th, an unexpected Bliss

(When we just left the super market), around 2:10am,
suddenly some there were “bah la, bah la” steps sounded from the street.
It seems like someone walked over with flip flop.
We traced the sound … and saw a tall and thin figure running over from the darkness.
With flip flop, in gray old man’s pants
(Blanca: I guessed that are the pants with high waist), and casual hoodie.
Probably because of the cold weather, (he) put up the hood.
Under the light, I seemed to see several golden hairs sticked out….
When he passed by us, he looked back and glanced at us, gave ‘Ahhh’, a sound of surprise…
at this moment, we saw his eyes as bright as stars in sky.
We were totally shocked and stood there, couldn’t believe that…
When we recovered, he already reached the super market’s entrance.
This time, we saw that familiar figure printed deeply at the bottom of our hearts.
We were sure that he’s the man who sent us to Seoul — Kim Hyun Joong!
Never expect such an encounter, we were all in a flurry.
Luckily, I always prepared for the autograph every time I visited Seoul.
I easily took out the post cards from the Japan version Spain Photo book,
so that I was ready to ask Hyun Joong for an autograph when he came out.
Maybe I was too nervous, or just too excited,
when I unwrapped the plastic bag with the photo inside,
my hands kinda lost control and kept shaking…
When we got ready, Hyun Joong had been into the super market already.
DouDou said, should we follow him?
I thought that would bother him,
so we gave up, and just waited patiently outside for Hyun Joong.

Maybe it was just my psychological effects.
Hyun Joong had stayed in the super market for a long time.
We kept staring at the entrance during waiting.
Finally, Hyun Joong walked out, but he didn’t come over,
just stopped by the entrance, open the drink warmer there,
and took out a bottle of hot drink.
He turned around and looked at us, then took another two bottles.
With all the drinks, he went back to the super market.
I didn’t realized what’s going on, and just felt wired,
why Hyun Joong bought so many drinks?
Will there be any guests at home at midnight?
However, DouDou was very sensitive,
she told me “I defintely won’t drink that soymilk!”
I looked at her confusely, “Kim Hyun Joong buying drinks was none of your business!”
She said “You still didn’t get it? He’s buying for us!”

I suddently recalled that, he had done something similar before,
but I never expected it would happen to me.
While doing random thinking,
Hyun Joong already walked out of the super market with the staff bought there.
This time, he didn’t left in a hurry,
but calmly walked towards us with his classic cat walk pose.

He must see our shining eyes with the shocking expression when he ran into the super market!

He must felt our excitement when he took out the drinks!

He must noticed our pens and postcards when he walked over!

I bet you he must know that we are fans of him,
but he’s obviously prepared to bypass us! Fainted!!!
Kim Hyun Joong ah Kim Hyun Joong, could you please be less naughty?
(It is freezing here; it is not easy to have a midnight street encounter.
Please simply admit (that you are Kim Hyun Joong),
and sign for us, and then we could all go home;
OK, I understood, you are idol,
not like me, just a nobody, never care about grace and selodom have self-controled!!!)
At this moment, CC called “Hyun Joong ah”,
DouDou and I took the chance and walked over, passed the postcards and note book,
CC talked to him in English “we are Chinese fans”.
Hyun Joong looked soft and amiable, absolutely not a sense of arrogance.
He muttered something, like English or Korean.
I could not understand it at all. Fainted!!!
When he signed for us, he asked our name carefully.
I was about to tell him my complete English name “caroline”.
but worried about that he could not get it, and wrote down something wrong.
So I simply told him “KAKA” instead.
He looked at me confusedly, and repeated “KAKA?”
(He may be thinking about some handsome Brazilian soccer star).
No time to think it twice, I spelled to him ‘K-A-K-A’,
then I got my exclusive signature.
I was so exciting.
After he signed for all of us,
DouDou jumped over and said in Koran, “my friend is a Chinese mother fan,
could you please give a signature to the Chinese Mother Fans?”
Hyun Joong said nothing, and took the notebook;
but he seemed can not understand the logo printed on the fanclue name card,
so he spelt “Chinese Mother Fans” with Korean.
This is really Kim Hyun Joong, four dimension and prompt reaction!

I was staring at him while he was signing for us.
Gosh, this was the first time I looked at him so closely.
He didn’t wear any makeup, with fine white skin, clear and bright eyes,
and long eye lashes like two little brushes.
I could even see the shadow of eyelashes on the lower eyelids… what a fine face!
If you had to point out any shortage, they are the slightly dry lips.
Looking down from his face, I saw his slender neck, with a silver colored necklace,
but the pendant hidden in the round neck T shirt;
through the round nect T shirt I saw the sexy collarbone…….
(stop! I can’t go on anymore, or I will lose control! Anyway, he’s such a perfect kid)

After signing names, he did really take out the hot soymilk and gave us.
OK, I admit that I want the soymilk from Hyun Joong desperately.
I didn’t even show any courtesy, and took over the drinks immediately.
Well, I didn’t forget to say “Thank you”.
After that, he didn’t even forget to tell us “go home”.
He’s about to ran home with his flip flops, CC suddenly shouted “Hyun Joong ah”.
He stopped, turned over and looked at us again,
CC continued “Chuguneyo” (This is great!).
I saw clearly that he gave a light smile, then turned around and left.
We three silly women, still stand there holding the signature and the bottles of soymilk,
as if this were just a dream…

On the way back to hotel, our hearts were surrounded by great happiness.
Our heads were totally not functioning correctly,
taken the wrong road, walked through the red lights.
We didn’t fall asleep for the whole night after back to the hotel,
sitting in front of the computer laughing like an idiot;
CC burst out laughs when dyeing for DouDou…
Like this, we ended our Seoul trip perfectly, but also absurdly

PS: on the plane returning home in 27th, I felt asleep.
I can’t remember what I dreamed,
but I did remember I woke up with a big smile.

Hyun Joong ah, thank you for letting me feel the warmth from you.
The happiness you give me, I feel so true!

Hyun Joong ah, no more words needed to show that I will never leave you,
because of the confidence, because of the belief I hold,
no need to give my words again!

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