saw this poll result some time ago when I was on hiatus from updating the blog. Hyun Joong usually wins the Chinese polls when he’s nominated but it’s quite sad that I hardly see his name in Korean poll results these days. browsing for updates on Hyun Joong in Korean sites also takes me less time than before, particularly in the past few days *not much update, also cuz he doesn’t have activities*. I have mixed feeling about this. A large part of me feels glad that he is having a good rest but the other part doesn’t *silence/ little noise makes me feel insecure*. I also want more exposure and popularity for him. Can I wish for both, that he be well loved, immensely popular and influential; and also be healthy, enjoy a comfortable life always. ultimately, health is more important ne ^^. don’t know how but since I became a Hyun Joong fan, I’ve shifted from being the type of receiving fans *i.e who only want to see the star, enjoy his presence/performance and feel unhappy if I can’t* to the devoting type who think for the idol before thinking for myself. I just want the the best for his health, his career and hope that he will be happy doing things he likes. Whether I can see him or not becomes much less important. aw, this is going far out of topic *it should be in my diary, neither interesting nor inspirational haha*

anyway, just forget what I said. I think KeyEast is doing such a great job with both the Korean and Japanese media, so that’s good. Maybe next year when he comes back with the album or a daebak drama, he will attend some variety show/reality show to showcase his unique charm so that the whole Daehanmingook fall head over heels for him again ^^

if my memory serves me right, recently, Hyun Joong was the runner up of a Chinese poll for Stars who are more handsome in person and ranked somewhere in top 10 of a Korean poll about Stars airport fashion.



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He won this poll 2 years in a row, receiving an overwhelming support from Chinese fans at Baidu site.



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Kim Hyun Joong defending Japan and South Korea’s most popular star of the king won the 2010 championship

International online entertainment reports:


organized by the International Online Entertainment Channel’s .Global Entertainment Red Hot forces in 2010, the network selected activities(topics).

“Japan-Korea region finals voting has ended. 2010 the most popular in China, Japan and South Korea star has been published, after fans keen to vote in 2009 “Japan and South Korea the Reds ” Kim Hyun Joong defending successfully won the championship, becoming the “2010 Japan and South Korea’s most Reds! “.


2010 Japan and South Korea’s top ten most Reds were:


NO.1 Kim Hyun Joong

Last year “Japan and South Korea the Reds” Kim Hyun Joong, he is still overwhelmingly elected as the “region’s most Reds in 2010 Japan and South Korea.  Awards such as this popular this year, he has got a lot, every time he would sincerely thank the fans, this is like one of the reasons for his madness, right – in a word a smile to make people warm.

2. Micky TVXQ

3. Hero TVXQ

4. Joo JiHoon

5. ss501

6. Junsu


8. Song Hye Kyo

9. Yoon Eun Hye

10. Lee Jun-ki