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Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min and 1388

Jung So Min is promoting the youth assistant hotline 1388:

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Does “1388” ring a bell?

yeah bingo, SS501 sang the 1388 help song in 2008 to promote the same program:


*zero mark student Hyun Joong so cute ne*

*I’m kinda nostalgic these days, like to post old stuff ^^*


이 남자의 자체발광 미모

‘가슴떨리는 꽃미소’



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Even when I have watched it countless of time, the feeling is still the same every time I watch again. If you are a new fan thanks to Mischievous Kiss and haven’t watched this, you definitely should. If you have already done, it’s recommended that you watch again. This is a wonderful thing. I will tell you a secret *Hyun Joong can shine. Not only his eyes, his smile, his face, but light radiates from him, all over. You will know what I mean when you watch until the middle of the youtube video*

He was enjoying himself much ne. Can you feel his love and passion? To me, men is coolest when he passionately and hardworkingly indulges in doing what he loves, what he pursues. And Hyun Joong is the coolest >.<

He loves guitar and love playing it. And I love him playing the guitar. Waiting for the day when I can see again, Hyun Joong and guitar…

*I guess Hyun Joong fans have all watched the fancam by SS501ane cafe, but it is likely that you haven’t watched the Perfect ver. This is better. well, Perfect is Perfect ^^


Canon in D


Creep (talking part included)


Creep (no talking)





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Thank you very much who visits, be it everyday, or sometimes, or occasionally *together, we make it!*. Were it not for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Whenever I am tired, want to give up or slack off updating, thinking of you who will drop by and leave in disappointment, I just can’t allow myself to do so. Your visiting and leaving comments gives me motivation, strength and makes me believe that what I am doing holds a certain meaning. So thank you very much ❤

Thank you very very much who contribute, send stuff and tips into my email and who helped me manage the blog before. You really helps a lot and I am deeply thankful for every single thing you’ve done for me. Without you, things would have been much harder and more tiring for me. So thank you very much ❤

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I don’t want to make this sound like a farewell post. I’ve long thought about what I would do with the blog and the subbing team after the drama ended. It’s a tough decision to make and honestly, I haven’t been able to make up my mind yet. I’ve thought of closing down the blog after the drama, then pushed back until the 500,000 views *yeah I wanna reach something before disappearing into the thin air*. Then I considered stop providing quick regular updates and turning the blog into my personal one with more of my own input and thoughts about what I fancy and what happen in the fandom. Now I’m still here in a quandary, not wanting to let go of what I have been building for the past few months. It feels like my own child and it has taken me a lot to raise it. Ain’t easy at all.

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Credits : deer@sportschosun.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



When asked Kim HyunJoong about his close entertainer friends, he said “Really just a few of them. Those whom I contact and meet up with are mostly normal (non-entertainer) people.” He stored about 40 numbers in his mobile phone, he likes to memorise numbers so he deliberately doesn’t store them into his mobile phone. His close friends are the SongPa-gu ShinCheonPa neighbourhood friends whom he knew since young and brothers from dancer team, also his health/gym trainer and soccer team members. “My health/gym trainer’s name is Sander. Do you know what is his real name? It’s Kim SangDeuk. It is the exactly the same as the Kim SangDeuk in Alaska in the episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’.” Kim HyunJoong said laughing his head off.


1. Xiah Junsu – Became close with him and Hero JaeJoong because of our similar activity period during initial period of debut. Lee Wan, Kim Bum, Micky YooChun, Hero JaeJoong are the members of celebrity soccer team ‘Men’. Lee Wan hyung went for military service thus rarely joins for soccer. Everyone likes soccer so much so that we can come out to play soccer at our neighbourhood stadium even at 2am. We don’t have specific positions or numbers. Neighbourhood soccer is that everyone is mixed up together and swarm after the ball. There was once Xiah Junru suggested making uniforms with numbers on it and said ‘I want to have route 3’ and then we ‘gave up’ the idea.


2. Micky YooChun – Although didn’t get to meet frequently, he is a drinking (alcohol) companion who will come whenever you call even if it’s in the wee hours of morning. It’s good because we can meet without any pretence. Our nickname for each other is vulgar (?) words. When filming ‘Mischievous Kiss’, Micky YooChun is filming ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, thus we couldn’t monitor each other (drama work). Later when my drama ended, I watched ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, and just as it was getting interesting, it ended, it was quite a pity.


3. Gummy – A close sister who even my mother knows. Not long ago, I went to Gummy noona’s mother and elder brother’s oyster specialty store at BoonDang, and drank by myself.


4. SS501 – Will release an album together next year. They are my brothers whom I must go together for my whole life. Recently, HyungJun said at the press conference for his musical that I didn’t reply the text message sent to me when I was at China Guangzhou Asian Games, it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t see the message because my mobile phone battery went dead. I didn’t bring my charger so I couldn’t send any reply. Charger will be the first thing I will pack in whenever I go overseas in the future.

Source: Metro Seoul

Reposted & Translated by: Baidu Hyunbar News Department/ English trans by June @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

Disclosure of Taffic Accident: Asia Top Star KHJ’s Innermost Thoughts & Story

Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong (24) had a motorcycle accident and cheated death,
before the commencement of his solo work apart from SS501.
The cruelty of such a happenstance right when he had to begin working solo on his own
Led him to a newfound independence and focused outlook in life

Heartily enjoys the work he likes, while forgoing all distractions.
Harbouring an increasingly calm mentality, and gradually permeating through the whole of Asia.


Rebirth In May
In a recent interview, Kim Hyun Joong mentioned,
for the first time ever, the facts about his motorcycle accident.

On 28 May (??) afternoon, on a road in Seoul’s Gangnam,
Kim Hyun Joong, driving a motorcycle with his friend riding pillion,
was hit from behind by another vehicle.

Helmets and protective gears fell apart. It was a major accident.
His right arm and elbow suffered from 3 fractures.
His left knee cartilage was injured as well.

‘It could have been a fatal accident, but luck was on our side.
The motorcycle is not a good vehicle to carry passenger but I was travelling with a friend that day.
My over-100kg friend flew from the vehicle and I fell atop him.
Thus, I landed on the ground with less impact due to the buffer.’

At that point in time, they were releasing the final mini-album at his former company,
The period before the end of his contract was a critical moment
He was worried about the repercussions of the accident.

He was also concerned that there may be discussions about his enlistment.
To avoid any controversy, he bore his guilt quietly and receive the most basic treatment in the hospital before resting at home.
With the end of the filming of the drama, he has finally undergone treatment for sequelae of the accident.
‘I will definitely enlist. I do not intend to go for a body check-up due to the accident.
I would not want anything, no matter how small, to become a hindrance to my goal.’

Due to the accident, his will to carry out activities is even stronger.
Kim Hyun Joong said,
‘I do not like to rest.
Happily working, I’ve never had a moment when I feel like resting.
I would like to give it all… when I can still sing, dance and act.’

In the aftermath of his accident,
the process in which he signed with his new company also became a hot topic.
Even though several companies offered him billion-dollar contracts,
Kim Hyun Joong chose to sign with his current company which offered a much lower fee.

His pride as an artist led him to refuse the high pay
But accept the use of a new company car
This led to misunderstanding from some fans, since the company car is not domestic but imported.
The gift of a car in replacement for higher pay was suggested by representatives from his new company.
He himself would have preferred a midsized domestic car.

‘I do not work with the aim to earn money.
If I do, I shall have to bear all the negative effects.
What I want to do is to display my stage and my work to all of you.’


Pre-Enlistment: 5-year Plan
On 12 November, he participated in the Asian Games Opening Ceremony
with a stage performance of the theme song ‘Sunshine Again’,
gaining the chance to show himself to 1 billion viewers.

‘It was the biggest stage of my life.
Besides the billion who viewed on TV,
there were one hundred thousand spectators on the spot
which created such a grand stage that I felt overjoyed and lost for words
Hopefully, I shall have another chance in my life
To stand again, in my own name, on such a stage.

His drama ‘Playful Kiss’ was highly popular overseas,
but the low domestic rating was still a bitter pill to swallow.

‘Now I am more confident.
The next drama will bring about even more difficulties,
Thus the main issue here is to become an actor with the right attitude and mentality.’

Now, he is preparing for his solo album to be released in May next year,
and planning to attend a 3-month music studies in the United States early next year.

‘I would like to learn more about stage performance, dancing and singing, while building up my physique.
I have already submitted a learning plan to learn from a famous teacher at LA Millennium Dance School,
and shall present a music that is different from SS501.’

24 hours a day, he wonders about his future plans.
He said, ‘My future 5-year plan is already in place.
Each year, I shall participate in a drama and a movie, release 2 albums, hold a concert tour, and release a Japanese album.’

‘On the eve of my enlistment 5 years later,
I prepare to hold, for all my fans, a large-scale free performance.’




Credits : ricky337@donga.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Kim HyunJoong taking about SS501.

Over 5 times more hard work required for solo activities.
Want unite together again to hold a charity concert

Signing with new agencies on their own and going towards their own dreams, the group SS501 members, from left Kim HyungJun, Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin.

When Kim HyunJoong was talking, he would never fail to mention about his group SS501.

Even though now the 5 members (Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJun) are with new agencies separately and moving towards their own dreams, leader Kim HyunJoong’s love towards SS501 is beyond that.

He responded with his unique calmness about their disbandment, “Will reunite together some day”.

“We saw each other everyday for the past few years, just like lovers, we don’t contact each other everyday. But we send text messages occasionally, asking about how was the new agency we signed with, how is the newly started activities, and catch up on each other’s lives. Recently, I have contacted KyuJong and YoungSaeng. I think I will be spending this Christmas with friends including YoungSaeng.”

Kim HyunJoong talked in details about the member’s recent lives, Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng’s Decemeber fan meeting, Park JungMin preparing for his solo album, Kim HyungJun engaged in musical ‘Café-in’. A big brother’s attentiveness definitely stands out from the rest.

“When we were doing activities as 5 of us, we are able to cover for each other even when we are lacking in some ways, now that everyone is on our own, we learn that we need to work over 5 times harder. When will the 5 of us come back together? It is a really difficult yet easy thing. Even though we can come back together again any time for the sake of our fans, we cannot let them wait without any promise. It will take some time until each of us mature a little more.”

He said his sorry and gratefulness towards fans who waited endlessly for them, some day the day will come where he will repay generously to them. He also revealed an intention to hold a concert for their fans soon.

“It is not a concert for profit, I want to hold a concert solely for the fans. For them who has waited for so long, I want to plan a charity concert where the ticket price to be incredibly cheap, and all the profits to be donated. Of course, this will only be possible if all 5 agencies agree to it. (laughs) I will definitely do it.”

SS501’s leader Kim Hyun-joong asserted that “SS501 did not disband”.

Recently in a paper interview conducted with us (Daily sports), Kim Hyun-joong explained that [There were talks where ‘SS501 had already disbanded’ since our members were moving into various different agencies back then, but in fact it wasn’t true at all], [At that time we have already concluded firm talks about all of us to hold activities as a group together, which was how we were able to move to different agencies].

[At then we just ended our full-time contract with former agency DSP, there were no agencies that could take in all our members. There were no agencies that could undertake that amount of contract fee for all 5 singers at one go”, he also added.

As pertaining to future SS501 activity plans, “We’ll first do some individual activities including releasing of solo albums, after which we’re planning to reunite all our members through public performances (eg; concert)”, “We have got to adjust our schedules since all our agencies are different, it may be difficult but we’ll still try our very best to adjust it well, nonetheless”.

He also flaunted their ever-well intimacy. He says, “I contact the members almost every day. Not long ago, Hyung-jun said during his musical Cafe-in press conference that I didn’t respond a reply to his SMS, but it wasn’t true”, “I had to visit China at that time for the Guangzhou Asian Game Opening Ceremony, his SMS did arrive but I wasn’t able to reply to him because of preparations for the event. After the ceremony event ended, I contacted him at once“, as he thus clarifies.


Korea Daily Sports + http://kr.rd.yahoo.com
Translation by Ode

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