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101222 KeyEast notice to fans

Hello, this is Keyeast here.
Guess you must be having your warm year ends now, aren’t you.
With regards to the articles which came out in the morning, we’ve received much enquiries and concerns about it, thus we’re here to deliver our speech to you.

For now, we’re aware that many fans are concerned about Hyun Joong ssi’s health issues; ever since drama [Playful Kiss] ended, Kim Hyun Joong ssi has not been able to rest for a heave and had been busy digesting his domestic and overseas schedules, which was why fatigue took a toll on his health. Because of that, he is now taking a rest after completing all his originally scheduled schedules, and has now taken a turn for the better thanks to everyone’s genuine and sincere worries. After Kim Hyun Joong ssi takes ample rest, he will be back to greet you all with a healthy temperament, and we too, will be beside him giving our best.

Thanks to all fans’ support and for being by us all the while, overseas schedules such as the Tokyo Dome Smile Project event as well as the Yahoo Asia Buzz Award Ceremony was thus able to successfully end off. Kim Hyun Joong ssi has had received equal love from fans in our country and overseas, he’s been very much encouraged by all of you wherein he had a chance to personally meet you all. Really thank you to you all for always giving him your unhesitated support.

Without few days left to the end of 2010, here’s hoping that all of you will weave warm memories with people who are precious to you for the remaining period.
Thank you.



From http://www.hyun-joong.com/

Translation by Ode

Translation by Ode


Hello. This is Keyeast.

[Playful Kiss] that had begun its long stretch of journey in the hot summer has finally taken a close yesterday night. And so, we are here to express our gratitude to all fans who have shown much concern and love and who have attended to the finale event of [Playful Kiss] yesterday.

Though there are some pitiable parts as well, we have indeed felt the strong love of everybody for [Playful Kiss] more than any other time. You who have always believed and guarded by Kim Hyun-joong ssi whom has given his best for this, I truly want to thank you once more.

Yesterday, after the event, Kim Hyun-joong ssi has left a statement, “It was an enjoyable shooting for the drama. Having met up with fans in such a long while made me really happy”, as he delivered such a sentence. Kim Hyun-joong ssi who has made known that he is very much happier than anybody else for that meeting indeed left a deeper impression in the heart. With this sharing heart, I’m thus here to let all of you know about this by leaving a piece on the homepage noticeboard.

All profits raked in for this finale event is the same as what was in the previous notices. Kim Hyun-joong ssi who has always liked football has stated that he wishes to cheer on for the Korean Female Football Team which has been doing well these days. The female high-school football team who is always fighting for their dreams and yet battling out a good match of game – they have our support. Under the help of Adidas, we will be delivering our support for the football necessities and all. With the congregation of all fans, this achievement has achieved such meaningful results, and we are happy just thinking about it.

We express our gratitude to you all who have shown much love to Kim Hyun-joong ssi’s [Playful Kiss] who is now a part of our family. He promises to show a better and more advanced side to him in future days to come.

Thank you.


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100917 Official message from KeyEast

Hello, this is CEO Yang Geun-hwan from Keyeast here.

In the blink of an eye, the hot Summer spins its heat around and welcomes the refreshing Fall.

This is my first time leaving an entry here ever since Kim Hyunjoong-gun’s opening of homepage.

Right after Hyunjoong-gun was reported to have signed on with a new agency, he was immediately decided for participation in a drama, and it seems like he is really running with no proper state of mind. Of course, thanks to the support from everybody who visits here has turned into strength for me and for the agency. I thank you genuinely.

For now, Hyunjoong-gun is fully focusing on shooting for drama with almost no single day of rest. But thanks to the unchanging love and concern from everyone, we gathered strength and is able to dwelve into shooting. Though it is a little sad with the ratings, Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to create a meaningful work as an always improving actor and that, we ask for all of you guys’ support right until the final episode.

Ever since Hyunjoong-gun’s official homepage was open, I have often spent time to come to listen to the voices of fans as I see for myself. I am really grateful that all of you came together to weave this common space to communicate mutually more than to expect. Each and every sincere sentence left by every one of you guys will not be forgotten. Hyunjoong-gun will work hard to become a more developing artiste as his agency here will also keep working harder together.

Chuseok is just round the corner.

Please do spin an enjoyable and abudant Chuseok with your family and friends.

from: Yang Geun-hwan

Source: Kim Hyun Joong Official homepage

Translation: Ode

btw, you can check Hyun Joong’s schedule in his official homepage here. It is stated that his The Face Shop CF will be on air on Sep 21th and he will be featured in MBC Section TV at 9:55 pm of  Sep 24th (interview on the CF shooting)

From Kim Hyun Joong official homepage

2010.08.31 KHJ is coming with ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Hello, this is KEYEAST.

These days the autumn is coming in Korea. We hope every member has memorable autumn days this September.

As you already know, the press conference of ‘Mischievous Kiss’ was held on Aug. 26.

On the spot we could feel burning interest and expectation of the press at home and abroad for KHJ and the drama.

Thanks to your support, the conference was finished well, and every staff was encouraged. We truly appreciate your care and support. KHJ and all the staff will remember your love all the time and make every effort in order to return your favor.

The highly anticipated drama, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ will be broadcasted at 9:55 pm. every Wednesday and Thursday starting on Sep. 1st. We kindly ask your everlasting love and interest for the drama and KHJ and hope you all enjoy the series fully.

Additionally, KHJ’s official homepage is almost completed. Please be known that every staff has been trying hard to make a comfortable open space to communicate with all the fans and wait for it with expectation. We are looking forward to meeting you through the new homepage soon.

Hope you have a great day.




Homepage link: http://www.hyun-joong.com/

Korean version, English translation by Ode

Annyonghaseyo, this is Keyeast.

During this while, we have received alot of encouragement and support from everyone while Keyeast becomes a family with Kim HyunJoong-ssi.

We express our deepest gratitude, and our delighted heart in becoming one family with HyunJoong-ssi.

Right now, Keyeast is in midst of constructing HyunJoong-ssi’s personal homepage. For the sake of creating this homepage where HyunJoong-ssi and fans could bond better and get closer, we are trying our best with it, HyunJoong-ssi whose daily life is so busy because of drama shooting, because we know many people are curious about his whereabouts and updates, we are opening this teaser homepage first in advance of the opening of official homepage.

Through this teaser homepage, we will try our best to deliver the accurate news as quickly as possible. We promise to open the official homepage in coming days, so please anticipate much for it.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the fans out there who shows their love and support for HyunJoong-ssi who moves forth towards his dream with no hesitation, and we ask for your undying love in the future too.

Everyone, please be healthy always, and be filled with only pleasant matters every day.

Thank you.



It’s great that Hyun Joong’s homepage will be opened soon, so that there will be a platform for him to communicate and get closer to fans, besides releasing official information. The homepage has both Korean and English interface, which is really good for us international fans ^^. Thank you Keyeast for that!

There is an English version of this announcement on the homepage but I think it is not as perfect as the translated version above by ode, so I will not post it here (click here to read).

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