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The photos were taken during TFS Press conference in Malaysia on 4th Dec. gasp, the man’s legs look as small as my wrists, with ankles sticking out, all bones and skin… *heart pain* please, he needs to have some rest and gain some weight.

Let’s see, he had 4 months of continuous filming for Mischievous Kiss with no proper sleep, then Guangzhou Asian Games, after that within 2 weeks, he flew back and forth between Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, HongKong. We can see him when he attends public events, but when we don’t see him, it doesn’t mean that he can rest. Probably he’s being interviewed or photoshooting or etc. *gah 15 interviews a day in Jap…*. So is it his fault that he can’t get well by Christmas? It’s not a matter of getting a flu and gather enough strength to go down stair buying food, but long-term fatigue and having to fly to another country, attending events, interviews, work n smile to entertain people. We all know how stubborn and responsible he is, how he still sang and danced when having high fever from H1N1 or when the pain from the accident injury was killing him. So if he can’t go to the Taiwan promotion, there must be a reason *the event wasn’t confirmed to begin with, but he himself still feels apologetic*

Fans who have been anticipating will be disappointed, but I think they will want to see him all healthy when meeting them, not an exhausted Hyun Joong trying to smile for them. To the fans who want to see So Min/see them together and blame him for this, you may want to go calling up So Min’s agency and requesting for her to come. Mischievous Kiss is not all about Hyun Joong, isn’t it? *Do I make sense here? Well, if you say I don’t, then think about yourself, do you?*

Rather than seeing him, I hope he is healthy and happy, always. okay, let his smile calm down the storm in me *it’s like the sun, his smile and the warm color of the photo*

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Sorry for the rambling, but maybe I will slow down the updates and ramble more *time constraints, you know, and rambling doesn’t take much time8 *oh I hear many boo boo out there haha*

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