Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong has cancelled his originally planned schedule to Taiwan on the upcoming 26th due to fatigue which has taken a toll on his health.

Though Kim Hyun Joong was originally scheduled to make a visit to Taiwan for promotion of his MBC TV drama [Playful Kiss] on the 26th of December, he has eventually decided not to participate in this due to his overly tensed schedules for the past period of time.

A particular personnel spoke to TV Daily in a phone interview about this, “It is a pity but we have no choice but to cancel this time’s schedule because of Kim Hyun Joong’s health”, “He’s been too busy with overseas promotions these while that it seemed to have taken a toll on him”.

“It wasn’t a confirmed schedule to begin with, but still Kim Hyun Joong felt really apologetic about it”, “It is the first and foremost priority for him to recover as he shall take a rest there fore he won’t be able to partake; he isn’t in a very bad shape so don’t worry too much”, as he also expressed.

Whilst Taiwan media presses also reported that “Kim Hyun Joong felt apologetic towards Taiwan’s fans who are waiting for him”, “The Taiwan drama station sides are perplexing over the related security and accomodation problems but anyway Kim Hyun Joong did not forget to tend to fans as he shall send self-autographed pictorials to them as well”, etc.

Translation by Ode