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Translation by Sabby25 @ soompi

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Long Preview Ep 15 Eng translation:

To those who wanna know what is said in the long preview~ ^_^

Credit Chinese translation: 彭彭@百度韩版恶作剧之吻吧
English translation by me^.^


SJ’s Mom: Everybody,I’ve something to say,make sure to cancel all planned activities this coming Wednesday!

SJ’s Dad: Wednesday,I’ve an appointment with Director Yoon for Golf!

HN’s Dad: I have promise to go on an excursion with my shop’s staffs!

EJ: Me too,I’ve been invited to my friend’s birthday party!

SJ: Me too!!

SJ’s Mom: Okay,Please cancel all of them!

ALL: Why?

SJ: What special day is it?

SJ’s Mom: Your wedding!

ALL: Wedding?

SJ: Please control yourself,don’t always manipulate me according to your wish.

SJ’s Mom: Who manipulate you? You, yourself said you wanted to get married!

SJ: Didn’t I said after graduation!?~

SJ’s Mom: That have to wait till when ,by that time you’ll need to go for army,don’t keep delaying,take the opportunity when you’re still young and get married!

SJ’s Dad: That’s true!

EJ: My birthday party…

SJ’s Mom: STOP!~ End of story,no more arguments!You know how tired I was trying to find the wedding hall!?~ Everybody make that day available, and then from tomorrow onwards everyone have to actively cooperate with me!

(Along the road)

SJ: Wedding photos? Alright! Groom please look this way,bride please smile happier! You ask me to do something so ridiculous, I definitely refuse!

HN:You’re too much, don’t want to buy rings,also don’t want to take photos, then why do you even come out for!?~

SJ: Am I the one that came up with this? The reason I came out is all because I can’t stand it at home!

HN:Anyways now that you’re already out, can’t you just cooperate? Kept saying that you’re upset, don’t want, can’t you just calm down?

SJ: What’s wrong with you, we’re at the street, it’s humiliating!

HN: Humiliating? Hey, I also feel humiliated! That is how the staffs at the jewelry store might look at me, why do I have to look at your expression and accommodate you!?

SJ: In that case don’t accommodate!

HN:Don’t accommodate, if even I can’t bear it too…

SJ: Now I know the reason behind why so many couples break up because of marriage!

HN: What?

(In the Car)

SJ: You listen carefully, marriage does not involve only one person, I’ll never cooperate with you.

HN: When did you ever accommodate me?

SJ: Really, doing this because of my mom?

HN: Are we doing this because of mom? If that’s the case, then why did you even say you wanted to get married in the first place!?

SJ: Yes, I’m also contemplating why I said that in the beginning, I’m regretting it now! Even now it is not too late to reconsider.

(In the Car again)

HN: Where are we going?!

SJ: You will know when we get there!

(At the Cemetery)

HN’s Dad: Seung Jo said he wanted to pay grandma and mom a visit, I neglected due to the fact I was too busy.

SJ: First time meeting you, mom, grandma. Son-in-law has come to visit you, met up to your expectation? Oh Ha Ni is really a trouble maker, but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Ha Ni from now on.

Ha Ni: Tsk, abominable!

SJ: Abominable?

HN: I like, Thank you. Mom, grandma, I’m getting married!

(On the pathway)

SJ: Kyung Su Sunbae would help out in the wedding ceremony, regarding the witnesses, just exclude that! And…

HN: What about our Honeymoon? Where should we go for our honeymoon?

SJ: Must we go? Do we even have time?

HN: There you go again!

SJ: Alright, alright, alright, where? Do you have places you want to go?

HN: Italy, or Rome?

SJ: Rome, Don’t even think about it!

HN: I was kidding, if we don’t go overseas, what about going to the beach or to some island?

SJ: Island? Alright, let’s go Yeoui-do! (Just beside Han River)

HN: Yeoui-do!?

SJ: What’s wrong? Yeoui-do is also an island! Then what about XXX island ah! XXX island!

HN: Why go such small islands!?

SJ: Ah, irritating, let’s just use this to decide, give it a shake, if all 3 pictures are the same, then you will make the decision, we will go where you want to go!

HN: Alright I know, but will the probability be very slim?

SJ: No, it will not!

HN: Jeju-do, Jeju-do, Jeju-do!

SJ: Yeoui-do!

HN: It’s Jeju-do!! AH!~~~That’s great, great, Best!~~~


JR: What’s the feeling? It’s tomorrow.

HN: I don’t know, I still cannot believe it!

MA: Have you done your preparation?

HN: Almost finish. What’s this?!

JR & MA: Take a look!!!

JR: Quickly open up!

HN: Alright, eh!

JR: Eh, what, eh? ~~ We both understand that the most important thing on the honeymoon wedding night is lingerie and pajamas!

MA: Even prepared perfume.

JR: Look here, when you take a shower, la~la~, Seung Jo Oppa~, then wear this sexy lingerie lke this , after that put on the perfume like this, phiss~, phiss~!

MA: After then put on some light make up!

JR: Important thing to take note when you shower!

HN: What?

JR: Never create humming sounds

HN: Why?

MA: Men don’t like that!

(Seung Jo’s room)
EJ: Hyung, you asleep?

SJ: Not yet!

EJ: In the end, still got together with Ha Ni!

SJ: Yeah, why, dislike it?

EJ: Also have no choice! Oh Ha Ni is not smart, she is also slow, she look like a fool no matter how I look at it. Obviously can’t swim still dare to rescue me, still continue to like you no matter how Hyung bullied her. Compared to Ha Ni, I prefer to marry a smart & pretty girl!

SJ: Yeah!

EJ: But, I’m in favor of the idea of Hyung & Ha Ni getting married! I really admire Hyung, however, I still feel that Hyung’s character have some problem, that is why I feel that it is very suitable for Hyung to be marrying Ha Ni, both of you will be happy, Congratulations!

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100905 MBC news Fandom culture

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Preview 3

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In the 15min preview above, you can hear a song playing right from the beginning. That song is Longing (Geuriwo) by Indie band Mate *I gotta say I love Korean Indie bands*

Full song Engsub

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