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Hyun Joong

*LoLs, before getting on the stage, he said to the dog balloon “let’s go puppy”


Goo Hye Sun, Kim Bum, Tmax upload later

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Boys Over Flowers Japan Official site


Boys Over Flowers Alumni event in Tokyo 2010/8/21

HyunJoong: Hello, I’m Hanazawa Ru…No, not Hanazawa Rui…

Kim Jun: Bum, when did you last kiss?

Kim Bum: …

HJ: kiss also…

MC: HyunJoong sii, what do you want to say?

You are very sensitive to the word “kiss”, don’t you?

HJ: kiss…it’s my job

Boys over flowers event DVD on sale

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Sale date: November 26th 2010

Price: 5775 yen (including TAX)


  • Main disc:

Alumni Event in Tokyo (approx.80min.)

  • Making disc:

Special movie (approx. 30min.)

Making – Movies of the visiting Japan, behind the stage,..etc.


Ku Hye Seon, Kim HyunJoong, Kim Bum, Kim Jun, T-max etc.

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