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After a hairy several days, the union of broadcasting professionals has come to a settlement with MBC. The two sides spent the weekend in some frustrated talks regarding the union strike over unpaid drama wages, and for a brief while they were stuck at an impasse. Thankfully, on September 6 they concluded their negotiations and dramas can now resume filming.

KBS and SBS came to settlements with the union quickly enough to avoid having any of their dramas stopped. MBC took nearly a week longer, as it had much more outstanding payments than the other two stations; its total came to over 2 billion won (about $1.6 million). As a result, three of its dramas encountered production interruptions when its cast members refused to participate in shoots, per the union’s decision.

First was weekend drama Gloria, which stopped filming on September 2. Gloria resumed production on the 3rd after its production came to an agreement over its unpaid wages.

Dong Yi stopped filming on September 3 and was facing the possibility of not having new episodes to air this week, which had a lot of people at MBC sweating. With the conclusion of its strike, they will air new episodes — but just barely.

As of the weekend, Dong Yi hadn’t completed its shoots for the episodes scheduled to air on Monday and Tuesday. Given that they have only just resumed shooting at 11:30 am on Monday (the 6th) for its Monday night broadcast, one can only imagine how hurried the production must be. (In effect, they will have shot these two episodes in half the time they were counting on. Yeesh.)

One source said that despite the extreme time crunch, they are mobilizing “superhuman methods and cutting-edge equipment” to make broadcast hour at 10 pm. They’ll be making use of satellite broadcasting to transmit footage from the set directly to the broadcast station to minimize transit time, where the editor will then work on “real-time editing.” (Eep!)

Weekend drama Kim Suro halted production on September 4 and will resume filming on the 7th. With only three episodes remaining, it’s a relief that they won’t have to go off the air just before its big finish. Playful Kiss was able to avoid stopped production.

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By Dramabeans

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Tensions seem to be increasing between the Korean Broadcasting, Film, Performing Artists Union and MBC as the two sides continue negotiations regarding the strike that is endangering the futures of several MBC dramas.

The matter centers around unpaid wages to the cast and crew of dramas being made by outside production companies. KBS and SBS came to settlements with the union, which spared their productions the threat of strike by their cast and crew members. However, MBC has yet to come to such an agreement.

After a day of interrupted filming when its cast stood by the union stance and refused to participate, weekend drama Gloria is back to work.

However, Dong Yi‘s stopped production is going on four days now, and it remains unclear whether they will be able to air any episodes this week. The drama has not completed filming for the episodes scheduled to air on Monday and Tuesday, so it is likely that there will NOT be new episodes, and MBC is scrambling to find a Plan B. This drama has been filming in live-shoot for a while now and has no extra time to spare, so this delay has a pretty immediate effect on the production.

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The union expressed frustration with MBC, whose behavior it has called arrogant, saying that it is finding it difficult to come to an agreement with the broadcaster. Despite working through the weekend to hold talks, the sides are at an impasse and “it’s as difficult as ever to negotiate our points of view.”

One of the union’s reps stated that they have been lenient, and offered to settle if they could at least pay part of Dong Yi‘s outstanding wages rather than the full amount to date, but MBC is talking in circles and being disingenuous. (Dong Yi alone is responsible for 690 million won in unpaid wages, or almost $590,000.)

On the other hand, a rep from MBC’s drama department took a more cautious line (of course), saying that it’s not clear whether the broadcast will be delayed, and that they’re doing their best to negotiate in order to mitigate any negative effects on the broadcast.

Meanwhile, weekend drama Kim Suro has also stopped filming. The union plans to talk to the cast of Playful Kiss next to get them onboard with the union stance in refusing to film until the unpaid wage issue is solved.

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Credit: Dramabeans

The labour union of Korea’s broadcasting system declared that they will not be shooting for dramas like ‘Dongi’, ‘Kim suro’ and ‘Playful Kiss’ beginning 4th onwards, due to wages problems.

4th paragraph

The labour union related personnel expressed on the 3rd in a phone interview with Joynews24, “Though we have been in frequent contact with MBC about this problem, we did not manage to come to a common resolution. After we reject to shoot Dongi on the 3rd morning, we will also be rejecting to shoot for Kimsuro and Playful kiss on 4th”.

Even if Kimsuro and Playful Kiss may be facing rejection of shooting, according to the situation, it seems like for the time being, these two dramas are able to avoid the situation of pausing of episodes.

In Playful Kiss situation, a related Group 8 personnel, “Because our main casts don’t belong to the Labour Union, so there wont be affection to our shooting. Though some of the casts do belong to the labour union, it will do if we just adjust the schedules a little. Even if the casts may decide to reject shooting, there wont be much affection made to the story line”.

Playful Kiss has already shot up till its 4th episode and has finished, so it will be possible for its broadcast to go on as per normal.


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