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saw this poll result some time ago when I was on hiatus from updating the blog. Hyun Joong usually wins the Chinese polls when he’s nominated but it’s quite sad that I hardly see his name in Korean poll results these days. browsing for updates on Hyun Joong in Korean sites also takes me less time than before, particularly in the past few days *not much update, also cuz he doesn’t have activities*. I have mixed feeling about this. A large part of me feels glad that he is having a good rest but the other part doesn’t *silence/ little noise makes me feel insecure*. I also want more exposure and popularity for him. Can I wish for both, that he be well loved, immensely popular and influential; and also be healthy, enjoy a comfortable life always. ultimately, health is more important ne ^^. don’t know how but since I became a Hyun Joong fan, I’ve shifted from being the type of receiving fans *i.e who only want to see the star, enjoy his presence/performance and feel unhappy if I can’t* to the devoting type who think for the idol before thinking for myself. I just want the the best for his health, his career and hope that he will be happy doing things he likes. Whether I can see him or not becomes much less important. aw, this is going far out of topic *it should be in my diary, neither interesting nor inspirational haha*

anyway, just forget what I said. I think KeyEast is doing such a great job with both the Korean and Japanese media, so that’s good. Maybe next year when he comes back with the album or a daebak drama, he will attend some variety show/reality show to showcase his unique charm so that the whole Daehanmingook fall head over heels for him again ^^

if my memory serves me right, recently, Hyun Joong was the runner up of a Chinese poll for Stars who are more handsome in person and ranked somewhere in top 10 of a Korean poll about Stars airport fashion.



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He won this poll 2 years in a row, receiving an overwhelming support from Chinese fans at Baidu site.



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Translation : Chinese to English by Elle

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Kim Hyun Joong defending Japan and South Korea’s most popular star of the king won the 2010 championship

International online entertainment reports:


organized by the International Online Entertainment Channel’s .Global Entertainment Red Hot forces in 2010, the network selected activities(topics).

“Japan-Korea region finals voting has ended. 2010 the most popular in China, Japan and South Korea star has been published, after fans keen to vote in 2009 “Japan and South Korea the Reds ” Kim Hyun Joong defending successfully won the championship, becoming the “2010 Japan and South Korea’s most Reds! “.


2010 Japan and South Korea’s top ten most Reds were:


NO.1 Kim Hyun Joong

Last year “Japan and South Korea the Reds” Kim Hyun Joong, he is still overwhelmingly elected as the “region’s most Reds in 2010 Japan and South Korea.  Awards such as this popular this year, he has got a lot, every time he would sincerely thank the fans, this is like one of the reasons for his madness, right – in a word a smile to make people warm.

2. Micky TVXQ

3. Hero TVXQ

4. Joo JiHoon

5. ss501

6. Junsu


8. Song Hye Kyo

9. Yoon Eun Hye

10. Lee Jun-ki


Japanese Translation: miyo



Big news in 2010?

“In terms of work, have moved to another management company, acted in drama 「Playful Kiss」, attend the Guangzhou Asia Games Opening Ceremony as a representative from Korea and sang the official theme song and winning the Best Dresser Award at 「Skyperfect! Awards 2010」.
In terms of private, I have moved house and had a trip to China.
This time I went together with the male dancer friends. In 2009, when I went to Hong Kong together with friends, I had a bad experience with photos taken by paparazzi (laughs). Last time, I do not have that much of interest in travelling but now has changed. I would like to go to Africa and South Pole. I’m interested with places that not many people have been to.
In 2010, during the World Cup Soccer at South Africa, it was the best news to know that Japan and South Korea got into the best 16. Proud of both countries showing what Asia soccer is to the world. For Japanese soccer player, I like Honda Keisuke.”



If 100points is full marks, how many points would you give for satisfaction in 2010?

“Although I do not have much rest, I do not feel overloaded as I play while working.
I think I have achieved over my target so it will be 100points.”



Recently how do you spend your off time?

“In these 2 years, when I have the time I will spend it on working on my body. My body fat is about 10%. 6 times a week, 1 day for 2 hours swimming, jogging and weight training with my trainer.
On Sundays is soccer with friends. My position is center forward!”



Target for 2011?

“I’m preparing for the album production now. I’m also planning for Asia tour. In future, my biggest target would be a solo concert at Tokyo Dome!
I would like to challenge more in drama and movies too. Korean version 「Boys Over Flowers」, 「Playful Kiss」 both were roles of a prince.
There’s a scene in 「Playful Kiss」 where I have to say this line “you are more dazzling than the sunshine”, it was hard and embarrassing. I shouldn’t say this but I thought next time I could act in a role as a poor guy who has no money and is troubled (laughs). I think this type of role fits me. When I was 17, I had left home and stayed in a basement for several months. I lived with rats and cat with nothing else but only a bed in the room (laughs). Of course there isn’t the need to pay rent. It was happy. Please love my next work even if it’s not a prince role!”

Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong has cancelled his originally planned schedule to Taiwan on the upcoming 26th due to fatigue which has taken a toll on his health.

Though Kim Hyun Joong was originally scheduled to make a visit to Taiwan for promotion of his MBC TV drama [Playful Kiss] on the 26th of December, he has eventually decided not to participate in this due to his overly tensed schedules for the past period of time.

A particular personnel spoke to TV Daily in a phone interview about this, “It is a pity but we have no choice but to cancel this time’s schedule because of Kim Hyun Joong’s health”, “He’s been too busy with overseas promotions these while that it seemed to have taken a toll on him”.

“It wasn’t a confirmed schedule to begin with, but still Kim Hyun Joong felt really apologetic about it”, “It is the first and foremost priority for him to recover as he shall take a rest there fore he won’t be able to partake; he isn’t in a very bad shape so don’t worry too much”, as he also expressed.

Whilst Taiwan media presses also reported that “Kim Hyun Joong felt apologetic towards Taiwan’s fans who are waiting for him”, “The Taiwan drama station sides are perplexing over the related security and accomodation problems but anyway Kim Hyun Joong did not forget to tend to fans as he shall send self-autographed pictorials to them as well”, etc.

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101208 Tips from the boy

December 3, 2010, 10:05am

Thanks to a very good friend of mine who introduced me to the Korean series Boys Over Flowers, I have spent many weekend dinners discussing Kim Hyun Joong, of the boy band SS501, who plays the role of Yoon Ji Hoo. Who wouldn’t swoon and get kilig whenever he showed up at just the right time when the leading lady needed a shoulder to cry on?

But before BOF took his fame to a global level, he was already making waves in his native land as the main man of SS501, a band on the rise, collecting awards such as Best New Artist, Best New Male Group and Netizen Popularity awards as early as 2005. On his own, this multi-talented awardee can dance, sing, act, and play musical instruments such as the piano and the guitar. He’s also quite the athlete with swimming, basketball and soccer as tops on his sporting list.

With all these achievements, it didn’t take long for The Face Shop to take notice and sign him up as the beauty brand’s latest endorser. The Face Shop Korea’s marketing manager for overseas business Hee-Joo Won shares, “We wanted someone popular not only in Korea but also in other countries. Someone who doesn’t just have a beautiful face, but also had talent. Kim Hyun Joong fits the bill perfectly.” Expect more Kim Hyun Joong photos on special KHJ items in stores soon, adds, Face Shop Philippines brand manager Maureen Abenoja.

We’re also hoping that Kim Hyun Joong can find time to visit Manila. And when that time comes, keep in mind Hee-Joo’s tip: “He admires girls who can put on pretty makeup but still manage to look fresh and natural. He likes just a hint of peach or pink color on the cheeks matched with sheer gloss on the lips.”

It’s so easy to pull off this look. Abenoja shares: “For pretty but natural-looking color on the cheeks, use The Face Shop’s Illuminating Cushion Blusher which comes in orange and pink shades, plus The Face Shop’s Diamond Shine Lip Gloss which comes in several pink, peach, berry and red shades that are sheer but sparkling.”

The Face Shop Philippines’ chief makeup artist, Marge Apacible, also reveals that a lot of Pinoy men have been seen purchasing skincare products at their stores. So, for the vain male out there, take your cue from Hee-Joo, as he shares another suggestion: “[He likes] the new Neo Classic Homme skincare line, which is an anti-oxidant, energy-boosting line for busy men. Kim Hyun Joong especially loves the line’s citrus/woody scent. His fave products in the line are the Neo Classic Homme Alcohol-Free Toner which he uses during daytime and nighttime because it is good for sensitive skin, and the Neo Classic Homme BB Cream SPF 20 PA++ which he uses when he goes out to attend events because it provides good coverage with skin-caring benefits.”

The Face Shop, at leading malls nationwide.

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As the face of skincare brand The Face Shop, Kim Hyun Joong has just finished touring Singapore and Malaysia.

He arrived in Singapore on the 1st of December and undertook fanmeetings and interviews with Singaporean media for the next two days. On the 3rd, he went to the IMM Sky Garden to greet over 2000 female fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. He is said to have donated a large chunk of the proceeds, $18,000, from the event to the World Vision charity.


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From Singapore, the star went to Malaysia on the 4th and started his activities straight away, as he attended a fanmeeting with over 3000 Malaysian fans.  A staff member from the event stated, “There are famous models and actors in Southeast Asia, along with Hollywood stars, but he’s created a record for the most fans showing up.”

Kim Hyun Joong stated, “Though it was a short time, I was really happy to meet fans face to face.”

Currently, he is doing overseas promotions for the drama Playful Kiss, as well as getting ready for activities for the new year.


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Source: Newsen via Nate + allkpop

English translation:
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Kim Hyun Joong loved natural theme, as TheFaceShop spokesperson, towards the theme of the product he endorse: Natural Story, Kim Hyun Joong revealed as long as your heart and body are maintain natural, you are able to go through the busy life in a relax way. “I must exercise every morning, other than for health, having a bath after exercise, can effectively made the body and heart felt more refreshing and happy. “

Kim Hyun Joong was busy with the promotional activities for the brand his endorse during these period, the travelling and changed in weather, made his body starting to feel unwell, during the press conference, he frequently dry coughing and drank water, his smile was obviously reduced, from far, media could see that his eyes were fill with red bloodshoot. Towards skincare maintainance, Kim Hyun Joong revealed he will bath and maintain the cleanliness of his face before sleep, after that will apply toner and moisturizer.

When asking what is his opinion as the world most beautiful man? He showed his 4D thinking: “I most like to care about whitening and do mask.” Kim Hyun Joong seems to have reservation over the pretty boy address and used his smile to go through the question.

Asking him whether if he is trapped in an island, there’re only TheFaceShop products and guitar, which item would Kim Hyun Joong choose to take with him? Fulfilling his duty as a spokesperson, he smiled and said: “Of course I will bring TheFaceShop (product), in this case I can earn more money and buy more guitar.” He stopped for a while and continued to say: “Of course if there’s no way (to leave the island), then have to choose the guitar, since the guitar could continue to make me happy.”


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Kim Hyun Joong arrived on time with full beige suit, starting from the beginning of the press conference flash lights have not stopped flashing till the end, throughout the press conference media were on full alert to capture Kim Hyun Joong’s expression.


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When Kim Hyun Joong appeared, his smiles have obviously reduced, eyes filled with red bloodshots, big eye bagged, looked like he’s really too overwork.


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It was known that Kim Hyun Joong was too tired during this period, his body was started to show sign of unwell, frequently dry cough and drank water during the press conference.


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Once getting familiar, Kim Hyun Joong gradually started to smile, beauty flower boy’s smile is really charming!


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When a reporter addressed him as the world most pretty boy, he was so shy that he lowered down his head and smile, looking really cute.


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While the host was asking a question using english, Kim Hyun Joong made used of the free time while the translator translating it to korean, took up the news script on the table to read, was he trying to pass time?


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TheFaceShop Malaysia’s representative presented a gift to Kim Hyun Joong, he was really interested and examining it front and back, looking really funny.


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Kim Hyun Joong introducing TheFaceShop brand new Christmas product range


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Products recommended by Pretty Flower Boy Kim Hyun Joong,
guess it would start a buying frenzy among his fans.

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WHY SO SERIOUS? Korean heart-throb Kim Hyun Joong cuts a cool, nonchalant figure during his press conference here with nary a smile, something you’d not expect from a Korean idol. TNP PICTURE: BENJAMIN SEETOR

2,000 fans flock to greet Boys Over Flowers star Kim Hyun Joong at airport, but they didn’t hear this atypical Korean idol’s brutally honest answers

By Charlene Chua
December 04, 2010


HE WASN’T going to tell you something you wanted to hear or give a politically correct answer.

Korean heart-throb and Boys Over Flowers star Kim Hyun Joong – who plays the enigmatic Yoon Ji Hoo in the hit 2009 Korean TV series – made this clear when he visited Singapore for the first time.

This surprised reporters at the press conference and interview with the new ambassador for Korean skincare brand TheFaceShop yesterday.

Especially those who were used to the other eager-to-please – and sometimes pandering – Korean idols who have graced our shores.

When asked, via his English translator, what he looks for in a girlfriend apart from looks, he shot back at the reporter: ‘If not looks, what else should I go for?’

Besieged by 2,000 fans at Changi Airport when he arrived on Wednesday night, he asked simply: ‘Are these people waiting for me?’

To be fair, the actor-singer (Kim’s also the leader of K-pop band SS501) wasn’t rude; ‘ambivalent’ would be a better word.

And the upside to his brutal honesty, as we found out, was that he would say whatever came to mind.

Kim, 24, told The New Paper: ‘I’ve also observed that girls with beautiful faces usually have average bodies and those with beautiful bodies tend to have average faces.’
Click to see larger image

Kim added that what he would do for his girlfriend – if he had one – would be to trim her toenails.

‘There’s nothing wrong with that. Cutting fingernails is a bit too common, I think. Toenails are still more special,’ he said thoughtfully.

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Nonchalant, cool

In contrast, his Boys Over Flowers co-star Lee Min Ho – who has been to Singapore several times in the past year – had charmed the media with his easy smile and anecdotes about how he’s ‘really lonely’ and looking for a girlfriend.

Kim, on the other hand, appeared cool, nonchalant, and rarely smiled.

When asked whether he used facial mask packs (from TheFaceShop) as his in-flight skincare regimen, he didn’t make use of the opportunity to plug his brand’s products.

Instead, he said no and that he listens to music and watches movies on the plane.

A question that he should have prepared for but surprisingly threw him off was on his favourite three TheFaceShop products.

He eventually answered, rather generically, ‘skin lotion, mask pack and foam cleanser’, but not without a sheepish smile.

So this reporter tried asking him a cheeky question to try to get him to show his immaculately white teeth again.

Since you like cutting your girlfriend’s toenails, do we smell a foot fetish?

It worked.

‘No, feet are not my favourite part of a girl, as they are usually covered by shoes.

‘I like the eyes and the face. Especially when we are making eye contact,’ he said, with a chuckle.

And cutting toenails for a girl is nothing compared to what his craziest fan has done for him.

Recalled Kim: ‘A fan disguised herself as a gas pipe repair person and came into my house to repair my gas pipe.

‘I didn’t give any reaction as I didn’t want her to freak out. At that time, I was feeling unwell so she cooked a bowl of porridge and left it on my table before she left.’


Superstar boss

Kim’s popularity with girls is probably why his current boss, Korean star Bae Yong Joon of Winter Sonata fame, signed him to his artiste management company in June.

Since then, comparisons have been made of their similar looks and image.

Kim said that although he’s flattered because he looks up to Bae, he’s not going to don spectacles – Bae’s signature look – to become the latter’s doppelganger.

‘I used to wear contact lenses, but after I had lasik eye surgery, I don’t need contacts or spectacles anymore.

‘So, no, I’m not going to wear spectacles just because of that. What’s more, looks-wise, we may be similar, but he’s an actor whereas I sing as well.

‘There are more avenues for me to reach out to fans.’

However, looking like his boss has its perks too.

Kim added that it didn’t matter that Bae hasn’t given him any ‘aunty-killing’ tips – he expects older women to fall at his feet all the same because he’s a spitting image of famed aunty-killer Bae.

For now, his boss’ plan for him is to have a fan-meet tour in Asia and release a solo album soon.

Said Kim: ‘In 10 years’ time (when he’s 34), I’ll still be acting, be it in dramas or movies. But I don’t think I’ll be singing though. I’ll be a bit too old to dance.’


credit: ss501youremyheaven

Source: Nate
Korean-English Translation: wonderrrgirl @


Kim Hyun Joong from the group SS501 is scheduled to perform a song called ‘The power of smile’, composed by Komuro Tetsuya on the 14th at Tokyo Dome, a composer whom Japan holds with pride.

Recently, Kim Hyun Joong has done an interview with NocutNews and hinted, “‘Project Smile’ that will be held this month on the 14th at Tokyo Dome, I will be singing a song composed by Komuro Tetsuya. Komuro Tetsuya is a famous composer and music producer in Japan. “

“Smile Project” is a charity programme by Asia Entertainment DATV as its charity project for children in Asia. For ‘Project Smile’, Komuro tetsuya has composed “The power of smile”.

Komuro Tetsuya is the “Golden touch” in the Japanese music world. He has done productions and composing for trf, EUROGROOVE, Hitomi, H.A.N.D. Female singer Amuro Namie who represents the popular Japanese pop music has acheived great success as a solo due to her being single out by Komuro Tetsuya. Therefore, this performance is of positive influences and impact to the next generation of Hallyu star, Kim Hyun Joong.

In addition, Bae Yong Joon and Hwanhee, who are both from the same company as Kim Hyun Joong will also be appear at ‘Project Smile’. On that day, Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to perform Komuro tetsuya’s work, Television drama “Playful Kiss” main OST as well as a new arrangement of his own hit song.


The download link of the song has been posted here

KBS 2TV’s new Mon-Tue Drama “Dream High”, a drama where Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young work hand in hand, draws attention due to their upcoming super special guest stars.

On the 7th, someone associated with “Dream High” said, “Recently, Prima Donna Jo Sumi and ‘Boys over Flower’ Kim Hyun Joon decided to appear as guest stars. Suprising guest stars are continuously on call.”

Jo Sumi participated in the drama OST of KBS 2TV’s The Last Empress (明聖王后), but it is the first time she will appear in a drama. She is going to appear in the first episode and will meet Ko Hyemi (Suzy) who dreams to become “the second Jo Sumi”. It is an important scene where Hyemi meets her mentor.

Someone associated with the drama said, “We had a hard time casting Jo Sumi. We expect that she will be able to shoot sometime next week. You can expect to watch the dramatic and beatiful scenes.” “The boys over flowers” Kim Hyun Joong (24) will appear attracting audiences in the beginning of the drama. The same source said, “There isn’t any detailed information of the role he plays in the show yet. He will appear as a guest star to make the drama more interesting.”

“Dream High” will air starting January 3rd of next year. The Idol star training school, Kirin Art School, will be used as its background. Taecyeon of 2PM, Woo Young, Suzy of Miss A, and Ji Yeon of Tiara will appear in the drama.

Reporter Park Hyo Sil
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Photo of Bae Yong Joon & Kim Hyun Joong shooting for Dream High @ Incheon International airport


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