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Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

■Incident in Malaysia
2010/12/20 Keyeast SY

This is SY from Keyeast~ (o^▽^o)/

Today is the last day of THE FACE SHOP Asia Tour for Hyun Joong ,
Let me secretly tell you about what happened in Malaysia.

Staying long term overseas, together out with Hyun Joong who missed Korean food!

After his work schedule, headed to a Korean restaurant and ordered 3 bulgogi hotpot.

However before having this… The dish that line up first is…

Turns out to be Tteok bok ki!!!! (~ω~;)!!

Hyun Joong who loves it that much that he even introduced his tteokbokki recipe when he appeared in Japanese program!

Did Hyun Joong desire for tteokbokki reached even to Malaysia??

Thanks to this the whole group who thought of not eating tteokbokki for the time being end up eating it. +_+

(Hyun Joong was the only one eating tteokbokki with a smile on his whole face^^;; )

If there is an ambassador for it, how about Hyun Joong as the tteokbokki ambassador~^^;;

(It was later that we realized the reason for tteokbokki ordered was due to the translator who made a small mistake of interpreting wrongly. laughs)

On a change of topic, this Saturday is Christmas

(am I the only sort of feeling sad… but I won’t be defeated!! >~<)

From the beginning of December, there is a small Christmas tree placed at the entrance of Keyeast.
To let everyone have a feel of such atmosphere at Keyeast together~ have uploaded a photo of it.


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Because my feelings and mental age is of a child~ ^^

I’m seriously troubled whether I should put my letter to God of Universe and a big sock under the tree.
How about everyone do it together?? (laughs)

Merry Christmas~★

See you again in the next staff blog~