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5th Story …………………………………..


Finally Christmas is here keke

It’s a small gift but please listen to it dilligently until next year

Because I will come out with a new album^^

Don’t drink too much (alcohol) because it is Christmas, students should go back early and eat cake at home

This is the period of focused crackdown on alcohol drinking, so must definately use subsitute driver…..No, if it is like this then better ride a bicycle out keke

I pray that everything will go well next year and I will upload a photo of me praying for the new year nyahaha



Here’s the notice about HyunJoong’s small gift

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Kim HyunJoong’s surprise gift is here.
Please confirm it via From. HyunJoong menu,
We hope that all fans will have a happy Christmas.

Key East



tada, Michi brings you his small gift: Please be nice to me Rap version Download

*Hyun Joong ah, where is the photo of you praying* *haha ROTL imagine him praying, the praying image doesn’t suit him, ahh mushy*


He’s so skinny…

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The photos were taken during TFS Press conference in Malaysia on 4th Dec. gasp, the man’s legs look as small as my wrists, with ankles sticking out, all bones and skin… *heart pain* please, he needs to have some rest and gain some weight.

Let’s see, he had 4 months of continuous filming for Mischievous Kiss with no proper sleep, then Guangzhou Asian Games, after that within 2 weeks, he flew back and forth between Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, HongKong. We can see him when he attends public events, but when we don’t see him, it doesn’t mean that he can rest. Probably he’s being interviewed or photoshooting or etc. *gah 15 interviews a day in Jap…*. So is it his fault that he can’t get well by Christmas? It’s not a matter of getting a flu and gather enough strength to go down stair buying food, but long-term fatigue and having to fly to another country, attending events, interviews, work n smile to entertain people. We all know how stubborn and responsible he is, how he still sang and danced when having high fever from H1N1 or when the pain from the accident injury was killing him. So if he can’t go to the Taiwan promotion, there must be a reason *the event wasn’t confirmed to begin with, but he himself still feels apologetic*

Fans who have been anticipating will be disappointed, but I think they will want to see him all healthy when meeting them, not an exhausted Hyun Joong trying to smile for them. To the fans who want to see So Min/see them together and blame him for this, you may want to go calling up So Min’s agency and requesting for her to come. Mischievous Kiss is not all about Hyun Joong, isn’t it? *Do I make sense here? Well, if you say I don’t, then think about yourself, do you?*

Rather than seeing him, I hope he is healthy and happy, always. okay, let his smile calm down the storm in me *it’s like the sun, his smile and the warm color of the photo*

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Sorry for the rambling, but maybe I will slow down the updates and ramble more *time constraints, you know, and rambling doesn’t take much time8 *oh I hear many boo boo out there haha*

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Hello, this is Keyeast here.
Guess you must be having your warm year ends now, aren’t you.
With regards to the articles which came out in the morning, we’ve received much enquiries and concerns about it, thus we’re here to deliver our speech to you.

For now, we’re aware that many fans are concerned about Hyun Joong ssi’s health issues; ever since drama [Playful Kiss] ended, Kim Hyun Joong ssi has not been able to rest for a heave and had been busy digesting his domestic and overseas schedules, which was why fatigue took a toll on his health. Because of that, he is now taking a rest after completing all his originally scheduled schedules, and has now taken a turn for the better thanks to everyone’s genuine and sincere worries. After Kim Hyun Joong ssi takes ample rest, he will be back to greet you all with a healthy temperament, and we too, will be beside him giving our best.

Thanks to all fans’ support and for being by us all the while, overseas schedules such as the Tokyo Dome Smile Project event as well as the Yahoo Asia Buzz Award Ceremony was thus able to successfully end off. Kim Hyun Joong ssi has had received equal love from fans in our country and overseas, he’s been very much encouraged by all of you wherein he had a chance to personally meet you all. Really thank you to you all for always giving him your unhesitated support.

Without few days left to the end of 2010, here’s hoping that all of you will weave warm memories with people who are precious to you for the remaining period.
Thank you.




Translation by Ode

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese Translation: miyo


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Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

■Incident in Malaysia
2010/12/20 Keyeast SY

This is SY from Keyeast~ (o^▽^o)/

Today is the last day of THE FACE SHOP Asia Tour for Hyun Joong ,
Let me secretly tell you about what happened in Malaysia.

Staying long term overseas, together out with Hyun Joong who missed Korean food!

After his work schedule, headed to a Korean restaurant and ordered 3 bulgogi hotpot.

However before having this… The dish that line up first is…

Turns out to be Tteok bok ki!!!! (~ω~;)!!

Hyun Joong who loves it that much that he even introduced his tteokbokki recipe when he appeared in Japanese program!

Did Hyun Joong desire for tteokbokki reached even to Malaysia??

Thanks to this the whole group who thought of not eating tteokbokki for the time being end up eating it. +_+

(Hyun Joong was the only one eating tteokbokki with a smile on his whole face^^;; )

If there is an ambassador for it, how about Hyun Joong as the tteokbokki ambassador~^^;;

(It was later that we realized the reason for tteokbokki ordered was due to the translator who made a small mistake of interpreting wrongly. laughs)

On a change of topic, this Saturday is Christmas

(am I the only sort of feeling sad… but I won’t be defeated!! >~<)

From the beginning of December, there is a small Christmas tree placed at the entrance of Keyeast.
To let everyone have a feel of such atmosphere at Keyeast together~ have uploaded a photo of it.


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Because my feelings and mental age is of a child~ ^^

I’m seriously troubled whether I should put my letter to God of Universe and a big sock under the tree.
How about everyone do it together?? (laughs)

Merry Christmas~★

See you again in the next staff blog~

Nice song ~~~


Download here

Listen to the song on the homepage


Thanks s2rene @ twitter for the tip


Credit jina_bing_bang@Soompi for translation.
Original Entry at MBC Playful Kiss Homepage

SeungJo’s Diary Epilogue 1
Author: Lim Young Joo (Same person who wrote the YouTube diaries)

Authors Note:
I am surprised that there are people still reading SeungJo’s diary although 장키 (Playful Kiss) has been over for a while ㅠㅠ
So I intend to give a present.
This is just a scribble of the after story for Playful Kiss, I wonder if people will read it…
Perhaps I will wish to make this one or two pieces
Because surprises are always pleasant.


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<1 Year Later>
Kkong Dang Kkong Dang I can hear Hani coming up the stairs.
The sound of Hani coming back to my arms, my lips secretly make a smile.
“I’m Back”, Hani says in a cheerless voice (low energy, weak).
With the final stages of Hani studying for her test it takes lots of strength even protecting her from the side is pitiful.
Whoo~ She comes to my side as she exhales a sigh.
From my back hearing Hani’s heart makes me feel good.
Stealthily I lifted her arm and slightly gave the back of her a kiss.
A warm kiss was returned to my earlobe.
The short act of skinship that come and go is like the fatigue of one spring day’s snow melting away.

“Is it really hard?”
It must really be hard she is not saying it is not.
“Wash up and quickly rest!”
“No, I have to study a little bit more. Tomorrow is the last mock test.”
“Do you want help?” “No, I will just do it on my own”
“What’s up with that? You didn’t ask for my help.”
“It must be hard for you too? I heard you have a test on the nervous system tomorrow”

I am moved by tears (It is a form of expression- He felt touched).
These days I see this fellow think deeply and see an effort in trying to stand on her own.
For a genius like me the terrible studies of medical school are taking little tolls on me as I am fatigued.
The material to study for medical school is massive so no one should study alone.
Either form a study group and share information with each other or receive the Sunbae’s records and study from that.
There are too many things to memorize.
I am thankful for the name of love to recognize and consider this.

“Hani, continue after you eat these late night snacks. My goodness! How can it be so hard?
Just have a child living comfortably and sweetly instead.”

As soon as I fell asleep mother silently came in.
These days mother is busy preparing late night snacks for Hani. At any rate my Hani will become a pig.

“Yes, Thank you. You do not have to do this, you cannot even sleep, If I am hungry I will figure it out.”
“No, you! This is how I live. I lived so much without having fun as I raised those two stiff siblings”
Of course it is something mother would say.

Ook! Suddenly Hani threw up. Why is this?

“Why is something wrong with the taste? Did it go bad? I just prepared it”
“No, Just I do not feel well. It must be because I am a bit tired”
“You…By chance do you have good news”

Mother’s assumptions are rising. I better stop her at this point.

“Mother! Please stop chatting and go downstairs to sleep. I have to go out early tomorrow morning. You do not have to brag about your mother in law/daughter in law relationship everyone already knows.”
“Oh? Did you wake up because of me? Sorry! Hani! If you don’t really feel well make sure to take some medicine!”
Mother who lowered her voice begged Hani and barely left to go downstairs.
After hearing several alarm clocks ringing Hani did not wake up.

“Isn’t it time for you to go to school? You have to get up!”

Okay, Hani says but as she tosses and turns she has no strength in her voice. As I place my hand on her forehead she has a slight fever.
Thoroughly examining her I see that she dark circles under her eyes have formed and her face doesn’t look good these days.
It looks like she is sick somewhere.

“It seems that you have a fever so going to the hospital seems good.”
“Okay, after going to school I will stop by the hospital and come home”

“What do I do? Pregnant already, I haven’t become a nurse yet and haven’t fulfilled anything.
First becoming a mother. I feel like a fool.
SeungJo is also studying busily and suddenly if he knows about having a baby then it would be harder, right?
If mother finds out she will certainly say to give up on studying
Am I supposed to give up my dreams like this? What should I do?

I have a heavy heart thinking that I may not be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse compared to having a pretty baby.
As soon as she came, mother poured questions at me.
It was apparent that she was anticipating something.
I just said that I had an upset stomach and went upstairs.
‘SeungJo, Hurry and come. What will I do?’

Even though I eagerly waited for SeungJo of course he was late today too.
Other students form study groups as if they were living together but since SeungJo is married he comes home even if it is late.
Will he be happy that suddenly we have a child in the midst of both studying and being busy?
While waiting for SeungJo a number of thoughts shook my feelings.
‘I should wait a little and tell him once both of our tests are over. Besides if I tell him concentrating on studying will be uneasy. Baby, I am sorry! It’s not that I am not joyous; it’s just that mom and dad are a bit busy. Sorry baby…’

“What did they say at the hospital? Are you okay?” “Yeah”
“Now next week is the test, are you confident?”
“Yeah, I am going to surely pass! For me, for you and for our bab, HMPH!”
Hani was talking but suddenly covered her mouth with her hand and stopped talking.
“What?” “Ah, it’s nothing.”
“Dull, You’re working hard, Pretty, My Hani! Just endure the hardship for a few more days.”

Drawing silent Hani by her hair into my arms I held her.
Soft breathes from Hani are felt above my chest.
I feel peace everyday in the arms of Hani.
Like lighting a firework slowly once on the forehead, second time on her earlobe I kiss her.
Slowly it is getting warmer. Like she was melting or soaking Hani was snuggling into my arms.
The faster her breathes got the deeper I wanted to snuggle with Hani but she slightly pushed me away.

“Why is something wrong? Do you not like it? It’s been a long time?”
“It’s because I am a bit tired, sorry, maybe because of the test I am tense.”

I felt restless and hurt but seeing Hani really tired made these feelings release.

“Then, let me just hold you and sleep.”

Why is she likes this, is it really because of the test? It seems like she has a worry these days, it seems that she has been under lots of stress from the test, I must console her somehow.

Even though I was in SeungJo’s warm arms and getting kissed I couldn’t deal with the worries that were like tides coming in.

What to do? Can someone like me be a good mother? I’m not the brightest, a scatterbrain, and accident prone and what if I also can’t be with my child like my mother?
I do not even want to think about this but this keeps piling up and is giving me strength.

‘SeungJo, What do I do. I wanted to become a mother after I fulfilled my dream and became a great person. Since it became like this-what do we do? Oh HaNi! Let’s stop worrying and diligently study!’

I thought she was asleep but Hani silently removing herself from my arms and sitting in front of the desk looks pitiful.
Noah’s snail showing great diligence to fulfill her dream, I am proud of Oh HaNi but seeing her suffer a part of my heart stings like a knife constantly cutting it.
I watched the back of her study without saying anything. Fighting my snail, Oh HaNi!
In a little bit she slid to the side of the desk and though time passed she did not get up.

‘She must have fallen asleep although she can’t even stay up late’

The wind blew by.
Thinking she would wake up I silently carried her and laid her on the bed, after picking out expected exam questions, explaining the problems gotten wrong and checked the problems you will need to know. This is my small present to your tired self.

Finally today is the test.
For now the baby and I have been overcoming this.
Because we were both studying the baby must be suffering as well when I pull my stomach a bit it hurts at times.
I am sorry I was surprised baby, sorry baby and once I stroke my stomach everything will be okay.
You must be very sincere since you will be like me. You would be very cold if you were to be like SeungJo.
Wait, what if you are like me so you’re not smart?
No. Baby please have SeungJo’s brain and my personality.
Please…I earnestly requested to the baby.

Do well on the test, said blunt brother in law EunJo
Hani! At least take a pill to clear your heart, said always very worried Mother
Warmly passing my lunch-my father, patting my back, one’s other father
Everyone gathered their cheers and gallantly came to the testing site.
But why do I feel dizzy? This can’t happen, Let me find more strength.
Baby! Let us both give it our all. Fighting to you too. SeungJo! Give us strength.

I was waiting for her in the front of the testing site thinking that I better take her out to eat some good things.
Fortunately the weather was not cold. You must have seen me from afar as you brightly smiled and ran my way.
Do you feel that good?
A smile that fills my heart like a full spring scenery and blossoming flowers you come running.
For a moment my heart flutters and feels content, suddenly Hani collapses in front of me.
Suddenly my heart plunges to the bottom.
“Because much stress received the mother is suffering a lot. The baby is also suffering so as the husband, please do well so stress will not be received”

Mother? I feel as if someone hit the back of my head with a hammer.

“Did you know?”
“Fool, why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because you were suffering as well from studying, I am also not prepared”

An awkward and hesitant voice came out.

“Then were you trying to have a miscarriage?”

Hani must have been very surprised at my angry voice as she opened her eyes big, nodded her head and said this while crying.

“I…thought this would be a distraction while you were studying, after we were done with our tests…”

“Why don’t you trust me? You are suffering all by yourself and I do not even know you were laughing around like a fool? Why are you making me into the bad person~!”

Looking at the tears that were about to fall from Hani’s eyes I stopped to say the sharp remarks.
Saying these remarks although I know the baby is roughly hearing them and while disregarding Hani’s eyes.
Baek Seung Jo. You have a long way to go…

While nodding her head, tear fallings, with an alarmed face and shaking voice…
“No tha…that is not it but if mother knew…give up studying…give it up…she could say that. I really wanted to be a nurse and be a good wife to you. ..(Sobs).”

Hani’s half crying half whining words and the duty to the baby has been weighing down my heart.
If she met a normal man then the baby would not suffer this much and would be content by what she has…
If I sought out more care for her…
A person who is becoming a doctor not knowing that his own wife is pregnant and leaving her suffering like that…
At once like a tide is rising liability is taking a strangle hold on me.
By myself what could I do to handle this fear and comfort the baby?
The words I’m sorry did not come out, I indefinitely felt small and was shabby, and all I could do was hold Hani.
And the times where I had to swallow my sorrows all came out at once, sadly crying for a while.
How long could that small body be in pain?
As a foolish husband the scolded tears that make bones hurt come out.
The tears from a man who let the wife he loves suffer all by herself formed in my eyes.

“Truthfully I was struck with fear. I feared that I would not be able to protect my child like my mother.”

I see. You were hurting more from something that I didn’t even think of.

“It’s okay. You have me. I will undoubtedly protect you. No matter what I will not let you leave me first so do no worry. Okay?”

A promise and a kiss.
The tears on top of her cheek absorbed and the tears on top of her eyelashes.
The tears on top of her suffering red forehead too…
From now on do not cry by yourself.
By swallowing all your bittersweet tears I am swallowing all of your pain…
The times of loneliness inside your tears I asked for them to all be erased.
Slowly Hani’s crying began to die down.

With a tearful face she tells me, “We still have to tell the parents?”

“No, with mothers aggressiveness we do not know how she will react and we should wait until out tests are revealed. Once we pass because it is a waste she can’t say that we have to stop studying. By the way! When you are pregnant I hear you want to try new things are you craving anything?”

“Are you really going to directly buy what I want?”

“Of course!”

“Thus far there hasn’t been a day where you have done so.”

Asking as if she doesn’t believe and with shiny eyes.
Was I really like this? It isn’t something I have thought about before.
Possibly even though I say that I love you I neglect the little things you do for me.
Again I am sorry. Why does love mean saying sorry?
When do you think a day will come where love is efficient enough not to say sorry?

“I want to eat strawberries. Will there be strawberries in November?”

“These days there should be house strawberries. I will buy them!”

For the times of carelessness I want to try and compensate for that so like the wind I am running in the November wind.

“Mom, Look at Hyung! Why is he hiding the strawberries he bought and running up so fast? How shameful, is he going so fast because he thinks someone is going to steal them?”

“What? Strawberries?”

From the back I hear EunJo expressing his doubt and mothers voice starting to come up.
I should have hid them and then come in.

“Here, I bought the strawberries.” “It took longer than I thought. Are there not any nearby?”
“Yeah, there weren’t any in the neighborhood so I went all the way to a big super market. I think I was caught by EunJo so eat them fast.”

“Really? Then we should both eat it.”

“Don’t share it. You eat them all by yourself. Is there anything else you want to eat?”

Suddenly spilling my heart like this Hani’s eyes look like the moon lighting up.
Within that moonlight my heart is spreading throughout my body.

“Hani! SeungJo!”
Mothers quick sense and voice that hit the back of my head.

“You guys have something that you are hiding? Answer truthfully~ Hani is pregnant, right?”

Followed by curiosity of going crazy one word stuck out.


“Right? My premonition was right~! HA HA HA Why did you hide such a joyous fact? I feel hurt.”

“Truthfully…I…thought you would tell is to give up studying”

How much she felt sorry was told by Hani not being able to look at mother and respond with her head down.

“Hey, Why would I not let you study? You studies so hard that would be wasteful, when your cravings start it will be break so it is alright and by the time the baby is to be born in August it will be break again so it is perfect! SeungJo, as expected you’re a genius for perfectly timing!”

In an instant mother scheduled and balance everything. She is always busy.
Although she is so fast that it does become a problem.

“Do not worry and just give birth to a healthy baby. I will take care of everything”

“Do not have the baby wear girl clothes again.”

“No! I will never do that. Hani will give birth to a pretty girl? Right Hani~!
What are you doing? Hurry and contact your fathers. EunJo! You also think of some baby names~! Ah, we have to take a commemoration picture!”

The rapid buzz pouring out from Mother’s voice followed by joy that fills the whole house.
The suffering that has been released comes now the sunlight that makes all of you shine.

And to our baby too.

The Mag scans have been posted here, now we have the translation courtesy of MiniUFO *thank you very much for sharing ^^*



Source: Korea Marie Claire Magazine December
Magazine captured by Rhyme @
Korean to Chinese Translation: yoyo & Candy & 凌 @
Chinese to English translation:
Please repost with full credit

[Magazine Translation] HyunJoong @ Korea Marie Claire Magazine December 2010


Kim HyunJoong is the quiet and reticent type.

Not the kind that will lost himself and venting of trouble when feeling tired. Of course this is just my personal opinion. However this very personal comments was derived from the funny groom in ‘We Got Married’. ‘We Got Married’ is a reality varity show, showing oneself infront of the a public camera unreservedly for 24 hours. Even artist who has covered with a perfect mask will not be able to escape its truefulness. All in a sudden under such condition the usual way of breathing was also not an easy task.

In this reality varity show, although Kim HyunJoong was funny and outrages but he dealt with thing in a smart and also cute way. Also no matter what kind of words were not easily ignored, was very sharp and clever. The topic about ‘4D Kim HyunJoong’ which was widely spread around the internet at that time, is quite identical to the Kim HyunJoong in real life. Anyhow join a variety show, after going through it, his name would rank 1st in search engine search term the next day. Didn’t cause a stir but at the sudden moment, just existed with this unique ‘Kim HyunJoong’ personal identity. Always just perfectly performing his own personal role, but the result was interesting and perfection.

He is a talented person with exceptional skill. A singer turn actor usually will has to go through a crossing period, but ‘JiHoo sunbae”s gentleness, and also his smile in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, skillfully and naturally turned Kim HyunJoong into an actor. After that SS501 activities area expanded, stepping out from Japan and become Asia stars, Baek SeungJo in ‘Naughty Kiss’ made Kim HyunJoong rised up to an even higer level. Although SS501’s 5 members has individually sign to different agencies, and in between rumours of their disband and going solo, there’s no such accusation. Although the viewer rating will not lie but it is not deceiving that Kim HyunJoong is stepping into the rank of a matured actor. He would not be surrounded by the bubbles of not being needed, he has the decision to protect himself.

No matter what, he has rised up to another level after ‘Boys over Flowers’. He become more and more popular as the male lead actor of ‘Naughty Kiss’, as the drama storyline continue to grow. Therefore, although wanted to know Kim HyunJoong will return with what kind of role next time, but he reappeared full of confidence first as a singer.


Singer Kim HyunJoong’s come back!

He transformed into Korea’s representative and was invited to participate in Guangzhou Asia Games. After the completion of his drama, he continued to film another 7 episodes of 10mins YT Special Edition, and concurrently completed his CF activities which he has received before that. At the same time, in order to learn how to sing Asian Games title song ‘Sunshine Again”s chinese lyrics, he came to China earlier. As usual Kim HyunJoong go through all these repeating and unending work. Exhaustion in energy usually will cause sensitivity and affect one’s emotion. We worried of he who has never changed, whether his emotion will be affected. However, each person’s method of amending wound seem to be different, he seemed to solve this problem by working happily. Or else, don’t know how he will go through this. (MiniUFO: Not sure about this sentence. The chinese translation is weird) After all, he is just 25years old.

Had his activity in Japan ‘Skyper! Award’ for 3day 2night, and also after 3.5hr flight reaching Guangzhou, stopover for 2days 1night. In between the performance gap, we kept observing Kim HyunJoong until the opening ceremony stage almost started. Before that, he had been wearing his ear-piece at back stage, listening to ‘Sunshine Again’ repeatedly. He was focus at any time, while in between the staff he was also wearing a light and sincere smile. The Kim HyunJoong now is full of confidence, and is in a happy mood. Our originally worries and panic was removed by him.

HowL – Palyfull Kiss Special OST Part.2 말한 적 있나요
Release Date : 2010.11.15





One more time acoustic version (guitar accompaniment)




Credit: Ayame-chan @ soompi

Playful Kiss (장난스런 키스) (특별판) OST [Digital Single]

ALBUM TYPE Drama Soundtrack (Digital Single)
RELEASE DATE 2010.11.09
BUY IT Soribada, Mnet, Melon, Dosirak, Daum, Naver


01 두근두근 – 김소정/박보람/이보람 (Kim So Jung, Park Bo Ram, Lee Bo Ram)
02 두근두근 (Instrumental)


DOWNLOAD FULL SINGLE (10.19 MB @ 192kbps)


btw, full version of the song played during their kiss scene in ep 15

Hyun Joong just left a message in the official board under the name 우주신 (God of the Universe)  ㅋㅋ, his 3rd message in this official board

His 4Dism is invincible but that’s so cute ^^

Love how he reminds fans about studying hard, caring for their hubby, boyfriend…*love you my alien <3*

yes, as we all look up towards the same sky…

the message brightens up my day…



Translation: Ode

Aigoo~~^^ Just woke up and realized that my waist feels painful, it was such a long sleep in such a long while already ……..

I finished my drama shooting finally yesterday ^^ It lasted for 4 months but, eummm, once again I feel myself feeling the much deep affection – which is to my surprise; after spending 4 months throughout, indeed it feels kinda saddening on having to leave now, mixed with both hateful feelings and anguish sorts

Since I just woke up only now, shall I go to memorize the mandarin song ???????????

To be busy is really not a hard thing for me, instead I’m happy, these days ^^ Why, because I’m able to do the things I want, to my hearts’ content …

Even until the day I leave my autograph on Mars as I shall ride on to my space shuttle at the NASA kk
At that time, I’ll also carve you guys’ name on there kk
If I can do that

…If I can’t, I’ll just leave my last will there for my kids to-come in the far-away future kk

What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkk
Anyway is everyone living positively ?????????

When I’m melancholic, I’ll appear for once, and I don’t even know if I’ll give a Christmas present or not …kk
Keep anticipating, won’t be something peculiar, just wait for a bit

I won’t be appearing on the television frequently these days already, TT
Don’t say bye just because you can’t see me

Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren’t able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk

I’ll return soon with an awesome album, so do prepare for your million won already ……..kkkkk

I should go to play some soccer right ~~starting tomorrow onwards

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

^^See you