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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong @ MBC Drama Awards

Red carpet


Award acceptance speech

Credit: fumihkj0606@youtube


although not many people stalk this site, I’m doing live update tonight. so please don’t feel ridiculous with all the 1 line post ^^

congrats Hyun Joong!

isn’t it great for him to get the award with the actress he wanted to act along with?

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Translation was posted here

so his dish is edible *tested and confirmed on human^^*, but judging from ppl’s reaction, I guess it tastes weird *probably it is, because there were so many different ingredients and no special artistic cooking method to harmonize them*. it’s a bit hilarious how the staff trying his dish said it’s ok, good and nodding but their expressions were like they were trying to hold the laughters haha. probably they love the boy too much to criticize ^^

i love how he has the ability to make everyone on set burst out laughing *and us also* every time he says something. like the center of the universe, isn’t he?

it so cute in the beginning of the video when he covered his face saying “really hate this…” and stylish noona followed “me too hate it” ^^. and he has quite unique voice when saying romantic/cheese lines I think *sound playful? i don’t know but it’s just so typical of him* *1st love story so cheesy cheesy ^^*


Credit: elley

Credit: yyy148b

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone ^^

Christmas gift from Kim Hyun Joong Perfect, Hyun Joong’s smile – the most beautiful one in the world


Credit: Kim Hyun Joong Perfect

Hyun Joong’s supa supa cute in this video >.<, he really has the ability to make everyone on set laugh

watch it if you wanna see him rolling on the bed, sleeping, yawning *super cute*, and he’s in white, innocent like an angel

he’s so relaxed and playing around while shooting, makes me feel relaxed too watching him ^^


Credit: MurdererQ

101221 Kim Hyun Joong Christmas message


Credit: elley

Click here for the video on Ystar

(video doesn’t play in firefox, it works in Chrome, not sure about IE)


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Come across the Bread & Co site and their header is so cute ^^

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