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101223 Keyeast had a year-end party




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I heard that Lee Na Young is coming to Baeksepjoo Maeul (Baeksejoo Village) in Samseong-dong today.


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The owner (of the tweet) is using the entire first floor and Bae Yong Joon’s agency is having a year-end party in the basement with Lee Na Young, Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Gang Hee, and so on (at Baeksejoo Maeul ‘Baeksejoo Village’).



For your reference, I (suehanbyj) obtained some restaurant photos from


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Thanks a lot Elley-nim for sharing these beautiful scans of Hyun Joong ^^

The name of the magazine is a bit…err haha…I think I want to establish my own magazine named Crazy about Mr. Woojusin/ Crazy about Kim Hyun Joong

I must say he looks so good in suit >.< I used to think suit is kinda serious outfit which will look basically the same on everyone, but Hyun Joong changed my mind. He always manages to look dashing and stylish in whichever kind of suit he wears *it also helps that his stylish noona does a good job*. He should be crowned The most gorgeous man in suit on Earth.

ah oopsie I love his necklace here. good fashion sense ne ^^

and his eyes looks so dreamy and hypnotic, don’t you think?


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone ^^

Christmas gift from Kim Hyun Joong Perfect, Hyun Joong’s smile – the most beautiful one in the world


Credit: Kim Hyun Joong Perfect

Hyun Joong’s supa supa cute in this video >.<, he really has the ability to make everyone on set laugh

watch it if you wanna see him rolling on the bed, sleeping, yawning *super cute*, and he’s in white, innocent like an angel

he’s so relaxed and playing around while shooting, makes me feel relaxed too watching him ^^


Credit: MurdererQ

Japanese Translation: miyo



Big news in 2010?

“In terms of work, have moved to another management company, acted in drama 「Playful Kiss」, attend the Guangzhou Asia Games Opening Ceremony as a representative from Korea and sang the official theme song and winning the Best Dresser Award at 「Skyperfect! Awards 2010」.
In terms of private, I have moved house and had a trip to China.
This time I went together with the male dancer friends. In 2009, when I went to Hong Kong together with friends, I had a bad experience with photos taken by paparazzi (laughs). Last time, I do not have that much of interest in travelling but now has changed. I would like to go to Africa and South Pole. I’m interested with places that not many people have been to.
In 2010, during the World Cup Soccer at South Africa, it was the best news to know that Japan and South Korea got into the best 16. Proud of both countries showing what Asia soccer is to the world. For Japanese soccer player, I like Honda Keisuke.”



If 100points is full marks, how many points would you give for satisfaction in 2010?

“Although I do not have much rest, I do not feel overloaded as I play while working.
I think I have achieved over my target so it will be 100points.”



Recently how do you spend your off time?

“In these 2 years, when I have the time I will spend it on working on my body. My body fat is about 10%. 6 times a week, 1 day for 2 hours swimming, jogging and weight training with my trainer.
On Sundays is soccer with friends. My position is center forward!”



Target for 2011?

“I’m preparing for the album production now. I’m also planning for Asia tour. In future, my biggest target would be a solo concert at Tokyo Dome!
I would like to challenge more in drama and movies too. Korean version 「Boys Over Flowers」, 「Playful Kiss」 both were roles of a prince.
There’s a scene in 「Playful Kiss」 where I have to say this line “you are more dazzling than the sunshine”, it was hard and embarrassing. I shouldn’t say this but I thought next time I could act in a role as a poor guy who has no money and is troubled (laughs). I think this type of role fits me. When I was 17, I had left home and stayed in a basement for several months. I lived with rats and cat with nothing else but only a bed in the room (laughs). Of course there isn’t the need to pay rent. It was happy. Please love my next work even if it’s not a prince role!”

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5th Story …………………………………..


Finally Christmas is here keke

It’s a small gift but please listen to it dilligently until next year

Because I will come out with a new album^^

Don’t drink too much (alcohol) because it is Christmas, students should go back early and eat cake at home

This is the period of focused crackdown on alcohol drinking, so must definately use subsitute driver…..No, if it is like this then better ride a bicycle out keke

I pray that everything will go well next year and I will upload a photo of me praying for the new year nyahaha



Here’s the notice about HyunJoong’s small gift

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Kim HyunJoong’s surprise gift is here.
Please confirm it via From. HyunJoong menu,
We hope that all fans will have a happy Christmas.

Key East



tada, Michi brings you his small gift: Please be nice to me Rap version Download

*Hyun Joong ah, where is the photo of you praying* *haha ROTL imagine him praying, the praying image doesn’t suit him, ahh mushy*