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You kept asking about Yoon Haera. I asked if you’re jealous. you said you’re not.
Silly, your face already shows how much Yoon Haera has affected you. ke
Today, you gave me another chance to tease you again. hehe

“Are you being jealous now? ah, you should be. Afterall we have already shared a kiss between ourselves.”
You slowly lifted your face, full of expectations. Are you thinking I will kiss you then?

Do I look like that sort? Silly~! I am not an easy guy! haha

You seemed a little embarrassed. Even your ears are red. Like a kid with an expression that is full of expectations, this is really interesting. But, it will end today!

“ah, looking at this it really is such a waste.”

She will probably run back to her own room, knowing that I am teasing her, and jumped about in anger?

Teasing her is as interesting as playing with a toy.


Today, why are you still not at our class? What are you doing now? I actually became a little disappointed.

Will you come to the canteen during lunch?

hehe. Oh Hani, you are indeed still mesmerised by me.

From far, seeing her hide behind the menu, really seems just like a silly head. hehe

“Can say but can’t see it?”

Appearing suddenly at her back, and seeing her happy expression when seeing me, like a puppy seeing her owner. Seems to be following what I’ve said, saying “me too” and shyly stick out her tongue.

But Bong Joon Gu this fellow, why did he appear again? Always following behind a girl, he really doesn’t have anything better to do?

Oh Hani are you really that happy? What is so good about him?

Don’t even know how to play tennis, and still insist on buying tennis wear.
It looks really good.
But, Oh Hani, you have come to the wrong place.
you will suffer like this.
In order to not let you come in, I gave you a lot of hints.

What? You actually can see Kyeong Su Hyung as a gentle and warm character?
Fine, then I will let you see the real side of the sunbae that you look up to so much.

Oh Hani praising sunbae is a little difficult to bear, so I purposely hit the ball to somewhere where sunbae cannot receive back.
Seeing Kyeong Su sunbae running to and back in front of me.

Really makes me feel good!

While respecting the other’s freedom, we fell in love. Someone have said this, if love is meant to throw away my freedom to fulfill the other’s freedom, that sort of relationship is abhorent.

That love can only be a failure.

Yoon hera, who knows more about Sartre and Bovary than Sartre himself.


words like “Sartre and Bovary’s relationship?”
“Compared to Sartre, you are more concerned with Sartre and Bovary;s relationship?”
Indeed, women are never concerned about the author, but instead how the author is related to other people…
Pretending to be concerned with Sartre, when instead her true concern lies in someone else.
To me, this sort of woman can only be smart and that’s all.

You always say I’m a flirt, but the fact is there is nothing you can do.
Even when coming to class, you led Bong Joon Gu into it. Don’t even know English, how can you understand this lesson?

Listening to this lesson together, other than speechless, there is really nothing I can say.

Don’t know why, just watching Oh Hani and Bong Joon Gu together makes me distracted. The lecturer asked a very ridiculous question and you can’t understand and asked me about it. I pretend not to hear.

In front of her, I always become a very childish young person…


Just now you still seem happy, until you see Haera your face immediately changed.

Your expression clearly shows how you felt, yet you still continue to deny.
“We have to do a research project that requires 2 person in a group, you go to the living room to study?

Pretending to be saying to Eun Jo, actually I said it to let Hani know why Haera is here.

Thus, don’t let your useless self-esteem get yourself down.

Don’t misunderstand.

A living ant has climbed on the flower that is made of the non-living soil.
This ant thinks this is a real flower, and that seems to allow the flower to have a life.
Slowly and small, but living with value, just like a particular person.
Don’t know how much strength this ant have used, how long it has walked before walking into this flower.
Seems to have walked into my hardened heart.


Leaving? Really leaving? Always yourself without saying it out.

” Disappointed?”

“What, why should I be sad… this is good too, since I want to return to my original life.”
However, my voice seems to have lost its energy, like my throat has been stucked.
And I feel like a friend who has been with me for a long time has gone away.
All is left is me getting through the night.


If that’s the case then let it be….
Even though that’s what I’ve said, but it still feels difficult inside.
Just like a door being shut tight, my heart will be shut tight too…
Return to the times when there is no you in my life.
Without you, seems like a sense of unease keeps coming, a little difficult to bear.
It will be better again, it will be better again very soon…


When you’re about to leave, maybe there is something you want to say to me
You kept hesitating at the door.
I should say at this point of time, “Sorry” to you, or should I say ” Interesting ”
But, it is a very difficult thing to feel..


Why is it so sudden? Why, did I let her have such a difficult time?
Have never said a nice word to you, always teasing you.
Is it because it’s so hard, so that’s why you left?
It’s really okay, anyway Oh Hani is just following right?
I, who can always make decisions for myself, for the first time I asked myself a question that I myself don’t even know.
A little worried.

The sun that shines on me, seems to have become cold.

You have always been so concerned with the doll that I gave you, why did you leave without it?

In order to save this, you’re not even afraid of what happened at the traffic junction?
When I was getting this doll for you that day,
you kept saying ” Left! Right! Abit more!” You’re more excited than me, patting my shoulder.

So happy, but suddenly in a short while, seems to have thrown away all the feelings that was kept in our hearts.

That day was very confusing. Watching you, who can’t even control your own feelings, I feel so amazed. You keep patting my shoulder and talking.
Intruding onto my space, I’m a little annoyed and also a little shocked.
I can finally watch you smile, yet this doll that has been left behind seems to be telling me, from now on, both of us have ended.

My heart feels painful

Normally this heart which doesn’t feel anything, today seems like a knife had cut through it, it’s unbearable.




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