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Credit : imbc + hyunnies pexers
English translation by MIN JEONG



Seungjoya! This trail is pretty dangerous!

Where is eunjo and hani?

haven’t they arrived yet?

are they isolated in the mountains?

A senior of the Uni suggested that his relative has the pension which is recently increased the size and wanted me to go as a part time job.
Bring myself to do that, but went along.

I only knew myself before but hani drag me to the outside of the world,
thank you

So please, be safe. i really pray.

i cant control my feet, its like my feet pointing out the air and goes against my will.

I am terriblely worried that two of you dont know any ways in the mountains and left there without anyone.

its fortunate nothing has happend.
i guess its the first time i feel so happy when i look at you

Because of you i get angry
Because of you i get surprised
Because of you i smile
Always driving me so emotional

Good to see you here today

I was so scared if i lost you.


How come you still sleepy?its already noon,

Do not go anywhere
Always have to be here

To me, my heart flows to you

Now I can not stop my heart goes to you.

I do not want to lose you,

Can not imagine being without you by my side

Do you want to feel it in your dream?
Do you want to feel it how much i love you?

You are so stupid
You really can feel my heart if i tell you how i feel?
i go anywhere if you call me,
but why you keep saying you dont know how much i love you?

the firt kiss that i have given to you on the graduation day was
like a little kid’s kiss,
little kid’s kiss which was shy and innocent.

‘I like you’
kiss of promise

Today, you’re next to me,
thank you

having a blood red knee injury

Thank you for taking care of me

Second kiss

It is now inevitable that you have my heart….