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As the red sunset goes back the dark black dawn sinks in
One seabird was flying in between the margins of the sky and sea.
As I hear my bicycle tires scratching the wind of the fall sea that makes me feel good slides by my ears…
“Doctor Baek are you leaving? You are leaving late.”
The grandma collecting the fishing nets comes over to greet me.
“Yes. I am late because I am coming back from a house call from Father Lee, the village foreman.”
“Oh my! That fellow will now survive due because of you Doctor Baek”
“Not at all. Grandma, how is your back that has been hurting?”
“After taking the medicine you gave me Doctor Baek, I recovered so quickly it was frightening.”
“That is a relief. Once you run out of medicine, come and get a refill.”
“All right, but even if I do not go Nurse Hani matches the day and takes care of it for me. Where would you find a pretty wife like that. She’s Doctor Baek’s luck (lucky charm).”
“Yes! She is my luck. Please take care then.”

The boat that only comes in twice a day where the grandma and grandpa do not live
On this island Hani has more popularity. A young new bride following her husband
The elders love her (spoil her) even more because she came followed me here to this isolated island and is enduring hardship.
Thinking of what happened last fall a laugh comes out from the corners of my lips.
Instead of serving in the military doctors become a public health doctor for about 3 years going into a region and unit, providing selective service to a remote island.
I could have applied for a position for more land but if I have to do this anyway I wanted to work in a place that really needed the services.
I wanted to find a place where my work would pay off from the places that other people did not want to go in the smallest, most insignificant things.

I still cannot forget the look on my family’s faces when I told them where I would be doing my work, a remote island that is 5 hours away from Seoul, and about a 1 hour boat ride.
Hani at the time just graduated nursing school and got a job at a hospital, as she was going to come after finishing her 1 year of hands-on experience training but said that this was never possible with her distant eyes and did not eat for a few days due and cried.
Saying how is it possible to live staying so far apart and how she could not do it…
It is possible because I love you a hundreds of times more.
I was suffering more seeing Hani cry as I would be more pain being separated from you.

When the sun shines bright you open your eyes and give me a slight kiss on my forehead with your lips slightly open,
At night you look at me comfortably and sleep while I breathe heavily,
As you arm, legs wrap around my body…Your warm and chubby body,
Now without you I feel empty and cannot sleep… Like a fool…
And you think I do not love you more my darling…

After crying, not eating for a few days and making a fuss you said after you become proficient with your hands-on experience training and after being a doctor’s wife who is not ashamed you will come follow me, saying this while being close to tears and granting me permission.

When the day that I was to leave alone, you were trying hard not to cry as you bit your lips in front of the Incheon docks, seeing Hani, my heart tightened and I was not even able to say stay well and take care of yourself.
But to only turn around.

However after about three months, you not being able to live without seeing me followed me and came.
At that time hearing Hani’s footsteps that the whole house would know.
Saying SeungJo with the whiny voice…When you fall into my chest the scent that makes my whole body go crazy is what I longed for- compelled with nothing to say all I could do was accept this.

As I reached the official residence a bright, large eyed 5 year old female child quickly ran behind me.
She is my daughter.

“Baek. Seung. Ha! Aren’t you going to come here? There is no use hiding behind Dad.”
“Mom, I am sorry”
“My SeungHa, What did you do again to make your mom mad like that?”
“Dad! I’m scared of mom.”
“ Do not think of taking SeungHa’s side today. She broke the game again. What kind of girl is so curious about many things?”
“I am really curious on what I do for the the sound and images to comes out!”

Whoo, You, caused another accident by being curious again!
Often these two people’s relationship is separated, today this has happened again.

“All right? Were you really that curious about it? But if you took it apart then you should assemble it back originally. Now, before mom gets any more upset should we put it back together? Which screw did you loosen last?”

Eyes filled with curiosity took my hand and followed me.

“How many times now is it? The clock, radio and finally the game console that Uncle EunJo sent you. Today there is no way! You need to be punished!”

“SeungHa, Let’s runaway. “
“Dad, Me too!! Ha Ha Ha”

A child and her mothers nagging, the child’s laughter that ripples around the warm house of mine.
Always my heart that is filled with flowers…

“Dad, play the guitar. I’m going to sing the ‘3 Bears’ song”
“Shall I?”

This one knows what to do exactly when her mom gets upset.

“3 Bears live in one house. The father bear, mother bear and baby bear.
Father bear is skinny. Mother bear is fat,”
“Baek. Seung. Ha. You, Again! Mother bear is not the fat one but it is father bear who is!”
“No it is not, in our house the mother bear is the fat one?”
“You, Repeatedly are making fun of calling your mom fat?”
“Dad likes mom to be fat? Isn’t it good if my loving mother takes over the world?”
“As expected my husband is the best!”
Lifting up her thumb, Hani brightly laughs.
My ways of loving are slowly going on more, means of being a husband. Recently.

After putting the child to sleep lying side by side at night.
A tired day turns to talking about minor things.

“How is Elder Lee?”
“Yeah, he has gotten a lot better”
“I was so surprised that day…”

He was in serious condition as his blood pressure was not able to be checked from the machine after running over there from getting the call that he was sitting down and then suddenly collapsed with no consciousness. Fortunately he responded quickly to CPR but his heart is in bad condition as he needed to go to a big hospital and get treatment.

“Even though he needs to go to a big hospital and get treatment, because he believes in Doctor Baek he does not want to go. If this continues what if he experiences a larger misfortune…”
“All grandmothers and grandfathers are like that. They think if they miss farm work for one day then it becomes a big hassle. Do you think their children know how they live by working hard?
“I know… Oh yeah! The grandma from Mokpo gave you a compliment today darling, which you regularly take care of her medicine.”
“Of course who am I? Don’t you think an absolute perfect, genius Doctor Baek SeungJo’s wife is capable more than just this (this is nothing for an absolute perfect, genius Doctor Baek SeungJo’s wife) ?”

Hani really takes care of the grandmothers and grandfathers with care.
Massaging the legs of grandfathers whose legs are ruined due to severe farm work
Checking off and delivering medicine to those who cannot come to the health clinic
Even directly giving a grandmother a bath.
Hani even practices my principle of ‘not to look at the disease, but to look at the person, a person treats people’ into action better than I do. This is my wife.

Slowly my feelings for you have come down.
In my arms your fragrance makes my lips quiver and quietly I expect your scent which makes my whole body quiver.
The more I look at you the deeper our love gets like the sea…

“Ring Ring”
Growing envious of a couple’s private time due to the urgent voice coming through the phone…..