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1st Dec 2010 – Airport
hehe, how would I not go to the airport to welcome our beloved? mwhahahha~
i actually had a dilemma on whether to wear Patrick or not..


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the reason i would want to risk not seeing him because, from my past experience in “airport welcome”, artist would usually take notice of the “odd one out”.. hee!!
however, it is his first time here and my first time seeing him in flesh, why would i want to do such crazy stunt?
but, well, hehehe, i still think it’s a good laugh, hence, i go ahead of “wearing patrick”..
after a much long wait, he finally came out from the immigration side and walked in the barricaded path… even though i was standing on a chair (somewhere near May), i kinda have a problem locating him… finally when i managed to spot him, i quickly zipped up my hoodie and waved…
it was after when he had gone off, i was told that he didnt have time to look ard, and the whole “process” is very fast..
well, since i only manage to have a glimpse of him, i couldnt comment much whether he is nice looking in person or not..
but i do know that, he is somewhat smaller frame that i thought… and his skin is really fair…

2nd Dec 2010 – Tampines Mall
since we have noticed the FaceShop has previously posted about Hyun Joong visiting store on this day at 330pm, so some starlings n bb princess decided to go down to take look.. well, it was more like a gathering for us.. mwhahahha~
again, crowd began to form by 11am.. so you could imagine the crowd(s) formed by 330pm.. anyway, it was long and hyun joong arrived only at ard 430pm…?
think i’m really bad at taking vid cos i joined in the crowd.. view was mainly blocked by raised hands + cameras + cam recorders + security heads… :p
anyway, i again manage to catch a glimpse of his back, and, head only.. MWHAHAH! didnt even see his fringe! :lol:
frankly speaking, i wasnt really worried about not seeing him because i know that i can see him face to face on the next day~

3 Dec 2010 – fansign @ IMM
really excited and didnt manage to sleep well…
but still willingly to wake up early in the morning to travel to IMM… hee~
all i know is that, to place myself in a “strategic position” and wait…
have asked a karen starling how to say in korean “come to singapore often”… hee~ managed to remember for the first 5mins…
when the host, ken, came to “warm up the atmosphere”, we know that the event would be about to start soon.. 😀

screams were everywhere of course (i have actually melted upon seeing him), but when he started talking, everyone just quietened down.. hehehe~ interestingly, his voice is very gentle… he introduced himself and of course some FAQs…

BEWARE: fancams have high noise level and may cause headache due to the over shaking of the vids (what else could you expect from the excited person holding the camera? hee~)

him explaining his signature.. notice his tone has changed a little bit? slightly more, hmm, playful? hee~

choosing 3 gifts to open on the spot and he chooses LKHJ first~~!!!
note that there are no indications that the gift is from LKHJ just by a mere look…

Charity Auction
i really appreciate the FaceShop for doing such event… to help and contribute back to the society.. and it’s even nice to see hyun joong is pleasantly surprise that his signatured standee alone can fetch such a high price.. heheh! well, leader, you are sort of priceless, you know? :p
and it’s really sweet of him to contribute $6686 in additional to the amounts that have already been raised ($6500 + $6686)
actually, when our starling bidded for $6060, he already wanted to stop at that… we even sung happy birthday song for him~ hehe.. in the end, a fan bid a higher one of $6686.. his birthdate & year!!!!

his pouting~!!!

after this, is the photo taking with pre-selected lucky people.. of which, there are starlings and princesses.. :)

then the time has finally come~!!! the fan sign!!! hehehe…
waited for a while before i join the queue to go up stage.. i already know what i’m going to say… just that, I HAVE FORGOTTEN IT~! hehehe… the “come to Singapore often” have totally, left off… hehe..

when it’s my turn to get the autograph, i called out “hyun joong ar~” when i’m getting near..

he looked up at me!!! MWHAHAHHAAH! :lol: simply beautiful face!!!! (and i dont know where my heart is at this point of time.. it may have stopped.. it may have melted until the point of evaporation..) but i still managed to continue saying “Bogoshipoyo” (meaning: i miss u) by this time, he already looked down and continued with the signing

i waited patiently and when he had finished, he looked up and said “thank you”…
yes, he said that to everyone in english… of course, with that dazzling smile~! awww~~~~ it is indeed a crime to be that good-looking..

anyway, after this, not much of a happen except to go back to our holding area and continue stare at him…

After the fan sign, it was phototaking session with the faceshop crew (both SG and Korean)…
there was this point which i find him totally, absolutely cute~! (ok, he’s cute always)…

there is this mother (a person from the Faceshop) carried a little girl on to the stage so that they could take a pic together… Hyun Joong is quite man in the sense that he initiated to carry the little girl over (ah!! the way he carried kids is so cute~~)

but as soon as the little girl “sits” on his forearms, she cried… hyun joong was kinda flustered and embarrassed, but this was the same time the pic was being taken.. he has to smile..
aigoo… if i’m not tired, i could have recorded it down… hopefully someone did manage to capture that.. i think that moment is quite, unforgettable.. :)

pic added: credit to Geraldine Koh @ facebook

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well, these are all the moments i remember… my thoughts.. *happy sigh*

le gra,

ps: i have borrowed the handycam from another starling: lamerhui.. thanks gal!!!