FA: KHJ’s Fansign event at IMM- best day ever in my entire life

Credit: wonderrrgirl @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

**Fan account can be shared/repost as long as credit is given **


KHJ’s fansign event at IMM was the one that I was looking forward to the most.
This is because I was lucky enough to be selected by TFS Singapore to be one of the 10 people who will be taking a group photograph with KHJ. Really grateful to TFS Singapore!

Anyway, reached the event location very early.
There were fans queuing up already.
I think some fans tried to create a queue number list but ultimately I don’t think TFS used it, they simply allowed whoever that are queuing to enter. ^.^

Also found out that my friend had a media pass to enter as a photographer. Some of you may know her. Her name is Kandace. She was also the one who took many amazing photos during Singapore’s Kpop Night Concert! Strangely, bb unnie also knew her ^.^ Indeed the world is extremely small…

Bb unnie, miy0, lamerhui, honeyeee and I went in later because we have a different pre-allocated time for photo-takers. (Yes, 4 other girls from LKHJ were also selected ^.^)

We were brought to the location at the right side (where KHJ will be entering).

Ah-Ken (host) was playing some games with the fans before KHJ’s arrival. He threw some posters to the fans at first. Afterwards he started to get people to answer to 10 reasons why they like KHJ. Everyone said mainly the same things: Handsome, 4D, etc.

He also asked who is Hyun Joong’s partner in WGM. Everyone screamed Hwangbo. (A strange question to ask at this sort of event actually. ^_^)

Suddenly, KHJ appeared at the side while the games were going on! He was using the entrance at the side to proceed to IMM’s TFS shop. Everyone was very excited! Due to our good location at the side, was able to snap a shot of him before he disappeared again~

Shall skip the boring game parts~

KHJ finally entered again and went on stage, causing everyone to erupt into screams and cheers.

KHJ said mainly the same things that he’s happy to be here and will come back next time for his album. ^.^

Ah-Ken asked him how does he keep his skin so clean and good too~
Our HJ’s reply was sooo like him.
“Before I attend the event, I used a mask from TFS!” ^.^
His face was ever so CUTE when he said it. You know how leader had this “her-her-her” kind of laughter? ^.^ I love it when he does that, and he normally does whenever he said something strange ^.^

Then it was time to choose 3 presents and open it up.
The first present KHJ chose was from us, LoveKHJ!
Leader said he like the lion very much. ^.^ After all he wants to become one in the next life…
So high and so delighted. To be honest, that was the only moment I screamed and cheered and jumped. Most of the time I am quite the calm fan looking at him, snapping pictures and making notes to write this fan account.

The second present he chose was from SGTS~
It was a comic book written/drawn by SGTS as well.
KHJ said that he like the comic book a lot. (He still loves his comic books ^.^)

The third present he opened was one from someone we don’t know.
It was a bottle with many purple hearts in it.
KHJ said that he had received a lot of origamis but he has never received any hearts!

Then it was signature time on the huge board on the stage:
Ah-Ken asked him to explain his signature!
KHJ was so cute when he said: “Kim. Hyun. Joong. SS501. K. H. J. Year 2010, December, 03” (Please do search up fan cams and watch this. He’s so cute here!!!! )

The next activity was the auction,
where winners of the auction get to take home the KHJ Standee as well as take a photo with Kim Hyun Joong alone!

I am so happy to say that the charity auction was so well participated. They managed to bid up to $6500. KHJ was really shocked actually as the amount kept going higher and higher. I caught a photo of him with his mouth open, like “gasp!” ^.^

The next auction was supposed to stop at $6060. KHJ personally stepped him saying it should stop here. I think he is very worried that the fans may not have so much to pay. Anyway, it was a little silly and RANDOM but people started to sing happy birthday song because of that. ^.^

However the winner goes to someone who someone else suddenly bid $6686, which is Year 86-06-06 as well. ^.^
KHJ also add on another &6866 to the charity as well, personally. ^.^

Then came the best moment in my life.

Went up to take photo with KHJ in groups of 5.
Naturally, I was with my unnies: bb, miyo, lamerhui, honeyeee.
I was the first to walk up.
I nearly died when I was up there because he looked so good.
He was really nice and kept asking us to come forward.
Thanks to the unnies who let me stand beside him (T_T),
My head was slightly below his left shoulder
Could feel his body warmth right on my ear… T_T
KHJ doesn’t seem to be wearing any cologne though~
I think he is the kind of guy who naturally smell nice without putting on anything artificial… ^.^

After the shots, he shook hands with everyone of us.
He also said “thank you” in English. It was so cute! The way he said it. His slightly airy “thank you” in his soft voice, that LEADER voice… T_T

Later on was the fansiging.
When I went up, I could not talk to him at all.
Simply found myself losing my voice… once again..

After the fansign, TFS crew went up for a phototaking with KHJ.
A little girl was brought on stage and KHJ carried her in his arms but the little child was crying badly. She literally SCREAMED when Leader carried her!

But our dearest Hyun Joong was smiling so happily~ ^.^
He took a photo with the little girl~
Ah Ken commented that this crying girl had NO IDEA how many are dying to be in her position. Hehehe ^.^ This girl.. I wonder what she will think when she grows up!

That was about the end of his fansign event.
I am very sorry if I left out anything. I am sure however, there are other fan accounts and videos out there, so do check them out as well! ^.^

I had to rush to the airport to take the flight with KHJ later on~
(Will write this part tmr. As usual, on LKHJ.com. ^.^)

Part 2 of FA:

I want to thank bb, miyo, lamerhui & honeyee once again~ T_T
Actually the day before, honeyee already said that I can be the one to stand beside him because I’ve never seen leader before and I love Leader to the max. It was really because of them that I get to be so close to leader. They do not have to do this, because I am actually the youngest of the group. However…T_T

Before our plane to KL took off, received a text from bb unnie saying they managed to take a picture of me with KHJ in our group photo that I will be happy with. T_T

My unnies are incredible to me and it’s because of them this is possible. Quite honestly, would I have gotten a ticket from LKHJ if I continue to remain a silent lurker?

The person who got me to come out off my cave and to admit that I was the one translating the videos under WonderrrLiz501 was bb unnie actually.

She was the one who noticed the resemblance between Wonderrrgirl & WonderrrLiz501… and asked if it’s the same person.
I think if she did not do this, I will still be a silent lurker, and probably won’t have what I enjoyed today.. T_T
If I did not get a ticket from LKHJ, I probably won’t have the chance to go…
As for photo taking, it was indeed completely good fortune thanks to Doreen, the CEO of TFS, she was the one who send me a message telling me about this good piece of news.

When I heard the news, the first person I told was bb unnie, because I feel grateful to her for being the person who got me to start contributing to the forum earlier before. Bb unnie then replied me something I think I will always remember. She said that when we do things without expecting anything in return, life will somehow take good care of you.


So I’m really grateful today, and more than happy.
Not only did I manage to see leader at last, and had such a good memory with him,

Leader also brought me a set of awesome friends in LKHJ.
I thought fans are just fans who gather to talk about their idols.
But the girls here cared enough for me always, to read my blog and stuff like cheering me on last week during my exams. I am very fortunate and ahhh, seriously, how can I not love leader more and more when he has indirectly brought me people like them?

Hope you girls enjoyed this way too long account, and sorry for rambling on too much! ^_^

I should go to bed now ^_^ I will write about airport encounters with KHJ tomorrow ^_^ !