Fan Account on KHJ’s Tampines Mall TFS store visit!

Credit: wonderrrgirl @

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To be honest, I wasn’t planning to go, because I really don’t like crowds very much.
I was quite sure he’s not going to stay for long either.
Quite frankly, I went down only because earlier that day, I wanted to talk to bb unnie about something,
so I went down to Tampines Mall to meet the LKHJ girls who were at Starbucks instead of queuing with the rest. ^_^

However, when I went over with some others to check out the queuing,
saw our Korean friend from the airport yesterday, so went to speak with her.
Not long later, the security suddenly brought up the barricades and we found ourselves suddenly right in front of where KHJ will arrive later in his car.

It was really quite lucky.
So I decided that I should stay.

KHJ is supposed to come at 3:30PM, but by 3:30PM there was still no sign of him. It was quite a tiring wait for the fans.
Also, it started to rain at about 2-2:30PM.
I was happy because this means KHJ is indeed “비부돌bi-bu-dol” (Idol who brings rain)!

I believe my personal experience of waiting for him that day was also made enjoyable mostly by KHJ’s personal bodyguard over here. (The burly one ^.^)
Because of our Korean friend, he could recognize her perhaps, or it’s just nice to hear a familiar language in a foreign place.
They started to talk quite a lot.

His bodyguard first asked us if there is a Panasonic store in Tampines Mall. (There isn’t)
We told him that there isn’t but there are many electronic stores around. I think he could not hear it because he asked again where is the electronic store.

Later on, he came over and asked again where is the toilet.
He spoke in English however, “Toilet, where?”
Quite an interesting guy.

Our Korean friend was randomly ranting to him that it’s tiring, asking if KHJ will come soon.
The bodyguard was really nice; he called up someone and asked, “Where are you” (in Korean).
Told us that he will be coming soon (though “soon” is really an ambiguous word!)

He also told us about KHJ’s car in Singapore.
He said a BMW was chosen for him because it was bigger for men to change inside. ^_^

Our Korean friend wrote a fan letter and wanted to pass it to KHJ’s manager who happen to walk by, but the manager told her she should give it to KHJ herself later… if possible. ^.^

Later on, TFS crew arrived,
Everyone was excited for a while, thinking it is KHJ.

The next car that arrived consist of KHJ’s crew,
Mainly Cordi unnie/noona & the makeup artists.

We were able to hear the makeup artist saying to KHJ’s bodyguard that she was not able to touch up KHJ’s make up for the store visit.
I guess the Press Conference earlier really ended late (He had private interviews to do after that).
Honestly, I thought cordi unnie looks kind of stressed.
(But later when KHJ came, he looked just as good though! Make up or not. ^.^)

KHJ’s bodyguard then came over and informed us that he will only be staying in the store for 15-20minutes.

KHJ came finally at approximately 4:30PM
He stayed in the car for a while before stepping out.
The bodyguard was guarding the door, and the other taller guard (also KEYEAST) stepped out of the car as well.

They open the door slightly and was in conversation with KHJ, probably asking if he’s ready or not?
Then finally, the STAR came walking out.
He was in white (as many will know by now), very handsome, and I had a great view, better than airport yesterday.
I was smarter this time and I took a video instead.
(Will upload later on when I return to Singapore)

KHJ spoke abit, basically about how he’s happy to come to SG and that he is coming back to promote his album ^_^

Oh! He also said we should buy more TFS products! ^_^

He only stayed for about 10-15 minutes and left very quickly.

However, it was quite a worthwhile wait for me, because it was nice to know that KHJ’s bodyguard is so nice. I’ve always heard about him being nice, and was finally able to experience it for myself.

He is quite understanding most of the time too.
Actually, the bodyguard even allowed fans to take the fancams for a while more before asking them to move back so that KHJ could go into his car safely.

Was a great day!

At night, went to eat at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.
Almost all of the TFS and KHJ’s crew were also eating there actually.
There were some fans around, but yes, no sign of KHJ. ^.^

However, we were there to bring the Korean and Japanese fans for a good meal, as well as to let them try out the Chilli Crabs in Singapore. Had a great time with the LKHJ girls!

Rushed back home afterwards because I have to pack for KL and get ready for tomorrow… MORE SOON! ^.^

P.S Will upload photos when I return to Singapore~