muaha I love him in white *and also black, grey too, actually he looks good in any color or nothing at all* *omg I shouldn’t have said this*


Credit: Yen4KHJ @ twitter *thank you very much for sharing*



Tidbits shared by Yen4KHJ:

Press con is done. He’s in white. He didn’t smile to the first few minutes

*for the first few minutes*

Now on one-on-one interview

He was asked if Hyung Jun told him something about Singapore. He said all he knows is that it is very clean and can’t chew gum.

He was actually surprised at the turn out at the airport. He even asked whether the fans are there for him.

He was asked how he feels when people say he looks like BYJ. He said it’s an honor ‘coz BYJ is a very handsome man.

When asked who he thinks is more handsome. He said he’d rather not answer the question ‘coz he’s the boss

He was asked why he wears white most of the time. He said since Singapore is a but hot he wants to look cool? He gave a long answer but too busy to note everything. ㅋㅋㅋ

For 2011, he wants to make a solo album, comeback to SG for a fanmeet to promote the album and probably do another drama

One silly question: what he looks for in a GF. does he go for the looks? He asked back: what else is there to look for? MC said the body?

He said some have a great face but don’t have the body or can be very sexy but looks plain. So he goes for the average.

Our question: what he thinks of the charity event. He said he likes to be involved in charity activities even though this time it is small. He hopes to be involved in more charity events