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OMG! this is how crowded the shop is!


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On another note, he didn’t rode the Jaguar last night. They changed to a a 7 series BMW.

He’s arriving on BMW again. Same car last night. I guess the one-on-one interviews stretched longer

He’s in! They’re doing the dragon dance. He’ll stay 15-20 mins tops

Oh thank goodness he’s out and gone already

He wore the same thing from the presscon.

He said he’s Kim Hyun Joong and thank you for coming. Please buy more from Face Shop and he’ll be back with an album next year.

Fan sign tomorrow. He will sign for 200 fans. And at the same time there’d be a bidding for 2 signed standees.

Winners of the bidding will have a photo op with him and will bring home the standee. Proceeds will go to charity

There are 10 pre-selected fans who will have their photo taken with Hyun Joong. These fans were already informed a few days earlier