Credit: SF501 @ *thank you very much for sharing*


So nice to be able to see this smiling face first thing in the morning at the TFS Press Conference.

He walked into the room smiling!

More vids to follow – just not right now. Enjoy!



He starts off speaking about his arrival, fans in Singapore, TFS and why he wears white…
It was clear at the press conference that he is more than just a pretty face. Some of his answers were rather clever..



The press starts by asking him about his skincare regimen, given the fact that he endorses for TFS. Sorry, missed the question from the press because my arms got tired holding the camera up…



Here he is asked whether he goes for women by their looks, and his cheeky answer is, “If not looks, then what?” :lol:
Watch on as he explains himself…. (don’t worry, wuri HJ is not that shallow!)



More to follow….