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Hello Everyone…

Before i get started, let me be frank. Black Witch forgotten to bring her camera, so you will see nothing but words only, so It’s as DRY = BORING as it can get. Beside, personally i think that i can act better than i can write. So it will be more interesting for me to act it out then to express it in writing. (At least that is what i think lah).. For those who don’t really enjoy reading long dry posts.. Sorry 미안… Here we go…

01 Dec 2010 , 5.30pm
The company i work for, provide transport for all staffs to Tanah Merah MRT.. i hardly take the company transport but guess what.. i’m first in the line today… i could wait no more to get myself to the airport.. (^_^). Bus leaves work place @ 5.45pm… That 15 mins feels like Forever…. Finally the bus set off weeeee… I got to take a 8 min train from Tanah Merah to Changi Airport. Upon arrival at Changi Airport MRT,i finally open my eyes to see that i have to go out by different exit if i want to go to different terminal.. (*Sorry for being such a mountain tortoise.. usually someone will send/fetch me to to/fro airport, this is my 2nd time taking mrt there). The 1st time.. i got lost and i got to call my friend to fetch me… Yayaya… silly but it’s the truth..

Time check @ 6.23pm – Black Witch arrive at Changi Airport Terminal 2.. My ex-Korean class classmate already told me that she have arrive at the airport, so i gave her a call. We met at Burger King, chatting about her work and stuff (She is a writer for Teens magazines), half-Korean-Singaporean. Sweet 20 years old only… Meanwhile, i sms BB공주 :

BW: Unnie.. U at airport already?
BB: >10 peeps here liao. At Ya Kun

First thing that comes to my mind.. “More than 10!! Wah.. and i still think i VERY early loh, Chey!”

Time check @ abt 6.45pm
Bounce off to Ya Kun.. Okie, it’s always easy to recognize Our Princesses and Fellow – Starlings = There is always laughter and lots of smiling faces… Settle my old bones down on a chair, got myself some toast and tea, i really need the food/drinks to keep me going and alive for the next few hours.. I have a group of Unnies Starlings sitting on my right, having their fingers and face on an IPad, they look so serious and busy in whatever they are doing, i dare not disturb.. (Which i later find out from BB공주 what they are doing).. Nope, i’m not going to tell here.. But i’m feeling excited for them already… ENVY the Unnies…lalalala..

Went off to the ladies after my snack and when i came back, i saw fellow starlings walking towards the barricades that the Airport staffs are setting up… and someone calling out to me ( I can’t remember who it was, sorry).. “Let’s go “chop” a place at the barricades and wait there”. We chose to stand nearer to the exit door where the crowd is less packed and where we can breathe more. =)

I received a call from a Korean friend (her name is Michelle) who is also at the airport waiting for HIM. I get to know Michelle when i attended “Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoon” event 2 years ago in Seoul, she was one of those who can speak English and is willingly to help me and my friend. Till today i’m still thankful to her for that very unforgettable day. =) She join us in the waiting..

Time check @ abt 7.30pm
Time is not moving, it seems like forever since we have been waiting there… tired and restless.. i was walking to and fro where the younger starlings are standing and the few chairs which are a couple of steps away, where a few Unnies hang around.. CIN is walking around offering her MacDonald fries and nuggets, i can see that she is very excited about the whole event, her energy never runs out (How nice is that, i was like that maybe 10 years ago) and Who would have believe that me and CIN is of the same age when I’m totally like an old granny, feeling the ache from standing, getting tired and grumpy due to the wait. Emz,Yen and few other unnies busy snapping pictures, they for sure have much enery than i did as well. Emz 공주 got an extra camera, so she passed to me for snapping photos… but i get tired too easily… so i snap a few

Time check @ abt 8.XXpm
At the corner of my small eyes, i saw someone carrying banners… and i see the group of Maknae’s face brightening up.. “I want to see , I want to see.” these were the only comments i heard…. and then “Ta Dang”………………….. The first one i see is a White and Neat banner… Bearing the upcoming FC’s name… ( I no photo to show (>_<“) )…. The girls are saying that they are hoping to get the Boys” signature… ;)

And the 2nd one, a nice shade of red with the Very beautiful LKHJ FC’s logo… can’t help but to smile at it.. It’s really pretty and nice… =) I can hear the “Oooooooo” and “Wahhhhh” follow by the happy laughter coming from fellow starlings when Both banners is open up for all to see… =) Sweet**

Miyo공주 just arrived not too long ago and i believe she is already hungry after a long day at work, she came back after buying some food.. the 2 of us feel like old people sitting at the back on the chairs staring at all the people who are so full of energy…obviously excited.. since we have time on hand, we decided to take a photo together using Miyo 공주’s Polaroid camera.. Intend to use that as a “short message” to HIM… =) By the Way.. many thanks to Pangle as well for brining your Polaroid camera and is was nice meeting you… =)

Time check??? Okie… i never did that already…
I run out of patience and was tired already, my mind and body is already “separated”…. i cannot remember much about how i spend the rest of the time.. i only remember:

(1) there was the distribution of the Santa hat (an early Christmas Pressie from Emz 공주.. *** THANK YOU AGAIN, Unnie”…

(2) and CIN showing us her very very cute yellow jacket that zip all the way to her head showing a very cute cartoon character… It sure bring laughter to many… :lol: :lol:

(3) hearing BB공주 said few times “I want to go home already”…. and seeing her sweating and walking around chit chatting with fellow-starlings, and asking for tissue paper…

(4) Miyo공주 busy on her iphone.. tweeting i think… or replying to fellow fans of Leader…

Just then, i hear many saying “The Plane has landed”, i stood up and turn and look at Miyo공주.. she say in a very calm manner “Plan landed, still need to walk and clear customs.”.. so i sat down and continue to stare into the air.. but there is just way too many commotions going on… everything i hear someone scream… i would stand on the chair hoping it was finally HIM… but as the minutes passed by… It was already about 10pm and no sight of him… my excitement is fading off… and for the passed 30min or so, May Unnie is standing on the chair on ‘stand-by” video using Emz’s unnie camera…. i keep asking May Unnie if her arms are tired or aching… but she doesn’t feel a thing at all… if it was me, i might i have passed out holding on to the position… Not easy at all…

Everytime we hear people screaming… me and Miyo공주 will climb up the chair at the fastest speed possible and hold onto one another for support.. I can’t see myself, neither can she.. but i’m pretty sure we look funny together, holding onto one another on a chair in our International airport… LOL… But it was really fun… but a bit too tiring.. and for many times… we stood up and sat down… stood up and sat down…

Michelle too, run out of patience and she was screaming in Korean ” Kim Hyun Joong, Faster come out, i’m dying”….. couple of time… hahahahaha

Just then, May Unnie say ” Wait until camera also low batt already”, only did we realize that Emz공주’s camera is running low on power.. the camera is also “exhausted” too.. so i took over the camera hoping to “preserve” the last bits of the power while May Unnie took out her own camera and continuing in the tough camera ‘Stand-by” position… Miyo공주 and myself give up moving up and down the chair.. so we unanimously stand on the chair for about 10 maybe 15min when we hear a lot scream… sorry i mean many screams… or was it my heart thumping??? I could no longer tell the difference if it was other people’s screaming or my heart screaming at me… the crowd is screaming for his name.. ” Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Hyun Joong,Kim Hyun Joong…..”

And after a short while and from the volume of the screamsssss… i KNOW i KNOW … ” HE IS HERE, HE IS COMING”… i held up Emz공주’s camera and zoom zoom zoom to the path that he is going to walk past… keep the camera above my head.. so that i can TRY to capture him on video while using my eyes to see him… It’s all over Sooo fast and Sooo quickly.. i Swear i saw the smile on his face… despite the beanie and sunglasses… he look so good…. =)… Hours of waiting for this 5 seconds of happiness…. I can’t represent for all, but for me.. It’s worth it.. especially when you’re with a group of fun loving starlings ad of course the princesses…. =)

Black Witch promise that if there is another opportunity.. i’ll NEVER forget my camera…. Quoting from BB공주 ” A picture says a thousands words”… if only i have the photos to share…..

Black Witch… smiling in her dream thinking of his smile behind those sunglasses