FA: First Glimpse of the STAR!
– Wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com



Everyone already knows that I’m definitely going to blog about my fan account of KHJ’s arrival and visit in Singapore.
I also promised that I will definitely work hard to write this fan account well,
and I definitely plan to keep this promise!

I have to say however, that today’s account will not be anything too exciting, because all we did was to go and receive KHJ at the airport.
This is my first time ever going all out to the airport to receive a star.
Previously, no matter how much I like any star,
I will not do things like going to the airport to receive them,
mainly because I’m not the sort of fan who has to see every minute of him,
nor do I enjoy being squeezed and pushed by crowds.

However, because this is Kim Hyun Joong,
I threw away all my distaste for uncomfortable crowds and went down to join in the major crowd to give our Hyun Joong the warmest welcome to Singapore.
This is afterall, not the first time that I did something completely unlike me for Kim Hyun Joong…

The wait was indeed terrible though.
The barricades were up at about approximately 7pm and everyone went to line up behind the barricades.
Even though the flight was supposed to land at 9:30pm, we however waited for him for more than 1 and half hours.
Hyun Joong already landed, but he spent a long time in the lounge, most likely to wait for the other passengers to go off first.
Thankfully for overseas fans who were inside with him and could let us know what is going on, which made our wait for him slightly easier to bear….
It was about 10:30pm when he finally came out!

Our Hyun Joong is wearing grey hoodie with a black beanie and shades, carrying his favorite LV bag as usual.
However, why is it that despite wearing dull colours, our Hyun Joong is shining so brightly like a star? ^.^

He was very cool and suave, walking very quickly in long strides (Thanks to the long legs that he has!).
I was very lucky to be in front at the barricades, so my view was fantastic to me.
I was in such a position where when he walked out towards his car, he was moving towards my direction before turning to exit from the doors.
When he passed where I am, I could see his flawless skin very well!

Even though our Hyun Joong is very tall (181cm), he still appeared skinny to me.
Some of the other fans commented that they could not see him from the crowd of security guards around him actually!

However, we’ve heard from fans inside who said that Hyun Joong was in a very good mood throughout his plane ride.
He was as usual, doing his strange dances, and frantically playing with his iPad in the plane.

I shall leave the fan(s) who truly witness the scenes inside to tell their story, for afterall, they were the ones who were there!
But basically, my point is that Hyun Joong is in a good mood, and that makes me very happy to hear of it. :)

So indeed, this is the life of a fan…
5 hours of wait but only seeing him for 5 seconds.
However, because we are there for him to welcome him, I am just happy that he was able to received a warm welcome from everyone!

I have to add that security taking care of Hyun Joong was fantastic actually.
I don’t think there was a single moment when Hyun Joong was inconvenienced or harassed by any fans when he was on his way out of the airport.
Everyone behaved quite well and I’m glad it went smoothly!
However, based on TFS’s update on their Facebook Page, it seems like there were some close shaves with his car and the fans.
But other than that, everyone went quite well and I’m very happy with the protection Hyun Joong has to keep him safe.