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English translation by ss501@soompi


Since your partner/costar is Kim Hyun Joong, do you feel pressure?

“When I was young, I have learned dancing, I just started acting thinking that it might be useful/helpful for dancing. Anyway … “, if tell by emotion, like a late autumn day, when walking on the famous street full of falling golden/yellow leaves, I suddenly caught/saw it. Like in the drama Playful Kiss, when Oh Ha Ni, with those lovely smiling eyes, jump out playfully and said, “Nice to meet you (Happy to meet you).”


As a girl with excellent high school achievement, personal goal and good results/achievements are preparations for her to take the first step (she was accepted to study at the Korea University of Arts in acting).

“Actually, I’m quite lucky (laughs), study/learning also brings happiness, when I first started acting, I feel that this job is right for me. Until now I’ve achieve pretty good results. When first appeared in the drama Bad Guy, I was loved by many and considered as the second Yoon Eun Hye, and recently I even collaborated/worked with Kim Hyun Joong.”


Indeed, Bad Guy can be considered as a successful shot, opening the way for a new actress to enter the world of entertainment. Then, with Playful Kiss, she has successfully emerged as a leading actress. In fact, for Jung So Min, Playful Kiss is a gift.

“When I first heard I was chosen, I was really surprised … I know there are many candidates … The director has think highly of me, hahaha … So, to reach/to fulfill/to repay everyone’s expectations, I have tried all my best.”


As a costar of Kim Hyun Joong, who is not only famous in Korea but recently has also become a Hallyu star (became famous) throughout Asia, do you feel a lot of pressure?

“I just want to do my best as an actress. Kim Hyun Joong has helped me a lot throughout the filming process. Maybe he doesn’t want me to feel too much pressure/stress. After completing 16 episodes, I still feel sorry/regretful about some things, but with the Youtube special, that feeling has disappeared.”

Although the TV version of Playful Kiss doesn’t receive high ratings, but the special edition on Youtube, after the first episode has received 360,000 views, and after the 2nd day, all around the world has receiced a total of over 520,000 views.

For many actors, it’s hard for them to forget/leave (escape) their characters after the drama is over, especially for new actors taking on leading roles for the first time. Jung So Min said Oh Ha Ni is really special character for her. When saying goodbye Oh Ha Ni, how does Jung So Min feels?

“Yes … To me, Hani is a very special character. So I need more time (to adjust when filming is over), now I still feel familiar/close to Oh Ha Ni. There’s still a feeling that we will continue filming (filming will continue) tomorrow… During the time we film together, even Kim Hyun Joong said that he’s used to calling me Oh Ha Ni, so when he called me Jung So Min it feels a little unfamiliar (different/not used to it). Anyway it has ended, how to say goodbye to Oh Ha Ni will take time and will sadden me (give me a headache) for a while,” she shares her sympathy and feelings about this. Feelings of regret and sadness had clearly shown in her. Clearly, Oh Ha Ni will forever be a shadow/character that can never be easily erased/forgotten for Jung So Min.

Not long ago during the press conference for the Youtube special edition, you have received many compliments about your dress (style), when you read the news, how do you feel about it?

“To everyone who compliment me, I’m very grateful, I also have that side to me? A very new feeling (laughter)”


Now is the time to select your next project, have you select any good project?

“I had just finished the drama, I want to take a little break. About the new role I still haven’t consider any yet … (laughs). Recently, I have been watching/following the drama “Mary stay out all night” of  Kim Jae Wook, a cast member from Bad Guy, I think that the drama will succeed. I will continue to watch it. I had just seen the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind”, it is excellent, the acting has also deeply impressed me. Hopefully I can act like Kate Winslet, have both soft and cool qualities, but also can pull people in.”


Who are your idols?

“I don’t have any special idols. No matter who the senior actors (sunbaes) are, if I can learn from them, I’m not going to set any limits for myself.”

When looking at this new actress talk about her own progress, her future plans, or about her image, we can see that she, an actress with strong expression, clearly show her stand/point of view, to the audience/others, how should I say this … I have the feeling that in the future she will become a big star. Isn’t it enough evidence for us to love/care for Jung So Min now?