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‘Kim’ schedule!

1 December @ 09:20pm – Arrival via KE641
2 December @ 03:50pm – Shop visit at Tampines Mall TheFaceShop
3 December @ 10.45am – Shop visit at IMM TheFaceShop
3 December @ 11.00am – Before the fan meeting at IMM 3 floor Garden Plaza, will hold an charity auction for Kim HyunJoong life size standee, auction price starts from $150, auction proceeds will be donated to WorldVision One Life Fund.
*For more details, please visit TheFaceShop facebook.


Update! What is Kim HyunJoong busy with recently?

* After completing ‘Naughty Kiss’ filming, Kim HyunJoong will come back as a singer beginning next year, releasing his solo album. Recently when being interviewed, he insisted that SS501 will not disband, as all 5 members have been seperated in 4 different agencies, there might be difficulties to have group activities, so for now they are having their solo activities.

* Previously in CNN Korea Special, they have placed special focus on Kim HyunJoong who ingnited a heated Hallyu wave in Youtube, and classified him as the new generation star that lead the Hallyu wave. To this Kim HyunJoong mentioned: “I am not a Hallyu star yet. This terms is still too far-fetched to me, however I am making preparation, Bae YongJoon hyung has actually given me great help.”