Even when I have watched it countless of time, the feeling is still the same every time I watch again. If you are a new fan thanks to Mischievous Kiss and haven’t watched this, you definitely should. If you have already done, it’s recommended that you watch again. This is a wonderful thing. I will tell you a secret *Hyun Joong can shine. Not only his eyes, his smile, his face, but light radiates from him, all over. You will know what I mean when you watch until the middle of the youtube video*

He was enjoying himself much ne. Can you feel his love and passion? To me, men is coolest when he passionately and hardworkingly indulges in doing what he loves, what he pursues. And Hyun Joong is the coolest >.<

He loves guitar and love playing it. And I love him playing the guitar. Waiting for the day when I can see again, Hyun Joong and guitar…

*I guess Hyun Joong fans have all watched the fancam by SS501ane cafe, but it is likely that you haven’t watched the Perfect ver. This is better. well, Perfect is Perfect ^^


Canon in D


Creep (talking part included)


Creep (no talking)