EDIT by Ode: There was this mistake with this article, even when this was first being translated something didn’t seem right about it. The ceremony is not in Taiwan, but in HK instead. *error typo?* On the first day after Xmas, he’ll be in TW and not HK, again, *confusion*? Probably his stop after TW is HK. And, I don’t think he ever urged on fans to vote for him, he was never one such being
All in all, due to the many uncertainties of this article, please treat it with a light pinch of salt and or ignore. ^^Thankszz~~



Kim HyunJoong will be beginning his asian promotion tour for drama [Playful Kiss] starting from December 1st onwards in Singapore, and then to Taiwan, Malaysia, Hongkong, Japan etc, while Hongkong’s stand is expected to be during Christmas. Kim HyunJoong even once previewed about his possible attendance to Taiwan’s [Yahoo Asia Buzz Award] ceremony, and urges on fans to vote for him.

In addition, SS501 members Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong will also be holding their fans meeting session on January 8 next year at HongKong Asia World Expo, the most costly ticket is at 980 HKD. Also, SNSD also made their invade into Taiwan this year where they raked in 20.5 million HKD to reign king amongst all korean artistes.



Translation by Ode