the site moves slowly recently but finally we’ve reached it ^^


* I knew it would come soon and have been checking the stats often but still can’t catch the 500,000 moment haha*


Note: you can skip the rambling below and jump onto the important underlined part only ^^


It feels like yesterday when I opened the blog some months ago ^^

Thank you very much who visits, be it everyday, or sometimes, or occasionally *together, we make it!*. Were it not for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Whenever I am tired, want to give up or slack off updating, thinking of you who will drop by and leave in disappointment, I just can’t allow myself to do so. Your visiting and leaving comments gives me motivation, strength and makes me believe that what I am doing holds a certain meaning. So thank you very much ❤

Thank you very very much who contribute, send stuff and tips into my email and who helped me manage the blog before. You really helps a lot and I am deeply thankful for every single thing you’ve done for me. Without you, things would have been much harder and more tiring for me. So thank you very much ❤

Thank you very very very much JangKissers, who formed the wonderful warm cozy family named JangKiss Subs tongether with me, who are always stay by my side through thick and thins. I love you all ❤

I also want to say sorry for everything that I may not have done well. I am not good at communicating,  don’t often talk *I wanted to, but not having enough time* and I may have missed answering some of your emails/comments. Believe that I really didn’t mean to ^^.  I also went MIA without notice for several days when I’m busy *ya that’s so bad*. I want to input more sidetrack info, tidbits or thoughts of mine into each post but time constraints prevent me to, and all the posts end up with the core content only *I’ve opted for fast massive updates instead of customizing content/expressing myself*. It is one of my biggest regret that I can’t make MissChievous Land a customized site of mine. yeah I didn’t do as well as I wanted to *a poor self reflection haha*

I don’t want to make this sound like a farewell post. I’ve long thought about what I would do with the blog and the subbing team after the drama ended. It’s a tough decision to make and honestly, I haven’t been able to make up my mind yet. I’ve thought of closing down the blog after the drama, then pushed back until the 500,000 views *yeah I wanna reach something before disappearing into the thin air*. Then I considered stop providing quick regular updates and turning the blog into my personal one with more of my own input and thoughts about what I fancy and what happen in the fandom. Now I’m still here in a quandary, not wanting to let go of what I have been building for the past few months. It feels like my own child and it has taken me a lot to raise it. Ain’t easy at all.

With all of these above said, I want to call for help from you. If you are interested in running the blog with me or want to help sending  updates/giving tips, please drop me an email or leave a comment under this post with your email add and I will contact you. The more manpower we have, the lesser the workload will be and better content will be generated. Please help me make MissChievous Land not only up and coming but also a better place. Thank you ❤ *I would appreciate it if you can help me spread the word, by twitter, facebook for example*

I will talk about this and my decision later ^^. See ya ❤