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Source: Korea Marie Claire Magazine December
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[Magazine Translation] HyunJoong @ Korea Marie Claire Magazine December 2010


Kim HyunJoong is the quiet and reticent type.

Not the kind that will lost himself and venting of trouble when feeling tired. Of course this is just my personal opinion. However this very personal comments was derived from the funny groom in ‘We Got Married’. ‘We Got Married’ is a reality varity show, showing oneself infront of the a public camera unreservedly for 24 hours. Even artist who has covered with a perfect mask will not be able to escape its truefulness. All in a sudden under such condition the usual way of breathing was also not an easy task.

In this reality varity show, although Kim HyunJoong was funny and outrages but he dealt with thing in a smart and also cute way. Also no matter what kind of words were not easily ignored, was very sharp and clever. The topic about ‘4D Kim HyunJoong’ which was widely spread around the internet at that time, is quite identical to the Kim HyunJoong in real life. Anyhow join a variety show, after going through it, his name would rank 1st in search engine search term the next day. Didn’t cause a stir but at the sudden moment, just existed with this unique ‘Kim HyunJoong’ personal identity. Always just perfectly performing his own personal role, but the result was interesting and perfection.

He is a talented person with exceptional skill. A singer turn actor usually will has to go through a crossing period, but ‘JiHoo sunbae”s gentleness, and also his smile in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, skillfully and naturally turned Kim HyunJoong into an actor. After that SS501 activities area expanded, stepping out from Japan and become Asia stars, Baek SeungJo in ‘Naughty Kiss’ made Kim HyunJoong rised up to an even higer level. Although SS501’s 5 members has individually sign to different agencies, and in between rumours of their disband and going solo, there’s no such accusation. Although the viewer rating will not lie but it is not deceiving that Kim HyunJoong is stepping into the rank of a matured actor. He would not be surrounded by the bubbles of not being needed, he has the decision to protect himself.

No matter what, he has rised up to another level after ‘Boys over Flowers’. He become more and more popular as the male lead actor of ‘Naughty Kiss’, as the drama storyline continue to grow. Therefore, although wanted to know Kim HyunJoong will return with what kind of role next time, but he reappeared full of confidence first as a singer.


Singer Kim HyunJoong’s come back!

He transformed into Korea’s representative and was invited to participate in Guangzhou Asia Games. After the completion of his drama, he continued to film another 7 episodes of 10mins YT Special Edition, and concurrently completed his CF activities which he has received before that. At the same time, in order to learn how to sing Asian Games title song ‘Sunshine Again”s chinese lyrics, he came to China earlier. As usual Kim HyunJoong go through all these repeating and unending work. Exhaustion in energy usually will cause sensitivity and affect one’s emotion. We worried of he who has never changed, whether his emotion will be affected. However, each person’s method of amending wound seem to be different, he seemed to solve this problem by working happily. Or else, don’t know how he will go through this. (MiniUFO: Not sure about this sentence. The chinese translation is weird) After all, he is just 25years old.

Had his activity in Japan ‘Skyper! Award’ for 3day 2night, and also after 3.5hr flight reaching Guangzhou, stopover for 2days 1night. In between the performance gap, we kept observing Kim HyunJoong until the opening ceremony stage almost started. Before that, he had been wearing his ear-piece at back stage, listening to ‘Sunshine Again’ repeatedly. He was focus at any time, while in between the staff he was also wearing a light and sincere smile. The Kim HyunJoong now is full of confidence, and is in a happy mood. Our originally worries and panic was removed by him.