really really LoLs at his funny reply to her hahaha *his sense of humor never fails to crack me up*.

Hyun Joong ah, you said so to a girl? kkk it proves that the 2 are close friends who are comfortable to each other *she called him Hyun Joong oppa ^^*. It must be good to have a friend like him, who can make you laugh all days with his jokes and 4D talks ^^


Here you go Hyun Joong and Jessica: (credit 2pinkninja)

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Korean to Chinese translation:
Chinese to English translation:
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Starting from 8:27 – 8:47
Jessica SMS leader to ask him what animal she looks like?
Leader replied her: Why? You want to use 4 legs to walk?
Then Jessica replied him it was for the radio broadcast
Leader replied her that she should have told him earlier that it is for radio broadcast and said that she looked like a Persian Cat.