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LoLs, Hyun Joong’s 4Dism is the most invincible! I wonder what this man is saying, but how come what he says is so enjoyable and makes all the people around him happy. I doubt if these things are said by another person, it won’t create the same effect. It’s the special charm that only Hyun Joong has ^^

The filming set become full of laughter *and weird story* because of him ^^

haha, and SoMin seems to be able to click with Hyun Joong in his 4D talk, enjoyable much?


I remember someone asking why Hyun Joong is standing like that. It’s probably to reduce the height difference between him and Hani’s friends. In the drama, they usually do something to make the height difference not obvious. For example, making SoMin stand on a platform in certain scenes with Hyun Joong, or making Hyun Joong bend down like this, in the stair case, Hyun Joong will stand 1 step lower,…

poor boy, he still had to concentrate in acting, showing his expression and speaking his lines while in an uncomfortable pose like this



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He fell asleep while filming. It’s heartbreaking when he said “I want to sleep, let me live”, he couldn’t sleep properly for 5 consecutive days and even feel tired of eating *how come still look that hot*