source: harukhj
chinese translator: yoyo@baidu khj thread
english translator: emz

[2010.11.09] Gimpo Airport Send Off account

went to incheon airport early in the morning after hearing news about going to guangzhou..
hurried over to gimpo when heard about going to japan
the 2 places were heard from unconfirmed sources…. a 50:50 chance
and its going to japan keke
camera was small, yet to prepare properly
when suddenly someone came down from the vehicle…
the people infront froze…. kekekekekeke
12.50 ANA flight

God of universe alighted from the vehicle and entered ard 11.50… kekeke
as expected, the ticket was given to the manager initially but he took it back after the company staff left.
but as i was taking a video and going up level 2, i din see clearly the way he looked holding the ticket.
and when i said please look here, a big camera suddenly appeared from behind

a familiar reporter came along

trying to get an interview

arh what was happening … because those who knew Hyun Joong would know he accepts interview cheerfully and light heartedly.

manager tried to stop but acted as if he doesnt know kekekekekeke

ah! so cute TTTTTTT telling the reporter like republic of korea fighting? something to that extent
after that he went in kekekekeke

the reporter was also saying guangzhou asia games
hyun joong replied “me go japan????” keke
anyway thanks to the reporter for a longer time to look (at Hyun Joong) keke

not many fans around …. anyway its great….

the seeing time was a bit long
couldnt find a good position video was not good… ha ha… kekekekekek

after he went in i came out
found myself captured in the reporter interview when i relook at the video taken
did not know i was within the camera range
kept talking and ran away when i saw the camera lens
wouldnt be broadcast right? ? – –