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After winning the hearts of many women in 2009’s TV Drama, Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun-jung of SS501 fame, turns nasty as an arrogant man in his latest drama Mischievious Kiss. His latest character, Baek Seung-jo is a handsome genius, indifferent, pompous and has to have the last word. Nonetheless, the popularity of the drama is clearly shown, as the recent poll on 2C (Japanese portal site) regarding the most anticipated Korean drama in the second half of 2010 showed a 68.9% (68,467) for Mischievious Kiss. It placed the drama on its number one spot. So now let’s hear what Kim had to say on K.NOW exclusive interview.


What were you doing before the shooting of Mischievious Kiss begin?

I have been busy with SS501’s mini album. We were scheduled to go to other countries, meeting our international fans that we hardly see and we did some photo shoot. If I had some free time, I met up with my friends, working out and catching up with them. After I got casted for the drama, I previewed the original work and studied the character. I went on practicing until the shooting starts.


Do you think you have the same characteristics as Baek Seung-jo? How would you portray him?

I’m a softhearted man, while Seung-jo is indifferent, arrogant and does not share his feelings. The big personality difference was stressing me out at first. So, for this project I try to be more harsh and overbearing; brash and unapproachable. I thought I went overboard sometimes in being aggressive, but people said that I’m still this warmhearted guy (laughs). I must also admit that acting as a genius with IQ level of 200 is tough. There are math formulas, logarithms, equations and other terms that I never knew before and I have to memorize them. I feel as though I’m back in high school!


Talking about schooling days, did many girls crushing on you? If they did, were you behaving like the snobby Baek Seung-jo?

I was not that popular. I was rejected many times when I professed my feelings to some girls l liked. I think I wore my heart on my sleeve too much. I was not at all haughty or mean (laughs).


You are both a singer and an actor, but if you have to choose, which one is closer to your heart? And which career do you want your fans to remember you by?

As a singer, we have to develop, practice our songs and dances, packaging it for a great ‘three-minute’ performance on stage. It’s an enjoyable process. In shooting a drama, you prepare and shoot for a period of time, and then you would have to wait for the broadcast result. During the waiting period, I would feel the thrill of anticipation. So for my case, since I have been a singer longer, it’s like I’m used to it, although being on stage still makes me nervous. But I do think that both acting and singing have their own appealing aspects, so it’s hard for me to choose.

I am giving my best in everything that I do and I’m looking forward for good results as well. So either way, I would like to be successful and remembered for all my works.


Recently, you were in other countries such as Japan. You are quite the celebrity there…

Actually the realization had not struck me yet, so when fans were greeting me at the airport, I was like, “Wow, I have lots of fans here.” That’s all I could think of. I do believe that people recognize me more because of our albums and Boys Over Flowers, and I’m grateful for that.


You shared the same management company as Bae Yong-jun. Does he teach you or give you advice on how to act?

We meet often, but we talk more about mundane things than acting or working. He doesn’t teach me how to act, but he encourages me. I learn acting from my acting teacher (laughs). Bae is strict in self-management and I have lots to learn from him; not just as an actor but also in life.


Do you have Singapore in your itinerary?

Not as yet. After the drama’s success then I will definitely try to visit and say, “Hi,” in person.


Well then, for now can you say, “Hi,” to K.NOW readers?

Hello K.NOW readers! Kim Hyun-jung here! Than you for your continuous support and attention. I hope you like Mischievous Kiss. I will work hard and give you my best always. Thank you!

Don’t miss out on Kim Hyun-jung’s latest drama, Mischievous Kiss when it airs in Singapore. Let’s make the drama a success, and who knows Kim may come and visit Singapore, too!