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Why he went to the church?
To celebrate Father Daecon’s appointment ^^

I thought he want to play football yesterday ?? ^^
maybe after that…
you know boys love to play football @ late night
even after midnight they might play it ….

Thanks to 김현중이니까★ @ twitter for the tips ^^

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교회에 김현중 왔다~꺄아아아아~~

Kim Hyun Joong come to church~kya ah ah ah ah~~

Tweet from owner of this photo
She replied to her friends
Translation: wonderrrgirl @

@HHHYUNN 응 니말이 사실이었어 완전 깜놀!!오늘 현중이 아버님 안수집사님 임직하셔서 왔더라구~앞에 나와서 한마디도 하고갔어~나 완전 넋놓고 따라다님 ㅋㅋㅋ

Hmm, it’s really true, totally shocking!! Today Hyun Joong and Father the Deacon was appointed~ I want to go up to say a word~I was totally at lost of words kekeke)

@HHHYUNN 주차장에서 가는것도 코앞에서 봤어 아 너무좋아 너무좋아~~!!!

Saw (him) near the carpark lot, ah really like really like~~!!!

@maehwa100 현중이네 부모님 우리교회 다니시는데~오늘 현중이 아버님 안수집사 되는날이라 축하해주러 왔었어~꺄아아아 주차장에서 가는것도 코앞에서 봤어~완전 반짝반짝해~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hyun Joong’s parents frequently go to our Church~ Today Hyun Joong & Father the Deacon came to celebrate the day. ~ Kyaaaa saw him near the carpark lot~ totally shining shining~ kekekeke


자려고누웠다가친구연락받구급히집앞술집에갔는뎀 김현중이있었다 아넘잘생김 사인받고사진도찍었다 꺄

brief translation by worderrrgirl @

The girl said that she got a call from a friend when she was sleeping,
saying KHJ is there… at a bar in front of her house.
Said he’s v handsome & she managed to get a signature from him & a photo?
Not sure if she meant took photo WITH him
or that photo she took of him walking past.

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