Before reading the Official notice, you may want to check out this article on allkpop to know what’s happening (allkpop has added the last paragraph after KeyEast announcement though)


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Hello, This is Key East.

Today as reported that Kim Hyun Joong violated the contract for the Guang Zhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony, we wish to inform that this is not true. Regarding the article, as there are many concerns and inquiries from the fans, we wish to make an announcement about it.

About KeyEast releasing information about his presence at 16th Guang Zhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony, before the release of the information, we have received permission from the the organization committee to go ahead. Right now, the organization committee’s side express regret that there are some untruth in the contents of the notice, we are now working hard together to follow up with the matter.

As for the untruth in the article which caused some unrest among the fans, we seek your understanding of the matter. In future, we will work hard to ensure better news.

Thank you very much.