Hyun Joong Bought us Soymilk – Happy Encounter of HJ

FR: Caroline912 @ Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fans Group (original here)
Translated from Chinese to English: Blanca
Reposted from lovekimhyunjoong.com


Blanca: The first three paragraphs are pretty long and not that important,
so I am just going to give you the brief translation for the background.

There are two girl/lady, Caroline and CC went Seoul for the Goodbye BSJ fan meeting
and they met their friend DouDou there.
The first three paragraphs talk about their fruitless effort
on the fail attempt to meet Hyun Joong flying back from China at 10/25.
they were just about 10 minutes late, which made them very upset,
and totally not in the mood for shopping for the whole day.
At night, Caroline and CC went back to hotel and Doudou went home,
but Caroline got a call from DouDou saying that her toilet was blocked,
and she had to come over for shower.
So they waited for DouDou in a nearby super market and ate something there.
When they just left the super market, their encounter story began


October 26th, an unexpected Bliss

(When we just left the super market), around 2:10am,
suddenly some there were “bah la, bah la” steps sounded from the street.
It seems like someone walked over with flip flop.
We traced the sound … and saw a tall and thin figure running over from the darkness.
With flip flop, in gray old man’s pants
(Blanca: I guessed that are the pants with high waist), and casual hoodie.
Probably because of the cold weather, (he) put up the hood.
Under the light, I seemed to see several golden hairs sticked out….
When he passed by us, he looked back and glanced at us, gave ‘Ahhh’, a sound of surprise…
at this moment, we saw his eyes as bright as stars in sky.
We were totally shocked and stood there, couldn’t believe that…
When we recovered, he already reached the super market’s entrance.
This time, we saw that familiar figure printed deeply at the bottom of our hearts.
We were sure that he’s the man who sent us to Seoul — Kim Hyun Joong!
Never expect such an encounter, we were all in a flurry.
Luckily, I always prepared for the autograph every time I visited Seoul.
I easily took out the post cards from the Japan version Spain Photo book,
so that I was ready to ask Hyun Joong for an autograph when he came out.
Maybe I was too nervous, or just too excited,
when I unwrapped the plastic bag with the photo inside,
my hands kinda lost control and kept shaking…
When we got ready, Hyun Joong had been into the super market already.
DouDou said, should we follow him?
I thought that would bother him,
so we gave up, and just waited patiently outside for Hyun Joong.

Maybe it was just my psychological effects.
Hyun Joong had stayed in the super market for a long time.
We kept staring at the entrance during waiting.
Finally, Hyun Joong walked out, but he didn’t come over,
just stopped by the entrance, open the drink warmer there,
and took out a bottle of hot drink.
He turned around and looked at us, then took another two bottles.
With all the drinks, he went back to the super market.
I didn’t realized what’s going on, and just felt wired,
why Hyun Joong bought so many drinks?
Will there be any guests at home at midnight?
However, DouDou was very sensitive,
she told me “I defintely won’t drink that soymilk!”
I looked at her confusely, “Kim Hyun Joong buying drinks was none of your business!”
She said “You still didn’t get it? He’s buying for us!”

I suddently recalled that, he had done something similar before,
but I never expected it would happen to me.
While doing random thinking,
Hyun Joong already walked out of the super market with the staff bought there.
This time, he didn’t left in a hurry,
but calmly walked towards us with his classic cat walk pose.

He must see our shining eyes with the shocking expression when he ran into the super market!

He must felt our excitement when he took out the drinks!

He must noticed our pens and postcards when he walked over!

I bet you he must know that we are fans of him,
but he’s obviously prepared to bypass us! Fainted!!!
Kim Hyun Joong ah Kim Hyun Joong, could you please be less naughty?
(It is freezing here; it is not easy to have a midnight street encounter.
Please simply admit (that you are Kim Hyun Joong),
and sign for us, and then we could all go home;
OK, I understood, you are idol,
not like me, just a nobody, never care about grace and selodom have self-controled!!!)
At this moment, CC called “Hyun Joong ah”,
DouDou and I took the chance and walked over, passed the postcards and note book,
CC talked to him in English “we are Chinese fans”.
Hyun Joong looked soft and amiable, absolutely not a sense of arrogance.
He muttered something, like English or Korean.
I could not understand it at all. Fainted!!!
When he signed for us, he asked our name carefully.
I was about to tell him my complete English name “caroline”.
but worried about that he could not get it, and wrote down something wrong.
So I simply told him “KAKA” instead.
He looked at me confusedly, and repeated “KAKA?”
(He may be thinking about some handsome Brazilian soccer star).
No time to think it twice, I spelled to him ‘K-A-K-A’,
then I got my exclusive signature.
I was so exciting.
After he signed for all of us,
DouDou jumped over and said in Koran, “my friend is a Chinese mother fan,
could you please give a signature to the Chinese Mother Fans?”
Hyun Joong said nothing, and took the notebook;
but he seemed can not understand the logo printed on the fanclue name card,
so he spelt “Chinese Mother Fans” with Korean.
This is really Kim Hyun Joong, four dimension and prompt reaction!

I was staring at him while he was signing for us.
Gosh, this was the first time I looked at him so closely.
He didn’t wear any makeup, with fine white skin, clear and bright eyes,
and long eye lashes like two little brushes.
I could even see the shadow of eyelashes on the lower eyelids… what a fine face!
If you had to point out any shortage, they are the slightly dry lips.
Looking down from his face, I saw his slender neck, with a silver colored necklace,
but the pendant hidden in the round neck T shirt;
through the round nect T shirt I saw the sexy collarbone…….
(stop! I can’t go on anymore, or I will lose control! Anyway, he’s such a perfect kid)

After signing names, he did really take out the hot soymilk and gave us.
OK, I admit that I want the soymilk from Hyun Joong desperately.
I didn’t even show any courtesy, and took over the drinks immediately.
Well, I didn’t forget to say “Thank you”.
After that, he didn’t even forget to tell us “go home”.
He’s about to ran home with his flip flops, CC suddenly shouted “Hyun Joong ah”.
He stopped, turned over and looked at us again,
CC continued “Chuguneyo” (This is great!).
I saw clearly that he gave a light smile, then turned around and left.
We three silly women, still stand there holding the signature and the bottles of soymilk,
as if this were just a dream…

On the way back to hotel, our hearts were surrounded by great happiness.
Our heads were totally not functioning correctly,
taken the wrong road, walked through the red lights.
We didn’t fall asleep for the whole night after back to the hotel,
sitting in front of the computer laughing like an idiot;
CC burst out laughs when dyeing for DouDou…
Like this, we ended our Seoul trip perfectly, but also absurdly

PS: on the plane returning home in 27th, I felt asleep.
I can’t remember what I dreamed,
but I did remember I woke up with a big smile.

Hyun Joong ah, thank you for letting me feel the warmth from you.
The happiness you give me, I feel so true!

Hyun Joong ah, no more words needed to show that I will never leave you,
because of the confidence, because of the belief I hold,
no need to give my words again!