She said she and Hyun Joong are much closer now ^^


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0:01~0:13 A rising new star with a bright smiles and beauty, her name is Jung, So Min. She, who’s spending hectic and busy days landed in New York? Our bit of suspicious New York date with Jung So Min will start now, Ppyong~^^

0:15~0:20 The start who grabbed everyone’s attention in middle of New York streets was Jung So Min.

[0:20 interviewer] Why are you here in New York?

[0:21~0:24 JSM] Ah..I’m here for a vacation..hehe why are you doing this? haha

0:24 although they are saying it’s New York, something is suspicious. Wait, we were fooled.

0:31 Is this New York?

0:32 JSM: hmmm…doesn’t it look like so? [screen print: Although it looks like the New York, it’s actually a studio in Apkujong.]

0:35 While Jung So Min is preparing to act out the New York scenes, she is intensely staring at something.

0:40 JSM Because it’s the time for the broadcast.

0:42 She watching the live broadcast of her first leading drama, Playful Kiss. Isn’t she tidy?

0:47 JSM: Hello.

0:47~0:49 We are from Section (MBC Section TV). We heard that you’re always busy.

0:49 JSM: Yes.

0:49~0:51 But now you have ended up with yet another schedule.

0:51 JSM Yes, haha

0:53 Do you hear the sound of your bank account being a bit heavier?

0:54~0:56 JSM No, because I give it to my mother.

0:56~1:01 When we see your photos, you have very diverse expressions. Can we see a Oh Ha Ni’s version of expression?

1:01 One man who is longing for Hani..

1:17 With the smile that’s like a flower blooming, we’ve brought you Ms. Jung So Min.

1:23 JSM: Hello.

1:23 Before we get to the meat of this interview, we’ve prepared Jung So Min’s ‘Cocky Profile’.

1:28~1:48 Name: Jung So Min. Real Name: Kim Yoon Ji. Birth year, month, year: 1989, March 16th. 22 years old this year. She was admitted as a top student to the acting department and major at Korea Arts University. She has no double eyelids and puffy eyes. She is an overnight sensation (star)!!

1:50 ~1:53 When you opened your eyes (when you woke up), you were a star. Becoming a star was the easiest thing for you. This is the most annoying case (of someone becoming a star).

1:56~2:04 As being considered as the “Second Arrival of Yoon Eun Hye’, she justifiably took the leading role of MBC’s Playful Kiss, but…the ratings were 4~~percent!! But, receiving much support from the viewers for the strength of the story and strong acting, Oh~! Hani, Hani. As suspected, Hani is truly strong.

2:15 Do you agree with this?

2:17 JSM: Yes, it’s very fun.

2:17 It’s fun?

2:18 JSM: yes.

2:19 The male fans are crazy about Ms. JSM’s puffy eyes, is there a secret way you take care them?

2:25 JSM: I don’t have any secret methods. I think was just born with them, haha.

2:28 hmm, I understand.

2:30 JSM: Oh, you’re being so sarcastic (poking fun at me), haha

2:31 No, we wouldn’t do such a thing.

2:33 girl mc: I guess you don’t call his name with the title of oppa?

2:35 Because I’m not good at talking comfortably until I’m told to do so.

2:37 KHJ: Oh, no. Don’t do that, haha

2:41 What about now? Are you now able to call him oppa, oppa and have a better relationship with him?

2:43 JSM: Yes. We are lot closer now.

2:45 We have investigated into Oh Ha Ni’s brain. “Baek Seung Jo’s the best!”

You only have Seung Jo in your head?

2:51 JSM: I’ve been brainwashed.

2:54 Okay, which one of these do you agree most with?

2:57 “Bad memories from confessing”, I was really sad.

It said D minus on my test..And I can’t stand guys who are too smart either (responding to Seung Jo who said “I can’t stand girls who are dumb.”)!!

3:14 Because of the continuous filming of the drama, you must of not had the time for rest.

3:18 JSM: Even when tired and restless, I remember something..that Ah, I’m going through a very happy moment right now.

3:27 If there’s a thing that you want to try most at this time?

3:28 JSM: Sleeping all day long?

3:32 Ah, you must be very tired these days. And when you wake up, you must have the bloated eyes like these.

3:34 JSM: Yes, haha

3:37 JSM: Viewers of the Section TV, Jung So Min is taking a step at a time as an actress, please look at me favorably and I hope you will give me lots of love. Thank you.

3:46 Ms. Jung So Min, we hope to see you again.

[print: This has been Jung So Min, who is a rising new star with a beautiful smile.]


Adorable actress^^