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Kim Hyun Joong Acts In “Mischievous Kiss”

The Hallyuwave is coming soon

With the airing of MBC’s drama of the year “Mischievous Kiss” on 1st September 2010, Lead Actor Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity is still increasing, last year with the drama “BOF” he secured a place as the superstar, this year July changed agency to Bae Yong Jun’s KEYEAST, will he be able to start the Hallyuwave once again? Lets anticipate!

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In order to become “Baek Seung Jo”, challenges acting with mean words

The Press conference for “Mischievous Kiss” is on 26 August 2010 held at Gangnam’s Queen’s Hotel, Kim Hyun Joong is being asked by the media, this time he has to act as Baek Seung Jo a cool genius, there is not much difference with the character he has acted previously in “BOF”, will he feel too comfortable, how does he overcome these problems?

Kim Hyun Joong touched his hair, and said honestly: “ actually my character is more gentle, will not say stuff to hurt others, therefore when I first started acting this character it is really tough for me. Although “ Baek Seung Jo” this character likes to say mean stuff, he dosent cares about how the others feel, will say stuff to hurt his friends around him on purpose, but he is actually very good at heart, treats everyone very well.”

He then continue jokingly: “ since July when the filming officially starts, the team has already finished filming from episode one to about episode three, now the feeling is starting to sink in, can say that I have already going into the character, maybe in a few months time when the filming ends, I will be able to scold people very well, or hurt people with words!”


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*Cute poster attracts attention, Kim Hyun Joong feels the stress when acting*

The Baek Seung Jo that Kim Hyun Joong is acting in “Mischievous Kiss” is cool and unfeeling., but his suave outlook still attracts lots of love from female classmates, he is known as the prince charming by the girls in the school, he will always have loads of girls appearing in front of him expressing their love for him, wanting to be his friend, which made lots of male classmates jealous, this also puts him in a very akward position, but nobody will think that he actually will fall in love with Oh Ha Ni (Acted by Jung So Min), begins living together, and this is the start of a romantic love story.

This time Kim Hyun Joong have to wear a school uniform and act, very suave image, at the end of August the drama team will release a series of four types of posters, the innocent image of him and lead actress Jung So Min attracts lots of attention from the fans, especially the fairytale theme which gives off a excellent feel, this causes the fans to anticipate and want to know more about the drama, when the drama is being aired, believe it will bring on another wave of strong Hallyuwave.


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*Stressful being main actor, lots of efforts into memorizing English as he is acting as a genius*

On the day of the poster shooting for “Mischievous Kiss”, as Kim Hyun Joong is the lead actor Baek Seung Jo, he have to act cool by not smiling, on the other hand the lead actress Jung So Min is more relaxed, full of energy she maintained a happy smile throughout, shortening the distance between her and the staff, the young actors who are around the same age are having fun together, Kim Hyun Joong maintain a stiff expression at a side seems to be in deep thoughts.

Just when everyone is perplexed why is Kim Hyun Joong so serious, Kim Hyun Joong says, in the past when filming “BOF” there are four lead actors – F4, although there are competition, but it is not as stressful, this time there is only one lead actor Baek Seung Jo, no matter what, it’s easy to be compared to, therefore must work doubly hard and act seriously, so as not to disappoint the fans with high expectations.

Besides memorising the script, Kim Hyun Joong also memorises English, because he is acting Baek Seung Jo who is a genius! In the drama, he is someone who can read 2 million words in a minute, A genius student who can memorise 400 english words, since he has to act, he have to do it well, he smile and says: “ It feels like I have gone back to the primary school time, have to memorise lots of things by myself.”


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*Expressed SS501 is not disbanded, changing to new agency with acting and singing opportunities*

After talking so much regarding acting, there are also some medias who directly asked Kim Hyun Joong about the issue on the SS501 disbanding, this is the first time Kim Hyun Joong openly faces such a sensitive question, but he didn’t flinch, but seriously emphasized: “We have never said anything about SS501 disbanding, we have not come up with any decisions yet, the people outside keep saying that we are going to disband, but these are not said from our mouths! What if in the future we still attend events together? Release albums together? What will you think?”

As to why will sign contract with KEYEAST, Kim Hyun Joong also said :” I will sign on with “KEYEAST”, is because I want to become an actor, I am very happy after joining, because the company is experienced with all matters sorts of activities, from managing artiste to drama, they are even familiar with how singers work, this assures me so that I can concentrate on my work.”

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed, acting or singine alone is not enough to satisfy him anymore, he is very thankful to KEYEAST for their support, thus he is able to clinch “Mischievous Kiss” this good drama, initially he wanted to go on a break after signing the contract, but due to his love for Huang Ren Lei director’s works, he agreed immediately.

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*Temporary going solo to release album, talk about anything under the sky with Bae Yong Jun*

With regards to the progress of his career as a singer? He says, although it has not been confirmed, but he is preparing for the release of a new album, not sure if it will be solo or as a team, but now it feels like it is more suitable to release a solo album. Kim Hyun Joong emphasized: “Being a Singer is my main career, but I cant ignore the passion for acting. A singer must release all his charms within 3 minutes, but for drama it is long period of waiting for opportunities and results, just the waiting alone makes me full on anticipation, maybe this is where the charm of acting is.”

Currently everyone is very concern about Kim Hyun Joong, especially ever since he joined “KEYEAST”, even predict that he is the future Hallyu Superstar successor, or even calling him “2nd Bae Yong Jun”, Kim Hyun Joong expressed he does not like the title, he says: “ I only want to be myself, never thought of overtaking anybody or be No. 2.” Regarding his relationship with Bae Yong Jun? He expressed, their relationship are like brothers and friends, will meet up at least two to three times every week, Bae Yong Jun will also visit him at his work place, when the two of them meet they will chat about anything under the sun, Bae Yong Jun will also give him some pointers on his acting, sometimes will even chat about ex-girlfriends over a few drinks.