Inside the hall!


Start the event with this Playful Kiss band.


One more time…… Just begin right now!


Have a long interview just now. Talking something funny. He laughs, fans laugh.


Now security guard comes to stop us taking photo. Will keep shooting for a while.


All actors, except Hyun Joong comes sit at the first middle rows, to see the performance of the PK band.


Now the actors are on stage. Junku is handsome keke… Oh Hani is so pretty!


He draws message note from the box and read it out.


One message from a fan is about KISS. He is now shamed and laugh.


Lucky fan gets his autograph on K-SWISS tennis cloths and got hugged!!!!


Now”Be My Girl” just end. Wow….. He is so cool, dance is so attractive and sexy as always!!!


Now I think Hyun Joong has left. All actors are leaving the events and many fans rush going out as well.


Oh…maybe my misunderstanding. They just leave for a break. And will come back to watch the final EP together.


He really sings well. He must always have practice. Both songs are not lip-sing.


Now final EP of Playful is about to start. The actors come back and sit as audience.


Hyun Joong comes to sit at last seat. Fans sitting that rows are so lucky.



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긔래 하니랑 마니친해졌다곸ㅋㅋ….He says gotten much closer w Hani, So did he think being much closer with Hani now is the real thing?
oh my god~ there was no NG for the bed scene at all??? hixxxxxx
@bloomlion@hyuniversal0606 I asked@peacejerry if HJ sings live and whether he’s good? She said keke. he sang live and it really good
So the guy felt the lip gloss, & even guessed what she ate even, when he uhmmm kizz??? ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ kkkkk
Anyway please if you wish to leave an impression on Hj, please visit him often. He really can remember people well ne give him 101% pls!
90greenair Kim MInJung
(Everyone’s leader Hyun Joong…)