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During the TALK

Hani, BJK. Enjo, SJ’s father, Hani’s two friends are on the stage together ..
wow .. Enjo had particularly high popularity among them.

Host asked Enjo who is the best role model of all the casts in this filming …
HA HA …. Enjo replied that all the them are very good and are his role model …
ha ha. Host made fun and say to Enjo …
This is the HyunJoong’s FM ah … you should say is HuyunJoong..
Enjo had been laughing at that …

and then host said. ah. Or do you want to say it again?.
Enjo replied, thinking about for a long while before answer … ha ..
“it’s Hyun Joong OPPA” … ha ha ha ..
and then HJ was laughing hard at a side.

Sj’s father said: “It is great to have a son like him…”
haha .. after that the band come to stage and perform again ^ ^





Credit BAIDU HYUNBAR + translation by June @


Just tanslating something that were posted on Baidu Hyunbar…
All mistake is mine and mine only

Everbody was supposed to write a question on ticket (stubs that were collected back?)
During Q&A time, the MC and wuri HJ were puzzled though
Cos many of the questions were actually greetings and blessings
NOT questions (awww… fans prefer to ask after him rather than question him… or most do not understand the instructions???)

When one question asking about the first KISS came up
The whole hall scream ANDWAE!!!

A fan tweeted that he seemed uneasy with questions about the kisses
(Aiyoo.. how to… especially with 2000 of his fans looking upon and the partner in crime in the vicinity)

When asked what he felt during the kiss, he said
I was thinking during the kiss if I’ve eaten lipstick

He sang both One More Time and Be Nice to Me Live..
Seem like there was new arrangment for Be Nice to Me
(What about the dance? I wonder..)

Rumour is… there’s no NG for the bed scene