On the 15th, according to ratings research center TNms, SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘President’ that was broadcasted on 14th recorded 23.4% as it reigned king amidst the Wed-Thurs dramas.

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On the other hand during the same time slot also came Rain’s ‘Fugitive Plan B’ with 12.0% and Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Playful Kiss’ with 6.4% (14th episode).

In particular, despite ‘Fugitive Plan B’ having a continuous airing of its episodes, it has decreased to fall into the 10% plus of ratings category. Whilst for ‘Playful Kiss’, despite a fast story development where kisses and a wedding plan is decidded between protagonists Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, it still could not escape the fate of a tough battle fight.

TNmS Ratings for 14th October’s telecast:
SBS Drama special [President] = 23.4%
MBC Daily Drama [Golden Fish] = 17.4%
SBS Daily Morning drama [Don’t know women] = 13.5%
SBS Daily drama [Three sisters] = 13.4%
KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama [Fugitive Plan B] = 12.0%
KBS1 Daily Drama [Smile, Dong-hae] = 11.9%
MBC Morning Drama [Scarlet Letter] = 9.7%
KBS2 Daily Morning Drama [Even Mom is Pretty] = 8.8%
SBS Variety [TV Entertainment of the Night] = 8.4%
KBS2 Info-variety [Live Info-comm] = 7.7%
MBC Daily Sitcom [More and more adorable] = 7.7%
MBC Wed-Thurs mini series [Playful Kiss] = 6.4%




On the 15th, according to AGB Nilson Media Research, episodes aired on the 14th for KBS2 ‘Fugitive’ recorded 11.9% (nationwide) of ratings, which is its personal lowest. ‘Fugitive Plan B’ which has been recording a continuous decrease in its ratings ever since its first episode fell by 3%-plus from its episode on the 13th (oct) at 15.1% to 11.9%.

On the other hand, during the same timing slot also shown SBS Wed-Thurs drama ‘President’ with its 4th episode at 26.1% (nationwide), whilst MBC ‘Playful Kiss’ recorded 5.6% with its 14th episode.


English translation: Ode